Corporate Fashion from Mutant Chronicles converted to Cyberpunk 2020

Corporate Fashion from Mutant Chronicles converted to Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Mockery

If you’re a corporate in Cyberpunk 2020, it seems as though your only clothing options are the generic “Businesswear” Fashion Modifier in the CP2020 rulebook, p. 68, or the more expensive “Tanaka Exec Line” from Chromebook 1, p. 63. Hell, even the techies have the “Masetto Tech Clothing” line (Chromebook 3, p. 7-9), so why should you be stuck with discount duds from the Men’s Fashion Warehouse?

So, I present these clothing conversions from Mutant Chronicles. I’m of two minds about Mutant Chronicles: on the one hand, it comes from the makers of Kult, one of the freakiest horror games I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. On the other hand, it subscribes to the “big guns-bigger shoulderpads” mentality present in Warhammer 40K. Expecting nothing more than man-portable chainguns, I was quite surprised to find this little gem of corporate fashion nestled in between the mega-rifles and electrified claymores. Continue reading “Corporate Fashion from Mutant Chronicles converted to Cyberpunk 2020”

Stockmarket Rules for Cyberpunk 2020

Stockmarket – Rules

Author: unknown.
Used to be on JOSE ZAGAL’S site. Published here, because Jose’s Site is long gone.

Making an Investment

Players wishing to invest money in the Night City stock market need only get in touch by cellphone and express their dsire to do so. They must then decide which corporation they will put their money into and decide how much money they desire to part with. Investments are made in amounts that are multiples of 100eb. Players need to realize that they must at this moment pay the commission , an amount equal to 10% of the total amount invested. Continue reading “Stockmarket Rules for Cyberpunk 2020”

Redefining the Media Role in Cyberpunk 2020

While fiddling with the finetuning of the new page, I was wondering how blogging and other new ways to publish stuff would affect playing a Cyberpunk Media today.

Media was never a really popular choice in our games, because you were dependend on an publisher. You needed the space in a screamsheet or some time on the telly to tell your truth to the public . But it was usually rather hard to pass some dirty truth past the eyes of an editor-in-chief, especially if you wanted to go life nationwide.

But now there is blogging. During the G8-Summit german bloggers showed that they could transport news faster then classic media and correct errors the big networks made. This replaces newspapers. Podcasting replaces the radio. Now Indiskretion Ehrensache (a german blog) showed us that you can even do your own television show on the internet, without big money or an editor behind you.

So the Media has three ways to bring his message across: Continue reading “Redefining the Media Role in Cyberpunk 2020”

Transcon – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation

Transcon – Transport at the Speed of Change

TransCon – Trans-Continental Transport Corporation

Headquarters: San Francisco

Regional Offices: New York, Night City, Washington, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington D.C, London, Rome, Toronto, Paris, Hamburg, Helsinki, Prague, Seol, Sub-offices throughout North America and Europe.

Name and Location of major shareholder: Jonathan Demark, San Francisco (11.2% owned)

Employees: Worldwide; 1,200,000

Troops: 5,000 Covert: 50

Background: In 2003 Jonathan Demark, the owner of a private east coast transport company called De-Haul saw that the world was lacking in a single company to transport cargo around the world. The managing of cargo had to be carried out by several small companies, so he formed TransCon. The corporation is dedicated to provide cargo transport efficiently and reliably. Continue reading “Transcon – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation”

Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

compiled and edited by Dan Bailey
[and then Karsten deleted all the stuff now found in Chromebook 4. The full version used to be at Dan Baileys Webpage. It seems to be down, so I am rather happy to be able to provide you with a copy. Dan’s a hero!
Please check Credits section of this page.]


Information Overload — A psychological condition, characterized by a dazed sort of catatonia, that occurs when the human brain attempts to assimilate too much information at one time.


Net Stuff
Powered Armor
Powered Armour Gear
‘Punkers Guide to the MSP Metroplex
New Skills
Credits Continue reading “Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book”

Physical Fix – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation

Physical Fix

Author: Kristian de Valle (


HQ: Los Angles Metroplex Regional Night City, Washington, Tokyo, Seattle, Miami, San Offices: FranciscoResources: Seven AV-7 Machs (one for each office), Six Kundalini Darts (in L.A.) and one Dassault-Mystere STOL Luxury Jet.

Symbol: The name ‘Physical Fix’ in bright red, thick block letters in a square form, bordered top and bottom by thin ‘go faster’ stripes.

Major Partners: Amanda Clayton, situated in L.A. with 51% controlling share. James ‘Jag’ Hound 15% Josie Coriolis 20%

Physical Fix is still a private company, run by the people who put up the money for its initial setup. Fix may do a public float in the next year or so, as business is booming. If so, the employees will be offered the first pick of the shares.

Troops: 350 Covert Operatives: 15

Physical Fix is a fledgling, yet rapidly growing bicycle courier company. With offices in Seattle, the L.A. Metroplex, Washington and Tokyo, they deal with old-school secure data. If the data is not sent via the Net, then nobody is able to intercept it via the net.

The courier boxes are specially made for the Fix riders. They are EMP-shield, biohazard capable, armored to 40SP and the option is available for a refrigerated version. The boxes do not leave the couriers sight until delivered to the recipient specified in the delivery order. Continue reading “Physical Fix – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation”

MultiComp Productions – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation

MultiComp Productions

Author: unknown

Headquarters: Brussels, BelgiumRegional Offices: New York, NY; Night City, NorCal; Los Angeles, SoCal; Seattle, WA; Madrid, Spain

Troops: 1200; Total Employees: 95,000; Covert Operatives: 1000

Resources: 5 Private Jets, 5 AV-6’s, 4 Passenger Helicopters, about 150 ground vehicles of various styles.

Symbol: An assasin’s dagger through the letters MCP


MCP began in the minds of two corperate spies, Johnathan Finch and Micheal Montgomery. During the First Corperate War, these two men were partners in the game of corperate espionage. They were freelance operatives who would secretly sell their services to those who could afford it. Not once did they fail to come through on a contract.After 2 years of this sort of work, the two men became tired of spying (became too risky), they decided to retire. But not before one last job. Continue reading “MultiComp Productions – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation”

A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation Guide

C’s Corporation Guide Database

From Neon Twilight, modified by me in way not to violate modern day corps namerights.

Welcome to C’s Corporation Guide Database. In this download you will find our 2019 Year in Review, with notes on which Corporations are to watch, and which are to watch out for! 2019 was an interesting year in the Corp Sector, with IBM director Kurt Muller indicted in the tissue resampling scandal in May of 2019, and Tokyo bad boy Tokei accused of murdering his father, the head of Sentai Cybernetics. But 2019 also showed great developments as House Act 21300 passed through EEC Congress January 4th, and Tax Exemption Disclaimer 81/4 was passed unaminously on the Crystal Palace Lunar Province just this November. We are looking forward to another wonderfully unpredictable new year.
– Carlton Hedgeworth & Yukiko Tanaka, C Magazine Finacial Editors (4/08/20)

MAJOR CORPORATIONS Continue reading “A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation Guide”

Apollo Gen – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation

Apollo Gen

Author: unknown

Generating Power to Power a Generation

Apollo Gen – Global Power Generation Corporation

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Regional Offices: San Fransisco, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, London, Seol, Johanesburg, Sao Paulo, Brazilia, Mexico City. Branch offices across the Americas and Africa.

Generation Facilities: Solar Stations: 16 Orbital, 2 Mexico, 6 North America (NE/AR), 4 Arabia (US Military Zone). Nuclear Stations: 1 South Africa, 6 North America, 12 South America, 1 Korea, 1 Antartica. OTEC Stations: 2 Indian Ocean, 4 Pacific.

Research Facilities: 2 North America (CA/NY), 3 Arabia (US Military Zone), 1 Pacific.

Name and Location of Major Shareholder: Daniel Joteq, Los Angeles (15.5% owned)

Employees: Worldwide; 1,250,000

Troops; 3,500 Covert; 100

Background: In 2007 when nuclear fusion first became a feasible source of power, Daniel Joteq was financial director for the research group that made the break throughs, a government funded team of top scientists and research technicians. Joteq, seeing the potential for domestic generation and the profits it would engender hired a team of freelance edgerunners, such as there were in those days, and, giving them security codes and facility blueprints had them steal the technical details of the research, stored in a single hard drive in the research dome. Continue reading “Apollo Gen – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation”

Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Author: Colin Smith (no link, his site is gone)

The following is an alphabetical list of all of the zaibatsu, governmental, and religious organizations, as well as smaller companies and brand names, mentioned in William Gibson’s “Sprawl Stories.” Hope this is useful to all :) Continue reading “Zaibatsu List Version 1.1”