Cyb3rpunk | Neue Roles & Characters

cyb3rpunk wird mit den Regeln von Cyberpunk von R. Talsorian Games gespielt. Es wird aber niemand erschossen, der das Setting mit Cybrpunk v3, Cybergeneration, Bubble Gum Crisis, GURPS Cyberpunk, Shadowrun oder D20 spielt.

Cyb3rpunk weicht aber in einigen wenigen Punkten vom CP2020-Regelwerk ab. Diese betreffen vor allem die Charaktererschaffung sowie die Regeln zum Netrunning.

Natürlich können diese alternativen Regeln auch für “normale” Cyberpunk Spiele verwendet werden.

■ Charaktere mit mehreren Roles. Nimmt man es genau, ist die absolute Exklusivität der Spezialfertigkeit jeder Role nicht 100% überzeugend. Warum sollte Dirty Harry z.B. nicht ebenso eine Polizeimarke wie geile Solo-Kampffertigkeit haben? Bei cyb3rpunk ist es möglich, mehrere Roles zu haben. Die Spezialfertigkeiten werden wie jede andere Fertigkeit bei Charaktererschaffung gewählt (als berufsfremde Fertigkeiten (Pickup Skills)) und/oder später wie jede andere Skill gesteigert. Einzige Einschränkung: Die Summe aller Spezialfertigkeiten darf niemals mehr als 10 sein, und 1 Spezialfertigkeit muss höher als alle anderen sein (diese bestimmt dann, zu welcher Szene der Charakter gehört und was er hauptsächlich ist). Bezogen auf das Beispiel Dirty Harry der Solo-Cop könnte dieser somit krasser als jeder Normalcop ballern und fighten, dafür aber niemals zum Polizeichef aufsteigen. Jede Spezialfertigkeiten-Kombination muss durch den SL abgenickt werden (und sollte natürlich stimmig sein). Continue reading “Cyb3rpunk | Neue Roles & Characters”

The Humble Smartlink Revisited

The Humble Smartlink Revisited

[This article deals with the benefits and problems of directly plugging a gun into your nervous system – what probably every cyberpunk PC everywhere does all the time.]

Author: Chris Lupton.
Taken without permission from his site at (now dead). It pains me to violate his copyright, but the article is just to good to let it be forgotten. I’m sorry Chris and hope you approve what I do here.

The History of and Information about Smartguns

Advanced Systems


The first smartgun systems were developed independently by the US and German militaries in the 1990s. By 2001, smartguns had been adopted by several corporations and were beginning to appear on the street. The US military created the Milspec Smartgun Standard (MSS1) in 2003, after disastrous compatibility problems amongst the smartguns used in central America caused embarrassing problems and several fatalities. Today, almost every smartsystem in the world conforms to this standard. To ignore it means ignoring the large profits to be made selling smartlinks to the US military. In 2013 an improved standard (MSS2) was released, though it has yet to be universally adopted. The army considered it too expensive for its benefits and has yet to make compliance a requirement in weapons trials.The MSS1 standard was essentially very simple. It defined the data protocol between the smartgun and the neuralware smartlink, in terms of required and optional information/functions. This meant that one smartgun link mounted in a neuralware processor or smartgoggles could interpret the data from any smartlinked weapon. Continue reading “The Humble Smartlink Revisited”

An old favorite rediscovered: Dan's Total System Technologies

I couldn’t find it on google at first, but now I rediscoved the link. The site is full of goodies and looks plain awful. Updated till 2004 Dan made some really cool stuff:

Snake Eye Patch
The original Snake Plissken had something happen to his left eye and consequently wore an eye patch. So you want the same look without sacrificing your depth perception. This we can do. With the Snake Eye Patch we make the fabric so you can see through it but other people can’t see through the other way.
But we don’t stop there. We also add a Times Square Plus and Targeting Scope HUD in the Patch so you’re enhanced while looking like your disabled. What about connecting it to a computer or your gun I hear you ask, well the connecting cables are part of the string that holds the patch in place so they won’t know that your enhanced.
Also available without HUD.
Cost: 1,000eb

For those who remember Snake Plissken in “Escape from New York”, he converted all the equipment from that movie to Cyberpunk 2020. He also has full borgs, cyberware, guns, huge amounts of vehicles and all kind of stuff

New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System

New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System

Author: Hound, used with permission.

This article is based on Ocelots Character Generation System, to be found here.

Motorcycle: 1 SPs

Basic Bike

Good Motorcycle 2 SPs

Harley ThunderGod, Max Metal Bikes Continue reading “New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System”

Ocelot's Alternate Character Generation System for Cyberpunk 2020


Version 3.3, last updated 7.17.02. A spanish translation can be found here.

by Gary Astleford


The following information details an alternate character creation process designed for use with Cyberpunk 2020. It incorporates new rules for buying skills, creating older characters, an advantage and disadvantage system, and a new way to figure out starting funds. Character roles are not used. This will allow responsible players more flexibility with character creation.

Any part of this system can be adapted for GMs and players who wish to keep using the regular CP2020 system roles. The elimination of roles is not an essential part of this system, although it is an important step, and the rest of this variation will assume that they are not in use. Feel free to use whichever parts you feel comfortable with.

This edition (version 3.3) has been updated slightly. This is reflected in a more standardized cost system for advantages and disadvantages, as well as several new advads and disads. Many of the old advantages and disadvantages have been reworked and/or clarified. Some of the lifepath details have been altered slightly, and I’ve made a few additions. Overall, things work just like they used to. There’s just a little bit more to work with. Continue reading “Ocelot's Alternate Character Generation System for Cyberpunk 2020”

Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020

Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Hound

Taken with permission from The Blackhammer CyberPunk Project

These weapon modifications have been compiled from various sourcebooks as well as a collection of items we’ve thrown in from our own games and experiences. Also I’ve dug up a few items from other games and converted them for use in CyberPunk. Acht! Gun Nuts We Are!

For Polymer One Shots (your game master will decide what exact weapons fit this description), most of these modifications are impossible, or if they can be done assume the weapon’s base cost is 500eb instead of the list price (for such things as reliability improvement, autofire, etc) because of the amount of extra work required to re-tool a polymer. In any case, any weapon modification that costs a multiple of the base cost of a gun must assume a base price of 300eb if the actual gun is cheaper than 300eb. This is to prevent people from turning their Astra Style 6 into a BEAST OF WARTM

Beast Of War . PST . +0 . P . E . 10mm . 6 . 2/20 . VR . 50m . 226.95eb

Custom Grips (30%), Electrothermic (150%), Folding Stock (20%), Gas Vent (30%), Heat-Resistant Barrel (50%), Heavy Bolt (15%), +2 WA (200%), Printless Finish (200%), VR (150%), 10mm, -1 WA, -1 REL (40%), Selective Fire (200%) = +1085% of base cost = 226.95eb

25mm Grenade Attachment

This pistol attachment goes on the end of the barrel and allows the pistol to fire special 25mm pistol grenades from Chrome Book 1 using a bullet-trap mechanism. $200. Continue reading “Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020”

Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

compiled and edited by Dan Bailey
[and then Karsten deleted all the stuff now found in Chromebook 4. The full version used to be at Dan Baileys Webpage. It seems to be down, so I am rather happy to be able to provide you with a copy. Dan’s a hero!
Please check Credits section of this page.]


Information Overload — A psychological condition, characterized by a dazed sort of catatonia, that occurs when the human brain attempts to assimilate too much information at one time.


Net Stuff
Powered Armor
Powered Armour Gear
‘Punkers Guide to the MSP Metroplex
New Skills
Credits Continue reading “Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book”

The Skill 'Intimidation' in Cyberpunk 2020

The Skill ‘Intimidation’ in Cyberpunk 2020

Author: David KNIGHTHAWK Simpson <>

Intimidation: More Than Quoting Dirty Harry

Ever been to Muscle Beach, watched some of the body builders pump iron and think to yourself, “I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley”? That is intimidation by physical means. Intimidation has a lot of opportunities for use, but too few GM’s take this skill into account during their gaming. Players also seem to underestimate its abilities and benefits. Why waste bullets when you can just scare them away?First, intimidation on its own; intimidating people, not in a face-down situation (which is primarily looks and a contest of wills) is frequently misinterpretted. Think of bullys. They rule through their reputation and intimidation. Initimidation (skill), COOL (stat), BODY (stat), relative size (characteristic), and REP, this combination should be used for mass (as in multiple-person) intimidation. Physical size matters, because instinctually we feel inferior or submissive to something larger than ourselves. (Majority of people think twice when talking to someone significantly taller or larger than themselves, and remember, your characters are SUPPOSED to be people, too.) Continue reading “The Skill 'Intimidation' in Cyberpunk 2020”

The 'Cybered Arms' – A Cyberpunk 2020 Bar/Club

The ‘Cybered Arms’

Author: unknown

On the corner of 2nd and Zelazny in Little Italy, there sits an oblong-shaped establishment which fronts the street and backs onto a dingy alleyway. Next door is a Garage which seems to be in the throes of restoration, the roller door kept securely locked and closed, with chickenwire keeping the upper windows safe.A dataterm on the opposite corner is scarred and looks like a model from down South N.C. way, the hood battered and the sides scarred by gunfire. Long scrape marks in the tarmac of the street slide all the way up to the front of bar, stopping roughly a meter away.

The frontage of this bar is brutal. Once an ailing ‘theme’ bar covered in flashy chrome trimmings and neon, it changed ownership eighteen months ago and the inner and outer facade have changed dramatically. Great slabs of sheet steel lie riveted across the once-wide front windows with three-inch slits bisecting them horizontally, looking remarkably like gun ports. These sheets are scorched and dinted, yet are holding. The surrounding brickwork is blackened and paint is blistered.

The front doors are twin tinted Lexan swinging doors, opening to a small antechamber with matching untinted doors two meters away, and from here one is able to see into the bar itself. Continue reading “The 'Cybered Arms' – A Cyberpunk 2020 Bar/Club”

Sweethearts – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang


Author: Lucifer (

The Sweethearts are a gang of bully bitches who hang in Little Italy. Leather, pheromone perfume, chain mail, buckles, cartridge belts, chains and spikes and studs and lipstick, lace and fishnet hose. Spiked collars, barbed and poisoned rings, monoknives. Ivory-handled straight razors. Butch and baby-doll leather-and-lace looks. Mostly bilingual, anglo-european, and anglo-afro-american, refusing membership to pure blacks, whites, Russians, Hispanics, and Asians, though they do maintain an uneasy truce with the Vietnamese gangs whose turf is further west, and are on almost cordial terms with the Dragons.

Wardrobe & Style +2 Intimidate +3 Streetwise +3 Awareness +3 Hide/Evade +2 Shadow/Track +3 Athletics +2 Dodge/Escape +2 Handgun +1 Tae Kwon Do +4 Melee +3 Bilingual (English, various) +10
Tae Kwon Do bonuses are Strike/Kick +3, Block/Sweep +2, Dodge +1. Typical weapons are brass knuckles (1d6+2), straight razors (1d6-1 AP), barbed rings (1d6/2 AP + 4d6 poison, 1/2 d. with BOD save), and some handguns, usually cheap plastic 9mm (2d6+1, 2 ROF, 8 clip, UR).

Armor varies, but is generally spiked knee/elbow pads, SP 10, +2 to strike/kick damage (AP), worn with light to no armor (some leather), SP 1-4, and occasional chainmail of SP 10, torso only.

Credsticks @ 1d10 x 10 Euro. Will strike at an opponent’s exposed face and hands with poisoned rings, and will only attack with odds of 3-1 or better.

These ladies are great to drop on a player as an unexpected romantic harassment, or as a slap to sexist PC’s, as the Sweeties cluster around a good (or bad) looking character and pester him (“Hey, baby!”). They also work as a variation on the old, “one of them is an important corporate’s daughter” routine.

Please have a look at Ocelot’s Gang Creation Chart on how to create even more gangs.