MultiComp Productions – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation

MultiComp Productions

Author: unknown

Headquarters: Brussels, BelgiumRegional Offices: New York, NY; Night City, NorCal; Los Angeles, SoCal; Seattle, WA; Madrid, Spain

Troops: 1200; Total Employees: 95,000; Covert Operatives: 1000

Resources: 5 Private Jets, 5 AV-6’s, 4 Passenger Helicopters, about 150 ground vehicles of various styles.

Symbol: An assasin’s dagger through the letters MCP


MCP began in the minds of two corperate spies, Johnathan Finch and Micheal Montgomery. During the First Corperate War, these two men were partners in the game of corperate espionage. They were freelance operatives who would secretly sell their services to those who could afford it. Not once did they fail to come through on a contract.After 2 years of this sort of work, the two men became tired of spying (became too risky), they decided to retire. But not before one last job.

They thought this one would set them up for life. Not only did this job earn them a lot of money, but it also was the turning point in their lives. Their job was to infiltrate a weapons manufacturing company and steal the plans for a new style of rifle (The company’s name is withheld at the their request). Once they completed the job, they headed for the contact point. However, once they arrived, their employers turned on them and attempted to eliminate any loose ends. This included Finch and Montgomery. This came as no surprise to the two men for in their line of work, betrayal was to be expected. Being well prepared for such an event, Finch and Montgomery eliminated their contact, stole their empoyer’s AV, and escaped before reinforcements arrived.

Now, broke and unemployed, they needed money for new faces and new names. Fast! Looking over their newfound schematics, Montgomery realized that making the weapon in the blueprints would be childs play for him. So scrounging up whatever money they could get their hands on, Montgomery built the rifle and, after testing and tweeking, they sold the weapon on the black market. To their surprise, the weapon sold for an enormous amount of money.

Realizing the potential that their skills in espionage and weaponsmithing combined would have on earning money, they infiltrated a few more businesses and sold finished products based on the stolen blueprints. With this money, they formed MultiComp Productions.


MCP’s main income comes from the production and distribution of weapons based off of stolen blueprints. Much of their resources are used on training corperate spies and using them to gain information on other company’s products.