Expanded Hit Location Chart for Cyberpunk 2020


Author: unknown.

It’s easy! Just roll 2 dice, one for the main location and one for the sub-location. This is a much more realistic hit location chart. Leg shots, are less common (original they had a 40% percent of being hit), and torso shots are more common (just like real life).

[Karsten’s Note: I tried this out – it slows down play AND gives you the problem that you need to be much more detailed about what your armor protects. Covers Skinweave your eyes? If so, even when they are opened? Are your most private parts skinweaved? Would that work? If you stay realistic here, skinweave would probably NOT protect eyes, groin, and joints. This rule makes chars much more easy to kill. And having to look up stuff in the larger table slows down play.]

(0) Head (1-5) Torso (6) Right Arm (7) Left Arm (8) Right Leg (9) Left Leg
0 Mouth 1-4 Chest 1 Shoulder 1 Shoulder 0 Hip 0 Hip
1-3 Skull 5-7 Stomach 2-4 Upper Arm 2-4 Upper Arm 1-5 Thigh 1-5 Thigh
4-5 Eyes 8 Left Hip 5 Elbow 5 Elbow 6 Knee 6 Knee
6-8 Face 9 Groin 6-8 Forearm 6-8 Forearm 7-8 Shin 7-8 Shin
9 Throat 0 Right Hip 9-0 Hand 9-0 Hand 9 Foot 9 Foot

Electrothermal Weapons in Cyberpunk 2020


Author: unknown.
These weapons are very unrealistic and overpowered. The default rules don’t talk about the many disadvantages of such weapons. Will all know that an electrothermal upgrade can only be preformed on a gun that fires cased shells. While the increase in firepower is considerable, the large list of disadvantages may make you think twice about using such weapons.


Think about it, using plasma to fire a copper cased shell is not by any means smart. The copper casing ejects from the side of the gun through the sliding action. These casings are extremely hot and can burn your skin. Even normal casings can burn you if you catch them, but with electrothermal casings the chances of starting fires and such are greatly increased. Burning your hand on a casing inflicts 1 point for a normal casing and 1d6/2 for a electrothermal casing. There is also a 15% chance that a hot casing will start a fire if it lands on something flammable.
Also note that blowing up a clip of electrothermal ammo is a bad idea. Throwing a clip into a fire, will likely cause it to explode (most ammo will). Continue reading “Electrothermal Weapons in Cyberpunk 2020”

The Skill 'Intimidation' in Cyberpunk 2020

The Skill ‘Intimidation’ in Cyberpunk 2020

Author: David KNIGHTHAWK Simpson <knighthawk00@hotmail.com>

Intimidation: More Than Quoting Dirty Harry

Ever been to Muscle Beach, watched some of the body builders pump iron and think to yourself, “I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley”? That is intimidation by physical means. Intimidation has a lot of opportunities for use, but too few GM’s take this skill into account during their gaming. Players also seem to underestimate its abilities and benefits. Why waste bullets when you can just scare them away?First, intimidation on its own; intimidating people, not in a face-down situation (which is primarily looks and a contest of wills) is frequently misinterpretted. Think of bullys. They rule through their reputation and intimidation. Initimidation (skill), COOL (stat), BODY (stat), relative size (characteristic), and REP, this combination should be used for mass (as in multiple-person) intimidation. Physical size matters, because instinctually we feel inferior or submissive to something larger than ourselves. (Majority of people think twice when talking to someone significantly taller or larger than themselves, and remember, your characters are SUPPOSED to be people, too.) Continue reading “The Skill 'Intimidation' in Cyberpunk 2020”