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Old Guns for Cyberpunk 2020

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Tired of carrying around that ubiquitous Minami-10 submachinegun? Ever wish there was something more stylish than a Colt M2000? Well then gato, have we got just what you’re looking for!



MP O P C 2D6+1 (9mm) 9 2 ST 50m 300eb

Well-designed German pistol with unique rifled barrel, making it easy to care for. Very reliable, easy to use, and once common among European police forces.


MP -1 J R 2D6+1 (9mm) 18 2 ST 50m 1000eb

A very large 9mm pistol, the VP70M is capable of firing three round bursts, but only with the buttstock attached, otherwise it is only capable of semi-automatic fire; it is not capable of fully automatic fire. Very rare and expensive.


MP -1 P P 2D6+1 (9mm) 7 2 VR 50m 600eb

The ASP is a highly modified Smith & Wesson M39 series pistol. With a shortened slide and barrel, refitted to reliably feed empty brass from the magazine. The frame is also extensively refitted with clear plastic grips that show available ammunition at a glance. Finished with Teflon-S.

S&W 469

MP -1 P E 2D6+1 (9mm) 12 2 ST 50m 250eb

The commercial version of the SW variants on the M39 and M59. Very easy to shoot and conceal.

S&W Combat Magnum

HP 1 J C 2D6+3 (.357 Mag) 6 2 VR 50m 500eb

Designed for US Border Patrol use, the Combat Magnum was a popular choice among police officers. Its “small frame” and reliable action made it a best seller.

S&W Model 29

HP 0 J C 4D6+1 (.44 Mag) 6 2 VR 50m 400eb

A very large weapon, the Model 29 was one of the most powerful revolvers available to civilians. It has a high muzzle energy and is quite accurate.

S&W Sigma

HP 1 J C 2D6+3 (.40 S&W) 15 2 VR 50m 400eb

Much like the Glock, the Sigma is mostly constructed of high impact polymer plastics, and shares the same kind of rugged reliability.

Colt M1911A1 Mk IV Government

HP 1 J E 2D6+2 (.45) 7 2 VR 50m 300eb

Standard US sidearm for over 70 years. Known as a serious “manstopper”, with a rugged design and excellent customizeablity.

Detonics Combat Master

0 P E 2D6+2 (.45) 6/7 2 VR 50m 700eb

This is a highly modified, commercially produced version of the M1911A1. The Detonics is much smaller than it’s government issue predecessor but it shares many of the same characteristics. The Detonics uses a 6 round magazine that fits flush with the base of the grip or it may use the 7 round M1911A1 magazine that will fit and feed but protrude from the base of the grip.

Colt Python

HP 1 J E 2D6+3 (.357 Mag) 6 1 ST 50m 300eb

Was considered to be one of the top .357 Magnum revolvers made in it’s day; reliable and accurate.

Llama Commanche

HP 0 J C 4D6+1 (.44 Mag) 6 1 ST 50m 400eb

An excellent .44 revolver, used in home defense and police work. It’s long barrel makes it hard to conceal.

Browning HP

MP 1 J E 2D6+1 (9mm) 13 2 VR 50m 200eb

An excellent military and civilian sidearm still used worldwide.

IMI .44 Desert Eagle

HP -1 J P 4D6+1 (.44 Mag) 8 2 ST 50m 700eb

The Desert Eagle has seen service with the Israeli Army, as well as having great popularity with civilian marksmen.

Beretta M92SB

MP 1 J C 2D6+1 (9mm) 15 2 VR 50m 300eb

A common police sidearm, it depends on accuracy and penetration as opposed to the .45’s sheer bullet weight. Also available as the M92SBC, which is a shorter version (conceals in Pocket) with a 13 round magazine.

Beretta 93R

HP 0 J R 2D6+1 (9mm) 15/20 2 ST 50m 1000eb

This is a true machine pistol variant of the Beretta 92 series of pistols. Although only capable of three round bursts, and not fully automatic fire, the 93R is about as controllable as a machine pistol can be. A folding forward handgrip is necessary for the two handed operation of the pistol in burst fire mode, otherwise it can be held and shot comfortably with one hand.

Walther PPK

MP 1 P C 2D6+1 (9mm) 7 2 ST 50m 400eb

Known as the “James Bond Gun” throughout the 1960s, the Walther was favored by intelligence agents worldwide.

Makarov PSM

LP -2 P E 1D6 (5.45mm) 8 2 ST 50m 200eb

The ubiquitous Sov Russia design with the tiny 5.45mm cartridge makes a very concealable weapon. It also has a build in silencer.

UZI Pistol

MP -1 J P 2D6+1 (9mm) 20 2 VR 50m 250eb

A small version of the UZI submachine gun, the UZI pistol can also use a 25 or 32 round magazine (concealability drops to Long Coat).

Sig Sauer P226

MP 1 J C 2D6+1 (9mm) 15 2 VR 50m 250eb

An improved version of the SS 220 pistol, used by security forces worldwide.

Sig Sauer P-210-2

MP 2 J P 2D6+1 (9mm) 8 2 VR 50m 1000eb

Possibly the most accurate military production handgun in existence, the SIG is was commonly issued to the Swiss Army. Very accurate and easy to care for.

Ruger MKII Standard

LP 2 J C 1D6 (.22LR) 13 2 ST 50m 800eb

An excellent match pistol, easily controlled and accurate. Also used as an assassin’s weapon in some quarters.

Steyer GB80

MP 1 J P 2D6+1 (9mm) 18 2 ST 50m 300eb

An innovative weapon still in use in many NATO countries. Its large magazine capacity and high quality workmanship make it a very serviceable military or police weapon.

Glock 17

MP 2 J C 2D6+1 (9mm) 17 2 VR 50m 200eb

Originally the sidearm of the Austrian army, the Glock is made partially of high density plastics. The unique construction makes it incredibly reliable and easy to use. Also available as the Glock 19 (short version) with a WA 1, Conc. P, #Shots 15.

Glock 18

MP 0 J/L R 2D6+1 (9mm) 17/33 2/10 ST 50m 1000eb

The military-only version of the Glock 17, capable of full auto or selective fire. Has a built in compensator.

Glock 22

HP 1 J C 2D6+2 (.40S&W) 15 2 VR 50m 400eb

.40 Caliber Smith & Wesson version of the Glock 17, slightly heavier and less accurate. Also available as Glock 23 (short version) with a WA 0, Conc. P, #Shots 13.

Glock 21

HP 1 J C 2D6+2 (.45) 13 2 VR 50m 500eb

This more rare and heavy version of the Glock 17 chambers the .45 ACP round.

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