Cyberpunk Cities for Sim City

Sim City Societies is available since November 2007, so these may not be really “new” news. BUT I didn’t spot an entry on this subject here, and I think at least mentioning this game is a “must” on any Cyberpunk page.

[youtube w-sJpjEhyPw]

[youtube uSUV7xdbyoA]

Personally, I use Sim City as a gaming aid for my Cyberpunk games. Just google your way through uncounted pix of almost every kind of urban setting, and you have an instant visualization for your players (also, the “isometric” view of older Sim City versions is great for designing old-school “Dataterm”-style handouts).

Plus, you can develop your very own Cyberpunk city (= section of Night City) in Sim City and use the various camera tools to give your players an impression of their very own neighborhood.