Hello Kitty Gun the 3rd & other weird guns

Sometimes you find something odd. Then you realize you just touched the tip of an iceberg. Not only are there other models of the dead-ugly Kitty Gun floating about …

… if you just look hard enough you find that there is a whole market of “pimped” gun designs waiting for you out there: Continue reading “Hello Kitty Gun the 3rd & other weird guns”

Even more Hello Kitty Guns

Outfit yourself with a Hello Kitty Brand pistol!

If you dug the Hello Kitty Assault Rifle, you will love these guns:

The Hello Kitty pistol is there!

or you might prefer:

I found both images on Hello Kitty Hell and its debatable if the pictures are of modified real guns, airsoft pistols or just the work of some good humored photoshop artist. Anyway, no cute cyberpunk girl will be seen without one, promise.

If you are looking for a real “cute gun”, check this out. Its claimed to be real.

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Hardwired für Cyberpunk2020

Im Laufe der Jahre, die ich Cyberpunk2020 spiele, bin ich immer wieder über das Quellenbuch HARDWIRED gestolpert. Blätterte es durch. Fand die Illus mäßig. Und legte es weg, da es nicht zu meiner laufenden Cyberpunk 2020 Runde in Night City passte (was vor allem daran liegt, dass es Night City bei HARDWIRED nicht gibt).

Inzwischen hatte ich Gelegenheit, den Roman HARDWIRED von Walter Jon Williams zu lesen. Und in Folge meiner Begeisterung auch gleich das HARDWIRED Buch für Cyberpunk 2020 als PDF bei Drivethru zu ziehen (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=2275&it=1 ).

Mein Fazit: HARDWIRED (Roman und Quellenbuch) ist Pflichtlektüre für CP2020 Fans. Und das liegt vor allem an folgenden Facetten:

HARDWIRED: Roman und Setting

Im Gegensatz zum sehr Achtziger-beeinflussten Cyberpunk2020 Grundsetting ist das Setting von HARDWIRED sowohl zeitloser als auch aktueller als auch “fokussierter”: Wie es sich für ein Cyberpunk-Setting gehört, ist die Welt am Arsch. Im Falle von HARDWIRED haben mächtige internationale Interessengemeinschaften den Orbit übernommen und die Erdstaaten in einem Steinbrockenkrieg faktisch entmachtet. Continue reading “Hardwired für Cyberpunk2020”

Martial Art for Normads in Cyberpunk 2020

El Ciendo Rock – A Martial Art for Normads

Author: Gryphon

[The article deals with a fictional martial arts style for the normads in RTG’s Cyberpunk 2020 roleplaying game.]

So here is a contribution worked up by me with the assistance of Sharps, one of my players. This “Form” was developed by Nomad culture as an outgrowth of the Warrior sub-culture. It is a distilation of the techniques used by the Warriors of a tribe in situations like bars, vehicles, and town alleyways. This is a Close-in Combat Form. Its availability is pretty good for Nomads, not so good for everyone else.

Stat Colume Random Notes/Explanations
Multiplier: 3 -1 for any true Nomad
Strike: 2 Knives,Bottles,Chairs,Etc
Punch: 2 Elbow,Headbutt,Etc
Kick: 1 Knee,Heel Kick,Etc
Disarm: Take his Weapon? Why?
Sweep: Too many chairs in bars.
Block: 1
Dodge: Close in Form,Not Mobile
Grapple: 1 Grab the Gonk by his Nads
Throw: 1 Pick him up and toss him
Hold: 1
Choke: 1 Or the throat works too
Escape: 1 Defense against above
Breakfall: 1 If you use this manuver.

Breakfall works like Block or Dodge vs. Throw, succeed for no damage,fail for MA rank less damage.

Any Questions, Just drop me a line in the comments.

Electorthermal Weapons in Cyberpunk 2020


Author: unknown.

These weapons are very unrealistic and overpowered. The default rules don’t talk about the many disadvantages of such weapons. Will all know that an electrothermal upgrade can only be preformed on a gun that fires cased shells. While the increase in firepower is considerable, the large list of disadvantages may make you think twice about using such weapons.


Think about it, using plasma to fire a copper cased shell is not by any means smart. The copper casing ejects from the side of the gun through the sliding action. These casings are extremely hot and can burn your skin. Even normal casings can burn you if you catch them, but with electrothermal casings the chances of starting fires and such are greatly increased. Burning your hand on a casing inflicts 1 point for a normal casing and 1d6/2 for a electrothermal casing. There is also a 15% chance that a hot casing will start a fire if it lands on something flammable. Continue reading “Electorthermal Weapons in Cyberpunk 2020”

Special Shotgun Loads for Cyberpunk 2020

Special Shotgun Loads

Author: Hound Taken with permission from: The Blackhammer CyberPunk Project

Editorial Note:

I still use the concept of multiple hits from shotgun blasts at medium/long range that was introduced in Friday Night Firefight 2013. This means that my shotguns are a lot deadlier at short range (where one person takes the whole shot), but less deadly at longer ranges (where the damage is spread out across several areas). Where prices are not listed for both 10 and 12 gauge, the price is for 12g, 10g costs 50% more.
Whenever a munition says it hits 2 locations, roll on the following hit location table (from Friday Night Firefight 2013):

Roll location location
1 L.Arm Torso
2 Torso R.Arm
3 Head Torso
4 Torso Head
5 R.Leg L.Leg
6 L.Leg R.Leg
7 R.Arm Torso
8 Torso L.Arm
9-0 Torso Torso

Continue reading “Special Shotgun Loads for Cyberpunk 2020”

Old Guns

Old Guns for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: unknown.

Tired of carrying around that ubiquitous Minami-10 submachinegun? Ever wish there was something more stylish than a Colt M2000? Well then gato, have we got just what you’re looking for!



MP O P C 2D6+1 (9mm) 9 2 ST 50m 300eb

Well-designed German pistol with unique rifled barrel, making it easy to care for. Very reliable, easy to use, and once common among European police forces. Continue reading “Old Guns”

Offizielle Rückstoßregeln in Cyberpunk 2020

Offizielle Rückstoßregeln in Cyberpunk 2020

Grundlegend: Derek Quintanar in Morgan Blackhand´s Street Weapons 2020
Sehr frei Übersetzung: Steelrain, dringend notwendige Überarbeitung von Karsten

Morgans Rückstoßregeln :

Verwendete Abkürzungen

FF Feuerfrequenz
KPB Körperbau
KM Körperbau-Minimum
MG Maschinengewehr
MP Maschinenpistole
ZG Zielgenauigkeit

Siehe dazu auch den Glossar.

Welchen Körperbau brauche ich für diese Riesenwumme?

Wie berechne ich den KM?

Der Rückstoß ist bei Cyberpunk 2020 hauptsächlich abhängig vom Schaden, den die Waffe anrichten kann. Der Rückstoß wird zusätzlich durch die Art der Waffe, die verwendete Munition, das Kaliber und die Feuerfrequenz modifiziert. Rechnet man alle diese Faktoren zusammen, ergibt sich das sogenannte Körperbau-Minimum (KM), das kleiner oder gleich dem Körperbauwert des Charakters sein sollte, damit die Waffe ohne Mali abgefeuert werden kann. Das KM ergibt sich aus dieser Tabelle. Continue reading “Offizielle Rückstoßregeln in Cyberpunk 2020”

The Humble Smartlink Revisited

The Humble Smartlink Revisited

[This article deals with the benefits and problems of directly plugging a gun into your nervous system – what probably every cyberpunk PC everywhere does all the time.]

Author: Chris Lupton.
Taken without permission from his site at (now dead). It pains me to violate his copyright, but the article is just to good to let it be forgotten. I’m sorry Chris and hope you approve what I do here.

The History of and Information about Smartguns

Advanced Systems


The first smartgun systems were developed independently by the US and German militaries in the 1990s. By 2001, smartguns had been adopted by several corporations and were beginning to appear on the street. The US military created the Milspec Smartgun Standard (MSS1) in 2003, after disastrous compatibility problems amongst the smartguns used in central America caused embarrassing problems and several fatalities. Today, almost every smartsystem in the world conforms to this standard. To ignore it means ignoring the large profits to be made selling smartlinks to the US military. In 2013 an improved standard (MSS2) was released, though it has yet to be universally adopted. The army considered it too expensive for its benefits and has yet to make compliance a requirement in weapons trials.The MSS1 standard was essentially very simple. It defined the data protocol between the smartgun and the neuralware smartlink, in terms of required and optional information/functions. This meant that one smartgun link mounted in a neuralware processor or smartgoggles could interpret the data from any smartlinked weapon. Continue reading “The Humble Smartlink Revisited”

First time on Karsten's: Guns!


Author: unknown.

Need new ideas… ?




Ikari Razor Glove

MEL 0 P C 1D6/2 n/a n/a 50eb

This is a simple, Freddy Krueger-esque glove equipped with Scratchers or Rippers. The Ripper version costs 50eb more, has a Con. of Jacket, does 1D6+3 damage, and reduces REF checks with that hand by -3 due to reinforced finger joints. Neither version can be used for punching, as the blades on the fingers make it impossible to clench the hand. Continue reading “First time on Karsten's: Guns!”