PROGRAMMING 103: Might makes right

Might makes right

CLASS: Anti-Personnel COST: 6,750eb
FUNCTION(S): Anti-Personnel
OPTION(S): Superrealistic Icon
COST MULTIPLIER: x25 (Anti-Personnel x25)
ICON: The Icon can vary depending upon the netrunner’s taste, but will always represent a pistol from the induction of such a weapon until the present (CP2020) time.
DATA: Does 1d6 points of neural damage. This program will hold from eight to eighteen charges (dependent upon the icon you choose) before it has to be reloaded. One shot will be fired with each pull of the trigger; therefore, doing damage for each bullet.
Submachine Gun
CLASS: Anti-Personnel COST: 7,000eb
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Cyberpunk Cities for Sim City

Sim City Societies is available since November 2007, so these may not be really “new” news. BUT I didn’t spot an entry on this subject here, and I think at least mentioning this game is a “must” on any Cyberpunk page.

[youtube w-sJpjEhyPw]

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Electronic Tattoos

I’ve talked about tattoos here before, namely on DNA Tattoos and a Genetic Hallmark. That stuff is far future at the moment compared to the electronic tattoo in the vid. Don’t know how much of the vid is fake, but its supposed to be a touch sensitive electronic tattoo. Check out the great and creepy music.

[youtube fW0BZsOcZZE]

So high you can touch the sky

I don’t know if I’d want to live in a building shaped like a very rude object, but I lack the necessary pocket money of 750,000 to 15 million US$ for an appartment in the 2,000 feet high Chicago Spire anyway.

Anyway, the Chicago Spire gives a good impression of likely designs for upcoming “arcologies”. The term may be dead – the idea behind it certainly isn’t. On, this may even develop into a new category of Cyberpunk architecture, as many Cyberpunk adventures are deeply influenced by location (just imagine flying to one of the upper floors with an AV and trying to break in from the outside (better use your LUCK stat!)).

If you have found more stunning concepts or realized projects, let us know.

PROGRAMMING 102: Return of the Professional Soldier

PROGRAMMING 102: Return of the Professional Soldier

CLASS: Anti-Compiler COST: 1,400eb
STRENGTH: 4 against compilers; 2 against other programs MU: 5
FUNCTION(S): Anti-Compiler
OPTIONS: Invisibility; Endurance; Superrealistic ICON
COST MULTIPLIER: x4 (Anti-Compiler x4)
ICON: A medium-built male dressed in a black ninja uniform with a ninja-to slung over his shoulder.
DATA: Like a thief in the night, it enters your cyberdeck, and kills your compiler programs and leaves. If there are no compilers in your deck, it assaults all other programs. It moves invisibly and doesn’t give up until its recalled or deleted.
CLASS: Anti-Compiler COST: 1,360eb
STRENGTH: 6 against compilers; 3 against other programs MU: 5
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For your Cyb3rpunk inspiration

Cyb3rpunk is an all-new setting idea for Cyberpunk that you can find here on but that (unfortunately) hasn’t been translated into English (yet).

Cyb3rpunk takes the timeline and events offered in the Stormfront books and CyberGeneration (and Hardwired, too) and combines elements from all three with an “updated dystopian future projection” from our current point-of-view (abandoning the classic “Eighties” attitude in CP2020). The game is placed somewhere in 2035+.

Anyway, for all gamemasters playing “revamped”/reloaded CP2020 games, here’s an inspiration on what future cars may look like.

[youtube Tev-ckUnqIw]

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Cyb3rpunk | Leben und sterben in 2035+

2035 ist eine Zeit des abklingenden Chaos. Der Wandel der letzten Jahre hat dabei einige Phänomene und neue Klassen hervorgebracht, die hier kurz erläutert werden sollen.

■ Feeling. Nach einer Ära des Wandels und der damit einhergehenden Angst, ist das Bedürfnis nach Ruhe, Ordnung und Führung zum wichtigsten Aspekt öffentlichen Denkens und Handelns geworden. Nachdem die demokratische Ordnung sich als unfähig erwiesen hat, die Bevölkerung vor Technoschock, Carbonseuche, Konzernkrieg, Cyber-Irren und Gang-Gewalt zu schützen, hat die Bevölkerung die Umkehr des amerikanischen Rechtssystems und der Weltordnung weitgehend willens über sich ergehen lassen.

■ Highrider. Das sind die erwachsen gewordenen Kinder jener Arbeiter, die – meist Continue reading “Cyb3rpunk | Leben und sterben in 2035+”

Cyb3rpunk | Fast Forward

■ Das also ist die Gegenwart. Fünfzehn+ Jahre nach 2020, dem Punkt in der Geschichte, den man als Höhepunkt – und Wendepunkt – der Cyberpunk Bewegung betrachten kann. Der Punkt, an dem es abwärts ging. Abwärts mit der Welt. Abwärts mit den Punks. Abwärts mit der alten Edge. Nicht, dass wir uns missverstehen: Die Welt war auch schon 2020 am Arsch. Und trotz allem damaligen Gejammere hätte niemand bestritten, dass es der Welt insgesamt weit besser ging als zu Zeiten des Großen Zusammenbruchs, der Atomschmelze im Nahen Osten oder den Jahren davor, als die naive Welt dachte, vereinzelte Terroranschläge und ein paar Wirbelstürme mehr im Jahr seien ihre größten Probleme.

■ Technoshock. Bis in die Cyber20ies hinein fand eine Kulturrevolution nie Continue reading “Cyb3rpunk | Fast Forward”

Even more Hello Kitty Guns

Outfit yourself with a Hello Kitty Brand pistol!

If you dug the Hello Kitty Assault Rifle, you will love these guns:

The Hello Kitty pistol is there!

or you might prefer:

I found both images on Hello Kitty Hell and its debatable if the pictures are of modified real guns, airsoft pistols or just the work of some good humored photoshop artist. Anyway, no cute cyberpunk girl will be seen without one, promise.

If you are looking for a real “cute gun”, check this out. Its claimed to be real.

Please also look at my other “Hello Kitty Guns”-posts:

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Neue deutsche Cyberpunk Ausgabe!

Nach Jahren des Wartens und der Ankündigungen ist die neue deutsche Cyberpunk-Ausgabe vom Verlag Games-In nun beim Drucker und wird demnächstigstens erscheinen!

Link zur Cyberpunk-Seite