Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020

Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Hound

Taken with permission from The Blackhammer CyberPunk Project

These weapon modifications have been compiled from various sourcebooks as well as a collection of items we’ve thrown in from our own games and experiences. Also I’ve dug up a few items from other games and converted them for use in CyberPunk. Acht! Gun Nuts We Are!

For Polymer One Shots (your game master will decide what exact weapons fit this description), most of these modifications are impossible, or if they can be done assume the weapon’s base cost is 500eb instead of the list price (for such things as reliability improvement, autofire, etc) because of the amount of extra work required to re-tool a polymer. In any case, any weapon modification that costs a multiple of the base cost of a gun must assume a base price of 300eb if the actual gun is cheaper than 300eb. This is to prevent people from turning their Astra Style 6 into a BEAST OF WARTM

Beast Of War . PST . +0 . P . E . 10mm . 6 . 2/20 . VR . 50m . 226.95eb

Custom Grips (30%), Electrothermic (150%), Folding Stock (20%), Gas Vent (30%), Heat-Resistant Barrel (50%), Heavy Bolt (15%), +2 WA (200%), Printless Finish (200%), VR (150%), 10mm, -1 WA, -1 REL (40%), Selective Fire (200%) = +1085% of base cost = 226.95eb

25mm Grenade Attachment

This pistol attachment goes on the end of the barrel and allows the pistol to fire special 25mm pistol grenades from Chrome Book 1 using a bullet-trap mechanism. $200.

9-1-1 ChipLink

Installed with a hook-up to the trigger system of your gun, this is effectively a mini cell-phone that pages the police when your trigger is pulled. Local law enforcement will usually respond to your page within 2d6+1 minutes, as long as you are not in a very high risk environment (such as the combat zone). $150 +$25 installation (Average WeaponSmith, 15 minutes).

Barrel Extension

This is a snap-on barrel extension, designed to compensate for chopped barrel weapons or to increase the range of other weapons without reducing the concealability. Weapon ranges are returned to normal for chopped barrel weapons, or increased 25% for other weapons. Weapon accuracy is penalized by one point when the extension is in place. Snapping the extension on requires one action and reduces concealability one class. 10% of weapon cost + $50 snap-on modification to gun.

Bayonet Lug

Bayonet Lugs are mounted under the barrel of a rifle to accept a bayonet (a long, pointed knife), thus turning the firearm into an improvised spear. The use of bayonet lugs has been reduced due to the popularity of under-barrel weapon systems such as grenade launchers in warfare and the use of flashlights for tactical and house-to-house use. 5% of weapon cost (Routine WeaponSmith, 5 minutes).


Brass Catchers are special bags designed with a customized metal framework to fit over the ejection port of a weapon to receive the spent cartidges. Rarely seen now in an era of caseless weaponry, brass-catchers are still found on assassination and para-drop weaponry when the fighting environment must be left “sterile” (without trace of the assassin or the para-drop). A typical brass-catcher can hold two magazines of ejected casings, but reduces weapon concealability one class. 10% of weapon cost (Routine WeaponSmith, 5 minutes).


Any gas-action automatic can be converted with a selector switch from single shot to three-shot burst. Reliability and Weapon Accuracy are each reduced by 1. 150% of weapon cost (Very Difficult WeaponSmith, 3-6 hours).

Camouflaged SMG

This system conceals a SubMachineGun inside an innocuous-looking briefcase. A switch on the handle drops the bulk of the briefcase off revealing the SMG with two attached clips of ammunition. The case itself is armored to SP 10 for use as a sort of last ditch effort shield. 50% of weapon cost (Difficult Basic Tech, 2-3 hours).

Chopped Barrel

Practically only full-length rifles and shotguns can have their barrels chopped, as most other weapons in 2020 have already been optimized for minimum barrel length. Chopping a barel increases the concealability of the firearm by one class, and reduces the range by half also. Shotgun patterns are increased by 50%, and pistol and SMG WA is penalized 1 point. 30% of weapon cost (Average WeaponSmith, 10(rifle) to 45 minutes).

Cookie Cutter

This attachment keeps the gun from firing when aimed at a person wearing a special cookie-cutter badge attuned to the gun. This allows for suppressive fire through a group of your friends, confident in knowing that you will not be tagging any of them by accident. $300 plus Cookie Cutter badges.

Cooling Shroud

This shroud keeps the weapon barrel cool allowing non-support weapons to fire on full-auto for consecutive rounds without loss of reliability. Unfortunately shrouds are fairly bulky and reduce concealability by 1. 25% of weapon cost (Average WeaponSmith, 5 minutes)

Custom Pistol Grips

Custom grips on a handgun allow for increased draw accuracy, as the weapon seems to mold itself to your hand and practically begs to be fired. Each set of grips has to be custom molded to the individual, and must be replaced annually. While being used by the person they were designed for, custom grips reduce the fastdraw and snapshot penalties from -3 WA to -2 WA. 30% of handgun cost (Difficult WeaponSmith, 40 minutes).Custom Long-Arm Grips and Furniture Serving the same purpose to a long arm as Custom Pistol Grips do to a pistol, these custom grips are paired with adjustable cheek-rest and butt-stock, allowing for more comfortable use and aiming, and increasing the maximum aim-time from 3 rounds (+3) to 4 rounds (+4). Anyone else using the weapon will be at -1WA unless they re-set the stock and cheek-rest (30seconds). 60% of rifle or shotgun cost (Difficult WeaponSmith, 2 hours, 20 rounds of ammo).

ElectroThermal Ammunition Enhancement

Only available to cased Semi-Automatic and Manual weapons, this system changes the entire firing system to use a combustable fluid in the munitions that is set off with an electric charge producing a very rapid-expanding plasma to propel the munition. The result is a 50% increase in damage and range with no significant increase in recoil. The weapon must also use special ElectroThermic munitions which cost twice the normal price of ammo. 150% of weapon price (Very Difficult WeaponSmith, 5 hours).

Extended Barrel

Increasing barrel length also increases projectile stability, and thus increases the accurate range of a weapon. Concelability is penalized one class, and range is increased by 25%. 30% of weapon cost (Average WeaponSmith, 10 minutes).

Folding Stock

This includes Folding, Detachable and Collapsing Stock designs. On weapons normally equipped with a stock, a folding stock reduces WA by 1 (2 when collapsed) and increases concealability by one class when collapsed. On weapons not normally equipped with a stock, the stock provides +1 WA at Long and Extreme ranges. 20% of weapon cost (Average WeaponSmith, 1 hour).

Full AutoFire

Any gas-action automatic can be converted to full-autofire. The weapon cannot fire single shot or three-round burst, and always fires at least half it’s Rate of Fire when the trigger is pulled. ROF varies based on caliber of weapon and if it’s caseless (GMs call) from 15 to 35. Reliability drops 2 levels and Accuracy is -1. Don’t forget to re-calculate the recoil of your gun! 100% of weapon cost (Difficult WeaponSmith, 2 hours).


Through Vent Ports and Muzzle Brakes mounted into the barrel of an automatic weapon, muzzle jump and climb can be controlled or eliminated, thus increase WA in autofire modes by 1. 30% of weapon cost (Difficult WeaponSmith, 2 hours).

Grapnel, Pistol Grenade

The Bregna Enterprises Pistol Grenade Grapnel is based on the same premise as Militech’s 25mm Pistol-Grenade (Chromebook 2, p. 48), this small 25x100mm, pistol launched grappling hook (seen at right mounted on a Monnikkan Arms AE-1 Subgun), uses the same bullet-trap muzzle adaptor (200eb installed) as the other pistol-grenades. It has the same weapon caliber and range limitations as the other pistol-grenades. If the grapnel is fired at an individual treat the round as AP (i.e., opponent’s SP halved), but the grapnel will do the full damage (as the appropriate calibre round), and the target will also take the same amount of damage again if the round is removed by anyone but trained medical personnel (a Difficult Medtech or Very Difficult First Aid roll.) $60 each.

Heat-Resistant Barrel

This after-market barrel upgrade to a polymer-ceramic alloy allows for non-support weapons to fire on full auto for multiple consecutive rounds without reduction in reliability. 50% of weapon cost (Average WeaponSmith, 40 minutes).

Heavy Bolt

A Heavier bolt decreases the ROF in non-caseless full auto weapons by 10. If this decreases the ROF below 20, the firearm will fail to cycle. This reduction in ROF increases the weapon’s controleability during autofire providing +1 WA during autofire only. 15% of weapon cost ((Difficult Weaponsmith Roll, 2 hours)

Hydroshock Adaptor

This retuning of a gun allows it to fire HydroShock munitions without a reliability penalty. $200 (Difficult WeaponSmith, 1 hour).

HV Adaptation

Adapting a weapon to fire HV ammo is an involved process and is not usually a financially viable after-market mod. The barrel must be replaced with a stronger, heat-resistant model, the bolt must be made significantly heavier and some amount of shock-absorbancy should be added. Weapons with HV ammo Adaptation still get -1 REL when firing HV ammo, but do not receive the Reliability penalty for full autofire. 400% of weapon cost.

Laser Sight

Laser Sighting Systems allow for rapid locking and acquisition of targets in firefight situations, providing +1 WA when in use. $200

Light Bolt

By decreasing the weight of the bolt in non-caseless autofire weapons, the ROF can be increased by 10, although reliability is decreased by 1 class. 15% of firearm cost (Difficult Weaponsmith Roll, 2 hours)

Optical Scope (2x, 4x and 6x)

Optical Sighting systems double the aiming bonus to +2 per turn instead of +1 at Medium, Long and Extreme ranges, and can be equipped with standard cyberoptic options at 80% of normal price. $300 and up.

Page ChipLink

The exact same technology as the 9-1-1 ChipLink, PageChipping is sold through independant retailers and weaponsmiths and can be set to page any number, not just the local 911. $200 +$25 installation (Average WeaponSmith, 15 minutes).

Phase IV IR/UV Laser Sight

Identical to the standard laser sighting systems, Phase IV systems emit either IR or UV light instead of visible red light. To use one requires a visual device with either passive IR or UV options. $250.

Precision Re-Boring

With top-of-the-line equipment and a good gunsmith, the accuracy of most firearms can be increased by re-boring and re-working the barrel and receiver unit. This cannot be done on Electrothermic weapons, shotguns and polymer weapons (smoothbores). Weapon Accuracy can be increased by up to +2 in this way, but with such a fine-tuned weapon, barrel degredation occurs rapidly when actually used. There is a 20% chance of barrel degredation (-1 WA, until down to normal WA) per:

  • 40 small-caliber rounds fired,
  • 20 medium-caliber rounds fired or
  • 10 heavy-caliber rounds fired.
  • Ã?½ this number if hot-loaded ammo is being used
  • 1/10 this number if HV ammo is being used

dif 20 gunsmith roll, 6 hours, +1 WA (aprox value=75% of gun cost)
dif 30 gunsmith roll, 9 hours, additional +1 WA (aprox value=200% of gun cost) (+5 difficulty, x2 cost for revolvers)

Printlesstm Finish

This teflon parkerized finish resists dirt and oil so well that it actually makes it nearly impossible to lift a set of prints off the weapon, even after extended use under optimal conditions. 200% of weapon cost.

Quality Decrease

Can’t afford that top-of-the-line H&K smartgun? Why not pick up something that looks like it then? Polymer knock-offs of popular firearms are easy to find if you look in the right places (like Mexico). All Rip-Off weapons are Unreliable (UR), and have -1 WA. 50% (VR weapons) to 75% (ST weapons) weapon cost.

Quality Increase

The other end of the scale is that some small Auto-Lathes turn out imitations of the cheap polymer guns made with good quality plastics and metals, thus increasing the reliability. Actually any weapon can be purchased with a higher grade of materials or workmanship. 50% of weapon cost per +1 Reliability.

Rapid Take-Down Rebuild

This set of midifications allows a rifle or SMG to be broken down rapidly into three parts for ease of transport (stock, action, barrel). Reliability of the weapon is reduced one class. 20% of rifle cost (Very Difficult WeaponSmith, 6 hours).

Rechambered Barrel and Receiver Group

A good gunsmith can rechamber most firearms to fire larger or smaller caliber munitions. Reducing the caliber of a firearm will have little effect except a 5-20% increase in ammo capacity (GMs call). Increasing the caliber of a firearm can be done to a slightly larger bore (9mm to 10mm) at a -1 WA, and major reboring (10mm to 12mm) will result in a -1 WA and -1 Reliability. 40% of weapon cost (Difficult WeaponSmith, 8 hours).

Recoil Compensation

Through the use of Gas Vents, Ports, Muzzle Brakes, Recoil-Dampening materials and construction and so on, semi-automatic weapons with rates of fire of 1 or 2 can have their rate of fire increased by 1. 40% of weapon cost (Difficult WeaponSmith, 2 hours).

ScanGrips by Techtronica

Special memory-plastic grips linked to the safety and electronic sighting devices on your firearm. When you (and only you) grasp you firearm, the grips set themselves to your hand and read your fingerprints, only on a positive match will it disengage the safety and turn on the electronics. (Can be combined with Custom Grips). $200 (Difficult WeaponSmith, 1 hour).

Security Chipping

This is a SmartWeapon add-on that locks the firing pin mechanism until a pre-authorized person interfaces with the weapon (people are checked by the serial numbers of their InterFace Plug firmware). When originally installed the weapon can be chipped for up to 6 different interface combinations. Changing an authorization requires a Routine CyberTech roll by an authorized user, taking 5 minutes. Bypassing the authorizations requires a Very Difficult Electronic Security or CyberTech roll, taking a minute. $200 +$50 installation (Difficult WeaponSmith, 30 minutes).

Selective Fire

Any gas-action automatic weapon can be converted to selective fire. This adds a selector switch between single shot, 3 shot burst and full autofire. Full Autofire is at -2WA, and weapon reliability is reduced one level. 200% of weapon cost (Very Difficult WeaponSmith, 4 to 6 hours).

Side-Saddle Ammo Holder

This attachment clips onto the side of internal-magazine weapons and holds 6 shells. Commonly used with pump-action shotguns and the ever-popular Boomer Buster, they do seem to add an air of intimidation to a weapon. $65.

Silencer / Suppressor

Designed to eliminate the sounds of the gas expansion in a gun as well as the flash produced by said explosion, silencers screw on to the end of the barrel and reduce the concealability of a weapon by 1. Weapons firing sub-sonic munitions (<9mm) become almost totally silent, while other weapons just reduce their firing signature, as their bullets still produce small sonic booms in their passage. $200 + $50 snap-on modification to gun (Difficult WeaponSmith, 20 minutes).


Using a series of servo-controlled gas ports and vents, SmartPorting is linked to the weapon’s fire selector and, depending on the gun’s setting, provides either +1 WA in full auto fire (5 rounds or greater ROF) or increases the ROF of semi-automatic weapons by 1 (to a maxiumum of 3). SmartPorting is not compatible with Gas Venting or Recoil Compensation. 60% of gun cost for smartguns, 100% of gun cost for other weapons.

Solenoid and Electric Triggers

This mod can only be done on caseless weapons. Weapons with a solenoid trigger must buy special caseless ammo for 90% of the normal cost, and receive +1 WA at extreme range because of the reduced trigger pull. 100% of firearm cost (Average Weaponsmith / Difficult Electronics, 3 hours).

Tactical Flashlight Rig

This under-barrel adaptor hooks up to a rifle, shotgun or sub-gun and holds a high-power short flashlight for use in light-deficient situations. Also available with IR and UV flashlights. $150, +$50 for IR or UV.