The Flying Dragons – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang

The Flying Dragons

a gang for Cyberpunk 2020 by Lucifer (

The Dragons are a Vietnamese juvegang which prowls the maglev system. Also called the Flying Dragons, they wear headbands, supposedly dyed red with the blood of their victims; this is true, and you can smell the rotting blood if you get too close to them. Age runs from ten to twenty; all are vicious and proficient with their chosen weapon, which ranges from butterfly knives (1D6+1 AP) and homemade ribbon whips to the occasional Brighter Suns zap glove (see below for both). They are not street punks, but middle-class corpzoner brats out for a wild time and a bit of the old ultra-violence. They range from the misfit F-student to the valedictorian, but all are bright, rebellious, and have plenty of their own money to spend. Fanatic, violent, and all-around scary, and they run in groups of 10 to 15.

Dragons skulk on the A-Line, since they want to avoid mixing it with the junior yakuza or Tongs on the south C-Line. Most board at the 6th Street Station and run the strip between it and City Center. They avoid the Plaza Loop during the day, when it’s full of Transit Cops, corpzoners, and private security, but they rule it after 9 pm. Fear of Tongs and TC’s steer them clear of the Transit Center, and they never run the Westbrook Line.

Red Dragon Ribbon Whip

The favored weapon of many Dragons is a ribbon whip, a diamond-coated, stiff piece of alloyed memory-metal normally used in industrial robotics (where it is called a hardwire) and bears some resemblance in usage to the IWO Razorwhip. Ribbon-flat, with razor-sharp edges and the end snipped into a triangle, it has two configurations: a narrow coil, like a party favor or watchspring, which can release into a straight metal ribbon to whip and slash a victim. Its damage is AP and can inflict deep slashing wounds, equivalent to those of a large knife. If placed against bare skin and released, it springs straight into the victim’s body, doing maximum damage (and often coming out the other side).

Brighter Suns Zap Glove
MEL�·0�·P �·C�·1pt/Stun�·10�·1�·ST

Unlike the Techtronica version, the Brigher Suns zap gloves are black rubber studded with contact electrodes on the palm; they do a point of burn damage, and force a Stun/Shock save at -4 or cause paralysis for 1d10+5 rounds. A fumbled Stun/Shock means heart fibrillations and Death Saves.

A typical 16-year old Dragon (50 points, 43 SPs) would have stats like this:


Intimidate +5 Streetwise +4 Awareness/Notice +4 Education & Gen Know +3 Hide/Evade +4 Bilingual (Viet/English) +10 Shadow/Track +4 Melee +5 Brawling +4 Ribbon Whip +5 Stealth +3 Basic Tech +2

Ribbon Whip is a specialty Melee skill good only for combat with that weapon. Unskilled users can attempt to use a Ribbon Whip at half their listed Melee skill, with failures resulting in damage rolls, and fumbles indicating that the inept idiot takes full damage.

They typically wear hightops, leather jackets, dark dress shirts, and loose pants in deep blues, purples, greens, and reds, gathered at the ankles. Credsticks with 1d10 x 100 euro, misc. jewelry, sometimes even (idiotically) wallets with personal ID and SIN card.

(Dragon concept from the book Nature’s End, by Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka. The Brighter Suns Zap Glove is taken from Walter Jon Williams’ Voice of the Whirlwind.)

Please have a look at Ocelot’s Gang Creation Chart on how to create even more gangs.

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