Cyberpunk Cities for Sim City

Sim City Societies is available since November 2007, so these may not be really “new” news. BUT I didn’t spot an entry on this subject here, and I think at least mentioning this game is a “must” on any Cyberpunk page.

[youtube w-sJpjEhyPw]

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So high you can touch the sky

I don’t know if I’d want to live in a building shaped like a very rude object, but I lack the necessary pocket money of 750,000 to 15 million US$ for an appartment in the 2,000 feet high Chicago Spire anyway.

Anyway, the Chicago Spire gives a good impression of likely designs for upcoming “arcologies”. The term may be dead – the idea behind it certainly isn’t. On, this may even develop into a new category of Cyberpunk architecture, as many Cyberpunk adventures are deeply influenced by location (just imagine flying to one of the upper floors with an AV and trying to break in from the outside (better use your LUCK stat!)).

If you have found more stunning concepts or realized projects, let us know.