Fashion: Drugs

This drug is the future of coffee. Take it, and even not having slept for 36 hours won’t lessen your ability to function. The DARPA has funded scientists who discovered a drug that will eliminate sleepiness and keeps the drugs user alert.

orexin A is a hormone that is naturally occuring in the brain. Monkeys treated with the drug after 36 hours without sleep were as able to do awareness tests as well as monkeys who had been allowed to sleep. More about the study can be found here.

I figured that everybody would be addicted as soon as this drug hits the steets: Soldiers (for whom it has been developed), corporates, freelancers… so here are the stats (based on Ocelots Drug Lab 101)

orexin A

Drug Effects:
No need to sleepUntimed Side Effects:
Mildly Psychologically Addictive
Drug Features:
Longer DurationTimed Side Effects:
Strength: +3
Difficulty: 30
Duration: Medium
(1d6x10 minutes)
Legality: Legal/Common
Drug Form: Nasal Spray Time to Effect: 10+2d10 sec
Purchase Price: 10

Designed using Night Flyer’s Drug Lab Java Calculator for Ocelot’s Drug Lab v3.0 @

I had to edit some stuff. The drug is based on the effect “Increased Duration”, so please look there for overdosing rules. Purchase Price would be 0eb, but there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, so its 10eb.

Automatic Drug Generator

The result looks like this:


Drug Effects:
Attribute Increase: + 5 REF

Untimed Side Effects:
Slightly Physiologically Addictive
Slightly Psychologically Addictive

Drug Features:
Longer Duration

Timed Side Effects:
Bloodshot Eyes

Strength: +5
Difficulty: 72
Duration: Long
(1d10 hours)
Legality: by Prescription Only
Drug Form: Pill/Tablet
Time to Effect: 2d6x10 min
Purchase Price: 180

Night-Flyer has a cool Javascript Drug Generator to easily create drugs using Ocelots Drug Lab 101.

Great Work, Night-Flyer!

DRUG LAB 101 – Ocelots Drug Generation Rule for Cyberpunk 2020


for Cyberpunk 2020 by Gary Astleford, published with permission


For lack of a better excuse, this file is a result of wanting a more detailed drug system that covers more possibilities. It’s based off of the information supplied in the CP2020 rulebook, the “Hardwired,” “When Gravity Fails,” and “Protect and Serve” supplements, and the Interface magazines (specifically Issue 3 of Volume 1). If drugs aren’t an important part of your campaign, you may want to stick with the normal rules found in the core rulebook. However, a good deal of Cyberpunk literature (Gibson, Williams, and Effinger’s stuff especially) involves the main characters and their struggles with drugs.
When creating a drug, you must ask some questions :

  1. ) What does the drug do? What benefits does the drug grant the user? Why would anyone want to take such a drug?
  2. ) What sorts of negative side effects are there? Do these effects occur after taking the drug, or when it wears off?
  3. ) How strong is the drug? Is it powerful or mild? How easy is it to overdose on this drug?
  4. ) How long do the effects last?
  5. ) Is the drug illegal, or can you buy it at any drug or liquor store?
  6. ) What form does the drug come in? Do you swallow it, snort it, or shoot it?

Continue reading “DRUG LAB 101 – Ocelots Drug Generation Rule for Cyberpunk 2020”

Discount Cyber Shop for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Gary Astleford, first posted to Mockery’s Cyberpunk 2020 Page

[This article deals with older/defect cyberware, which is on the other hand cheaper. Great for a gutterpunk / losers game or Characters short on money.]

Hey there, chombatta. Come on in, take a look around. I know, you’re used to the top-of-the-line, the creme de la creme, the chillest tech and the hottest cyb. That’s not what I deal in, though. That’s not my biz. I can give you what you want for as cheap as you want it, though it ain’t gonna run as good as the stuff you could get in that on-the-mall clinic. Then again, if you had the money for that place, you wouldn’t be here, would ya..?


Cyberware’s expensive stuff, and if you want the Edge, you gotta be chipped in, wired up, and turned on. You think the world’s gonna stop just ’cause you can’t afford that orbital crystal cyberarm? I sell stuff made in third world nations by companies that no longer exist. Some of it’s military surplus. The rest of the stuff here got recalled a few years ago due to defects. Sure, none of the defects are TOO bad. Nothing you can’t live with. So what do you say? Continue reading “Discount Cyber Shop for Cyberpunk 2020”

Yet Another Drug Creation System for Cyberpunk 2020

Yet Another Drug Creation System

This set of rule allows you to create new and interesting drugs to use in your cyberpunk 2020 game. Compare Ocelots System for another way to create drugs.

Author: Hound, with kind permission from The Blackhammer CyberPunk Project

Drug Manufacturing & Effects

Please remember that these rules were written with Grimm’s Cybertales in mind, which include quite alternate rules for CyberPsychosis using four sub-types of humanity loss. Any references to Egotism, Paranoia, Alienation and Obsession should be replaced with straight Humanity Loss (temp or permanent depending on what kind of effect) for those not playing with these rules.

Dosages, Overdoses & Drug Strength

When taking a drug, a person can increase the drugs effects by taking multiple doses, the second dose will increase the effects of the drug by 50%, further doses will have no further effect.

A drug’s strength indicates how much of a drug is required to cause an overdose; if a character ever takes enough doses of a drug x the drug’s strength to equal or exceed 30, then an overdose has occured. Roll d100 and add the drug’s strength to the roll, then consult the Overdose Table: Continue reading “Yet Another Drug Creation System for Cyberpunk 2020”

Lairs for Ocelots Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generation System


Author: unknown.

This article is an add-on to Ocelot’s Alternate Charater Generation System and offers you the additional advantage of a secure lair.

Everyone needs a good hiding place. Even edgerunners. This system is designed to work with Ocelots alternate character creation supplement. So you had better be using it, if you plan on using this in your campaign. The cost is calculated by taking the base cost security and then multiple it by the other factors. This is the base cost in SP for this particular lair. Multiple lairs can be purchased just like the first one, costing the same amount of SP as before. The minimum cost is 1 SP point. Continue reading “Lairs for Ocelots Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generation System”

New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System

New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System

Author: Hound, used with permission.

This article is based on Ocelots Character Generation System, to be found here.

Motorcycle: 1 SPs

Basic Bike

Good Motorcycle 2 SPs

Harley ThunderGod, Max Metal Bikes Continue reading “New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System”

Advertising Chipware in Cyberpunk 2020



“Promises, large promises, is the soul of advertising… I cannot but propose it as a moral question to these masters of the public ear, whether they do not sometimes play too wantonly with our passions.”
– Samuel Johnson

All advertising, whether it lies in the field of business or politics, will carry success by continuity and regular uniformity of application.”
– Adolf Hitler



We all love it. We all use it. It’s a way of life, neh? Learn Japanese without taking a single class. Shoot that IMI like a real pro. Understand a simple topic such as, say, quantum physics by just chipping some MRAM into your chipware port.

Simple. Clean. Readily available. But not cheap. Oh, no, not cheap at all.

For lazy cyberpunks with few skill points to spare, chipware sockets and MRAM and APTR chips are a godsend. They allow someone to know the rudimentary knowledge of a topic or technique in a matter of days (for APTR), or in the case of MRAM, microseconds.

However, the costs of high level skill chips can be prohibitive to your average ‘punker off the street. The typical cyberpunk has to worry about rudimentary things, such as weapons, cyberware, fashionable clothes (armored or non-armored), cyberdecks and software, vehicles, and sleeping space. If he’s got a few euro left over, he’s buying a bag of nacho-flavored kibble and a beer in some seedy bar down town. Who’s got the cash for chipware? Continue reading “Advertising Chipware in Cyberpunk 2020”

Ocelot's Alternate Character Generation System for Cyberpunk 2020


Version 3.3, last updated 7.17.02. A spanish translation can be found here.

by Gary Astleford


The following information details an alternate character creation process designed for use with Cyberpunk 2020. It incorporates new rules for buying skills, creating older characters, an advantage and disadvantage system, and a new way to figure out starting funds. Character roles are not used. This will allow responsible players more flexibility with character creation.

Any part of this system can be adapted for GMs and players who wish to keep using the regular CP2020 system roles. The elimination of roles is not an essential part of this system, although it is an important step, and the rest of this variation will assume that they are not in use. Feel free to use whichever parts you feel comfortable with.

This edition (version 3.3) has been updated slightly. This is reflected in a more standardized cost system for advantages and disadvantages, as well as several new advads and disads. Many of the old advantages and disadvantages have been reworked and/or clarified. Some of the lifepath details have been altered slightly, and I’ve made a few additions. Overall, things work just like they used to. There’s just a little bit more to work with. Continue reading “Ocelot's Alternate Character Generation System for Cyberpunk 2020”

Drug Quality Chart for Cyberpunk 2020

Drug Quality Chart for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Gary Astleford (
This chart is intended to reflect the uncertainty of acquiring an illegal drug on the street. When you’re stealing your fix directly from the corporation which created it, you don’t worry about quality, but when you’re doing a deal with a guy named “Ripperjack” in the alley behind Jesse James’ Non-Kosher Deli, you might not be getting what you paid for.

Depending on how you play Cyberpunk, you may use either Streetdeal or Streetwise to attempt an illegal drug purchase. The difficulty depends on the drug and circumstances of the deal, and is up to the GM to determine. Check the amount the player made the roll by against the following chart: Continue reading “Drug Quality Chart for Cyberpunk 2020”