Even more Hello Kitty Guns

Outfit yourself with a Hello Kitty Brand pistol!

If you dug the Hello Kitty Assault Rifle, you will love these guns:

The Hello Kitty pistol is there!

or you might prefer:

I found both images on Hello Kitty Hell and its debatable if the pictures are of modified real guns, airsoft pistols or just the work of some good humored photoshop artist. Anyway, no cute cyberpunk girl will be seen without one, promise.

If you are looking for a real “cute gun”, check this out. Its claimed to be real.

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6 thoughts on “Even more Hello Kitty Guns”

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  2. The pink rifle is my daughter’s. It’s definitely real. She’s been doing archery since 4, .22 since 5, the pink carbine since 8, and is working on kung fu and sword and shield.

    And before anyone starts panicking, I’ve been in the military 23 years, including as a small arms instructor, range NCO and armorer, and my wife is a combat photographer.

    She also shoots at National Guard Youth Camp every summer, before going to Pennsic to whack boys with wooden swords:)

    She wants some Hello Kitty stickers for her carbine, too.

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