Corporate Fashion from Mutant Chronicles converted to Cyberpunk 2020

Corporate Fashion from Mutant Chronicles converted to Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Mockery

If you’re a corporate in Cyberpunk 2020, it seems as though your only clothing options are the generic “Businesswear” Fashion Modifier in the CP2020 rulebook, p. 68, or the more expensive “Tanaka Exec Line” from Chromebook 1, p. 63. Hell, even the techies have the “Masetto Tech Clothing” line (Chromebook 3, p. 7-9), so why should you be stuck with discount duds from the Men’s Fashion Warehouse?

So, I present these clothing conversions from Mutant Chronicles. I’m of two minds about Mutant Chronicles: on the one hand, it comes from the makers of Kult, one of the freakiest horror games I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. On the other hand, it subscribes to the “big guns-bigger shoulderpads” mentality present in Warhammer 40K. Expecting nothing more than man-portable chainguns, I was quite surprised to find this little gem of corporate fashion nestled in between the mega-rifles and electrified claymores.

Because their scope and world-spanning power are very similar to those found in SLA Industries, I’m not going to detail the various corporations listed below. To use these suits, you don’t really need to know any more about them than is given below, so I’d advise you to take a look at the original sourcebook if you’d like to incorporate the full corporations into your own CP2020 game.

When you feel like you need more than an Arasaka JetSetter Executive Briefcase (CB2, p. 21), and Armored Stockings (CB2, p. 28) to round out your ensemble, try some of these fine clothiers and backstab with style.


Knowing how to dress properly in the world of high society and finance is just as important to the freelancer as it is to the corporate climbing executive. Following is a short guide presented by Cartel Fashion Consultant Johnathan Cordinger.

BAUHAUS (4000eb)

“The Bauhaus suit is definitely the most daring outfit you can have in the corporate world. Fabrics, colors, and designs all send the message of self-confidence, wealth, and social standing. The high price tag makes these suits common among media and movie stars, and are therefore considered very chic among corporate officials and eager young officials.”

Bauhaus suits have narrow lapels and a rounded cut to the sleeve, and the jackets are longer than those of other corporations. Suits come with more color and variety than any other brand. Dark tones of green and blue are the most common. Vests of contrasting color and bold patterns complete the apparel.

Bauhaus shirts come with the rounded collars and are always made from delicate fabrics. The ties come in a wide selection, with striking patterns. The use of Bauhaus ties with Capitol suits is common for those who can only afford the tie and want to make an attempt at a statement.

Bauhaus Pricing: Jacket 1000eb, Vest 700eb, Pants 900eb, Shirt 400eb, Tie 300eb.


“Cybertronic … favors what is known as the “chic chip,” which, because of their starkness and utility, have found a niche among the anti-statement art and media crowd.”

The Cybertronic suit is a fusion between a uniform, work outfit, and ordinary suit. The lapels are only a straight strip of contrasting fabric, with buttons to one side, giving it a very stern, militaristic look. Colors are limited to dark gray and black.

The Cybertronic shirt is white with a thin line for a collar. Ties are not recommended.

Cybertronic Pricing: Jacket 600eb, Pants 500eb, Shirt 200eb.

CAPITOL (400eb)


“The Capitol suit comes in a number of styles and grades. This is the classic suit for the common man and is accessible in all price ranges. As it is so common, it is also the standard outfit for many security lines.”

Capitol suits are straight and always worn with a vest of the same fabric. Colors vary, but usually blues and grays are common, some with pinstripes. Many people cut the tag out of a Capitol suit and try to pass it off as a more expensive brand — no upstart executive would be caught dead in a cheap Capitol suit.

Shirts are exclusively button-down collars in white or light colors, some with stripes. Ties are usually abstract patterns that go subtly with the suit.

Capitol Pricing: Jacket 100eb, Pants 90eb, Shirt 75eb, Tie 50eb.

IMPERIAL (3000eb)

“Imperial suits are considered very classy, and, like the Bauhaus, very expensive. However, Imperial ensures that most of their own employees wear an Imperial suit by offering discounts to workers through their corporate stores.”

Imperial suits are double breasted, three buttoned, and range in color from dark green to black. The fabric is treated to ensure a flat, matte look, and wears exceptionally well.

The Imperial shirt is plain, straight, and white. The ties are often a solid color with small decorative patterns. These patterns are made to order and are frequently the symbol or logo of a regiment, university, academy, or corporation.

Imperial Pricing: Jacket 800eb, Pants 700eb, Shirt 400eb, Tie 400eb.

MISHIMA (10,000eb)

“These suits are similar to the Cybertronic line, but are most commonly found in basic black. The Mishima suit is unique and very formal, and is usually only worn by CEOs and diplomats.”

The Mishima jacket has the lapels of a dinner jacket, always in dark gray shades, with a buttonless (concealed) vest in either black or gray.

Mishima shirts are similar to white tuxedo shirts, with a wide tie, either solid or striped in red or black.

Mishima Pricing: Jacket 3000eb, Vest 1000eb, Pants 1500eb, Shirt 1000eb, Tie 500eb.

[Mockery’s Note: You can assume that female fashions are essentially “power suit,” feminized versions of these; it’s a shame, but it seems like nobody ever bothers to figure out what the female executive would wear!]

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