First time on Karsten's: Guns!


Author: unknown.

Need new ideas… ?




Ikari Razor Glove

MEL 0 P C 1D6/2 n/a n/a 50eb

This is a simple, Freddy Krueger-esque glove equipped with Scratchers or Rippers. The Ripper version costs 50eb more, has a Con. of Jacket, does 1D6+3 damage, and reduces REF checks with that hand by -3 due to reinforced finger joints. Neither version can be used for punching, as the blades on the fingers make it impossible to clench the hand.


Foam Cord Grenade

HVY 0 P P Special 1 1 ST Throw 60eb

When a Foam Cord grenade explodes, it spews forth a massive web of flexible foam strings, filling a 5m radius. These strings harden almost immediately into an ultra sharp network of rigid foam wire. Foam Cord networks act almost like a razor wire barrier, and cannot be crossed without inflicting 1D6 of edged damage per foot of wire crossed. Like Biotech-Askari Motion Restraints (Chromebook 1), it requires a Very Difficult REF roll (Dodge/Escape applies) or a Near Impossible BOD or Strength Feat roll to get clear of the cord without taking damage. Rolls should be made each foot. BOD and Strength Feat rolls should not be attempted with bare hands! Anyone caught within the radius of an exploding Foam Cord grenade will take no damage the first round, but will suffer the effects of crossing the wire (as above) once the Cord hardens. The Foam Cord grenade is also available as a 25mm launched grenade (same effects, 70eb) and a 40mm version (10m radius, 90eb). (Flashpoint 88)

Wind Star Grenade

HVY 0 P P Special 1 1 VR Throw 60eb

This grenade is an ultra compressed gas canister that clears covering smoke and dilutes gas effects within the effects of the burst radius in a single round. It will negate the effects of a Scatter Grenade (Chromebook 2) in a single round, and will reduce the effects of tear or vomit gas by half (cleared the second round). Note that one Wind Star is sufficient to remove one of any type of gas/smoke grenade; if more than one of an opposing type is lobbed into an area, more Wind Stars will be required. (Flashpoint 88)

Proximity Grenade

HVY 0 P P 7D6/3D6 or Special 1 1 ST n/a 100eb

Once thrown, these grenades will not detonate unless they detect movement in a 2m radius (using infrared or ultrasonic motion detectors). Several varieties are available; the frag version does 7D6 damage within 5m, and 3D6 within 6m-10m. Sonic, concussion, flash, HE, chemical (gas or smoke), scatter, and stench versions may be purchased at no additional cost; EMP versions are 300eb, and motion restraints are 120eb.


Proximity Mine

HVY 0 P P 6D10 (PEN 4) 1 1 VR n/a 400eb

These mines use ultrasonic or infrared motion detectors and detonates whenever they sense movement within a 3m radius, doing damage to everything within 7m. They are only available in standard HE.

Area Denial Mini-Mines

HVY 0 J R 1D6+3 1 1 VR n/a 500eb

The ADMM is a small cluster bomb filled with about 20 quarter-sized mini-mines. These resemble micro-grenades and are scattered over a 3m radius when the bomb detonates (1D4 damage if caught in the blast radius, due to shrapnel from the casing). When one of the mini-mines in the area is stepped on, all rapidly detonate, and anyone caught within the 3m burst radius takes 1D6+3 damage for each mine within the area. Those on the fringe of the radius will take between 1-5 hits, depending on the whim of the GM (and maybe a successful LUCK roll). It only takes an Average Awareness roll to detect the mines in good visual conditions, but it takes a Very Difficult REF roll to move through an infested area without setting one off. (Flashpoint 89).

Limpet Mine

HVY 0 J P 6D10 AP (PEN 5) 1 1 ST n/a 300eb

This is an anti-tank mine that magnetically and chemically adheres to a target vehicle or figure in ACPA armor, focusing its explosive charge against the target’s surface. They do no damage except against the target (unless another target is touching them or within 1m, in which case it receives 3D6 AP). Breaking the bond between mine and target is impossible for unenhanced humans; Full Borgs and ACPA suits can probably break the bond with a Near Impossible BOD or STR roll. Rumor has it that the designers of the Limpet Mine could have decreased the detonation delay time, but that they liked to watch the hapless victims struggling to escape their fate. (Flashpoint 89).



P -2 P P 4D6 4 2 UR 1m 600eb

This is a type of hand-sized, sawed-off shotgun which loads disintegrating pellets (20eb/load). The advantages of a crowdpleaser are its portability, concealability, extreme damage capability against unarmored targets, and the inability to accidentally spray anyone besides your intended target (the pellets disintegrate after about 3 feet). Unfortunately, it is dangerously unreliable and rather inaccurate, and is best used at point-blank range. (Adapted from Joe Haldeman’s Buying Time)


P 0 P R 1pt/special 1 1 VR 3m 500eb

A stinger is a small, hand-held weapon resembling a taser, which fires a needle (also similar to that of a taser) containing a powerful neurotoxic agent. It effectively paralyzes the target, inflicting intense pain whenever the angle between two bones is changed (i.e., during movement, breathing, etc.). The target must make a Very Difficult COOL save to make any action for the duration of the drug (1d6+3 minutes); failure indicates incapacitation with pain. (Adapted from Joe Haldeman’s Buying Time)