Redefining the Media Role in Cyberpunk 2020

While fiddling with the finetuning of the new page, I was wondering how blogging and other new ways to publish stuff would affect playing a Cyberpunk Media today.

Media was never a really popular choice in our games, because you were dependend on an publisher. You needed the space in a screamsheet or some time on the telly to tell your truth to the public . But it was usually rather hard to pass some dirty truth past the eyes of an editor-in-chief, especially if you wanted to go life nationwide.

But now there is blogging. During the G8-Summit german bloggers showed that they could transport news faster then classic media and correct errors the big networks made. This replaces newspapers. Podcasting replaces the radio. Now Indiskretion Ehrensache (a german blog) showed us that you can even do your own television show on the internet, without big money or an editor behind you.

So the Media has three ways to bring his message across: Continue reading “Redefining the Media Role in Cyberpunk 2020”

TRINITY – A Cyberpunk 2020 Church and Corporation


Author: Gary Astleford

“What’s Trinity? Combine the worst of all the evil televangelist ministries on the planet (estimated net worth on the order of billions), throw in a dash of cutthroat corporate ethics (extraction teams who work for the Lord), mix in Valley Bible Death Camps and razorwire towers, a cruciform data fortress staffed by pro-level born-again netrunners, and you’re starting to hear the word of Jesus Christ. Can you say Amen, brother?”
— Jody Morris, aka Virtue


Trinity originally started out as an enemy in an old campaign I ran based on Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime. After that, it became a very vague, yet compelling, presence in my Cyberpunk universe. I’d dismissed it for several years, not thinking anything more of it until the Coke Madness game, which happened sometime in mid-1994.

Most of my ideas for Trinity came from events in the news, including Jim Baker and the PTL. Lots of evangelical types added to my brainstorming. I mean, here you’ve got this completely screwed up society. Modern (ie, 90’s) Christians are thinking that it’s so bad now, the Rapture is coming any day. So what do these people do when things get worse? They can either turn away from faith, or they can grab onto it tighter, like a drowning man on one of those floating hot dogs. Continue reading “TRINITY – A Cyberpunk 2020 Church and Corporation”

Tokyo Streetnight Game – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure


a scenario (and extra) for Cyberpunk 2020 by Kristian de Valle (

[In the words of the author, “raw notes and the shambling semblance of a semi-long scenario.” Unpolished and straight from the factory, it is presented here in the hopes it may spark some ideas in fellow GM’s. At the bottom is A MacGuffin Called Agrippa, something more in tune with what you might consider a traditional scenario.]
Start simple. An event to kick everything off. A massive rave. Gotta bone up on my drugs. New Years Eve, 2022. The warehouse rave to beat all warehouse raves. Lights, lasers, neon, smoke, nitrous oxide, recreational drugs, scantily clad lads and ladies, smart drinks and killer drinks and love potions.
So what happens at the Rave? Who dies? Who lives? Who gets drugs planted on them? Who gets influenced by drugs? Have to check the motivations and climate of the underground Tokyo scene. Continue reading “Tokyo Streetnight Game – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”