New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System

New (Dis-)Advantages for Ocelots Character Generation System

Author: Hound, used with permission.

This article is based on Ocelots Character Generation System, to be found here.

Motorcycle: 1 SPs

Basic Bike

Good Motorcycle 2 SPs

Harley ThunderGod, Max Metal Bikes

Crap Car: 2 SPs

Honda Metrocar, Beat Up Junker

Car: 3 SPs

Sedan, etc

Good Car or Vehicle: 4 SPs

GEV Truck, SportsCar

No Police Record: 1 SPs

Never been picked up

License (doctor, lawyer, etc): 1 SPs

Must have appropriate skills

Small Apartment: 1 SPs

400eb/month or less

Good Apartment: 2 SPs

1200eb/month or less

Safe Place To Live: 3 SPs

Nice house, etc

Second SIN: 5 SPs

Have 2 SINs and IDs

Piercing Gaze: 3 SPs

+2 Intimidate, Interview, Interrogate (sometimes)

Registered Rifle: 3 SPs

Rifle can be carried in city limits

Registered Restricted Weapon: 2 SPs

SMG, AR, etc

Mundane 3 SPs

People never remember your face (Att 4-7)

Animal FriendShip: 2 SPs

(animals only attack under duress)

Fast Healing: 2-6 SPs

(+1 healing rate / 2 points)

Direction Sense: 1 SPs

Light sleeper: 2 SPs

Easy awareness roll to wake

Ego Signature: 1-5 SPs

cool roll –
or leave a signature whenever doing something

Criminal record: 1 SPs

You have an old rap-sheet

Major Criminal record: 2 SPs

“rap sheet as long as my arm!”

Flashbacks: 1 SPs

Cool + 2 Dif to avoid under stress

Flashbacks: 2 SPs

Cool + 4 Dif to avoid under stress

Flashbacks: 3 SPs

Cool + 6 Dif to avoid under stress

Flashbacks: 4 SPs

Cool + 8 Dif to avoid under stress

AIDS II Carrier: 3 SPs

Requires regular meds to stay healthy

LifeSaver: 2 SPs

Has to do all in his power not to kill

Impotence: 1 SPs

Male: Cannot get it up.

Gunslinger’s Honor: 1 SPs

Never shoot someone in the back, etc

Mute: 2 SPs

(must use non-verbal communication)

Bad Reputation: 2 SPs

(betrayer, traitor, psychopath, liar)

Lecherous: 2 SPs

(Cool roll -2 to avoid seduction attempts)

Deep sleeper: 2 SPs

Difficult awareness roll to wake

Intolerance: 1 SPs

(+5 dif on all rolls when around subject)

Over-Confidence: 2 SPs


Mild Phobia: 1 SPs

(cool roll or do anything to avoid subject)

Severe Phobia: 3 SPs

(cool-3 roll or run from subject)

Speech Impediment: 2 SPs

(+5 dif to social/communication rolls)

Shy: 1 SPs

(+2 dif social, +5 dif if centre of attention)

Nightmares: 1 SPs

d6-1 stress each night – or roleplay if not using stress

Short Fuse: 1-5 SPs

(-1 to 5 on cool roles)

Hatred: 3 SPs

(cool roll)

Lightning Calculator: 2 SPs

(-5 dif)

Absent-Minded: 3 SPs

(Int roll to remember)

Acute Hearing: 1 SPs

(+1 awareness auditory)

Acute Smell: 1 SPs

(+1 awareness olfactory)

Acute Vision: 1 SPs

(+1 awareness visual)

Hard of Hearing: 2 SPs

(-4 awareness)

Bad Eyesight: 2 SPs

(-4 awareness)

Ambidextrous: 1-3 SPs

(reduces bad hand penalty by 1 to 3)

Fast Learner: 4 SPs

(9 IP x level)(or 4 IP x level if using 5 IP as standard)

Light Sensitive: 3 SPs

(+5 dif in bright light)

Double Jointed: 1 SPs

(-5 dif to escape)

Short: 1 SPs

(-5 aware in crowds)

Time Sense: 1 SPs

Eiditic Memory: 2 SPs

Pain Tolerance: 1-5 SPs

(reduce dmg total by lvl for effects)

Jack Of All Trades: 5 SPs

(no penalty for no-skill actions)

Hemophiliac: 3 SPs

(1 dmg / turn)

Animal Magnetism: 1 SPs

(-4 dif on seduction, +2 dif interaction with same gender)

Limited Paranoia: 3 SPs

(-5 dif spotting ambushes)

Well Travelled: 3 SPs

(Luck roll to know someone in any city you enter)

Drug Resistance: 2 SPs

(20% of all drugs have NO effect)

Extreme Drug Resistance: 5 SPs

(all drugs have �½ effect, bod roll vs 15 for no effect)

Drug Addiction – mostly harmless: 1 SPs

Drug Addiction – affordable: 2 SPs


Drug Addiction – Mean: 3 SPs

(White Lace)

Drug Addiction – Deadly: 5 SPs

(Black Lace)

Hunted by local cops: 1 SPs

Hunted by local police force: 3 SPs

Hunted by State police: 4 SPs

Hunted by national police org: 5 SPs

Hunted by small local firm: 1 SPs

Hunted by medium local firm: 2 SPs

Hunted by Statewide corp: 3 SPs

Hunted by National corp: 4 SPs

Hunted by Orbital corp: 5 SPs

Hunted by Multinational: 6 SPs

Owe a minor corp minor favor: 1 SPs

Owe a major corp minor favor: 2 SPs

Owe a minor corp major favor: 3 SPs

Owe a major corp major favor 4 SPs

Owe a major corp Life: 5 SPs

Minor corp owes minor favor: 1 SPs

Minor corp owes major favor: 2 SPs

Major corp owes minor favor 2 SPs

Major corp owes major favor: 4 SPs

Connection in Police Dept: 2 SPs

Connection in D.A.s office: 3 SPs

Connection in Mayor’s office: 3 SPs

Nomad Friends +2: 3 SPs

Booster Friends +2: 3 SPs

Friend/Contact: 1 SPs / 5 contact points