Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Author: Colin Smith (no link, his site is gone)

The following is an alphabetical list of all of the zaibatsu, governmental, and religious organizations, as well as smaller companies and brand names, mentioned in William Gibson’s “Sprawl Stories.” Hope this is useful to all :)

Air Maroc
Akihabara Business Modules
Ashai Shimbun Daily
Bass Ale
Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) Automotive [Karsten’s Note: “Bayrische Motorenwerke”]
Beautiful Girl Cafes
Bell Europa
Big Ginza Freeze-Dried Soups
Borg-Ward Cargo Drone Airships
Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis (BAMA) Rapid Deployment
BAMA Transit
Brockris Systems GmbH
BuyLow Supermarkets
Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)
Carribbana Orbital
Carlsberg Breweries
Cathode Cathay
Christian Scientists
Citroen Automotive
Coca Cola
Copenhagen Snuff
Corona Beer
Dallas-Fort Worth Sunbelt Co-Prosperity Sphere
Devicq Fashions
Dornier-Fujitsu Automotive/Aerospace
Dunhill Lighters
Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority
Elle Magazine
Eurotrans Freight Carriers
Evian Water
Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Belgium Firearms
Fokker Automotive/Aerospace
Fuji Electric Company
Fujiwara High Explosive (HE) Flechettes
Gauloise Cigarettes
Gitanes Cigarettes
Greyhound Buslines
Gucci Fine Watches & Accessories
Harrod’s of London
Hermes Fashions
Hilton Hotels
Holiday Inn
Honda Automotive/Aerospace
Hyatt Hotels
Intercontinental Hotels
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
International Business Machines (IBM)
International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT)
Japan Air Lines (JAL)
Jaguar Automotive
Johnny Walker Scotch
Juliana Group
Kentucky Fried Chicken
L.L. Bean Clothiers
Lando-Acheson Lighting
Learjet Aerospace
Liberty Appareal
London Stock Exchange (LSE)
Lufthansa Airlines
Maas Biolabs GmbH
Mercedes-Benz Automotive
Michelin Guides
Mitsubishi Bank of America
Moskovskaya Vodka
Nakamura Swimwear
Nambu Firearms
Nederlands Algemee Bank
New York Police Department (NYPD) Tactical
New York Public Library
Partagas Cigarettes
Porsche Sunglasses
Radio Shack
Reinhold Scientific AG
Saint James Club
Sally Stanley Womens Clothes
Sanyo Spacesuits
Savage Firearms
Skoda Motors
Smith and Wesson Firearms
Sons of Christ the King
Sons of the Neon Chrysanthemum
Steiner-Optic Lasers
Suzuki Automotive
Tessier-Ashpool S.A.
Tiffany Crystal
Turing Registry
Turk-Tuborg Breweries
University of Nice
Volkswagon Automotive
Walther Firearms
Wild Turkey Burbon
Yamaha Motorcycles
Yeheyuan Cigarettes/Beijing Cigarette Factory
Zeiss Ikon Optics

Before anybody flames on some of these, I do have to admit that some of these are taken from the non-Sprawl stories printed in the collection “Burning Chrome.”

Some of the things that these zaibatsu are involved in are obvious from the stories. Others are not. I have fleshed out the descriptions more in this version to take care of some of the problems. Anybody wanting to spend the time to fill in the rest, please be my guest, just send me a copy of whatever you come up with.

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