A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation Guide

C’s Corporation Guide Database

From Neon Twilight, modified by me in way not to violate modern day corps namerights.

Welcome to C’s Corporation Guide Database. In this download you will find our 2019 Year in Review, with notes on which Corporations are to watch, and which are to watch out for! 2019 was an interesting year in the Corp Sector, with IBM director Kurt Muller indicted in the tissue resampling scandal in May of 2019, and Tokyo bad boy Tokei accused of murdering his father, the head of Sentai Cybernetics. But 2019 also showed great developments as House Act 21300 passed through EEC Congress January 4th, and Tax Exemption Disclaimer 81/4 was passed unaminously on the Crystal Palace Lunar Province just this November. We are looking forward to another wonderfully unpredictable new year.
– Carlton Hedgeworth & Yukiko Tanaka, C Magazine Finacial Editors (4/08/20)

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Apollo Gen – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation

Apollo Gen

Author: unknown

Generating Power to Power a Generation

Apollo Gen – Global Power Generation Corporation

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Regional Offices: San Fransisco, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, London, Seol, Johanesburg, Sao Paulo, Brazilia, Mexico City. Branch offices across the Americas and Africa.

Generation Facilities: Solar Stations: 16 Orbital, 2 Mexico, 6 North America (NE/AR), 4 Arabia (US Military Zone). Nuclear Stations: 1 South Africa, 6 North America, 12 South America, 1 Korea, 1 Antartica. OTEC Stations: 2 Indian Ocean, 4 Pacific.

Research Facilities: 2 North America (CA/NY), 3 Arabia (US Military Zone), 1 Pacific.

Name and Location of Major Shareholder: Daniel Joteq, Los Angeles (15.5% owned)

Employees: Worldwide; 1,250,000

Troops; 3,500 Covert; 100

Background: In 2007 when nuclear fusion first became a feasible source of power, Daniel Joteq was financial director for the research group that made the break throughs, a government funded team of top scientists and research technicians. Joteq, seeing the potential for domestic generation and the profits it would engender hired a team of freelance edgerunners, such as there were in those days, and, giving them security codes and facility blueprints had them steal the technical details of the research, stored in a single hard drive in the research dome. Continue reading “Apollo Gen – A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation”

Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Author: Colin Smith (no link, his site is gone)

The following is an alphabetical list of all of the zaibatsu, governmental, and religious organizations, as well as smaller companies and brand names, mentioned in William Gibson’s “Sprawl Stories.” Hope this is useful to all :) Continue reading “Zaibatsu List Version 1.1”

Night City Personalized – Cyberpunk 2020 Names 'n Places

Night City Personalized

Author: Various
This is a collection of names and ideas to personalize your Night City and might not be compatible with the Cyberpunk 2020 Night City Sourcebook. On the other hand, if you need a new club to spring up or a random Datafortress, this might be helpful.

Leave the name of your favorite hangout / shop / hole in the ground in a comment, if you like. I would appreciate it! Continue reading “Night City Personalized – Cyberpunk 2020 Names 'n Places”

d100 List of random Cyberpunk 2020 Corporations

Corporation List

Taken from Jose Zagal’s site (no link, site long dead)

The following is a list of 100 Corporations which I use in my game. I picked (well looked for…exhaustively…) 100 corporations just so that I could have a round number on which to roll on. I’ve tried to include all the corporations from all the books I own, however some of you might catch a few which don’t really belong! If you don’t like a corporation on the list just remove it and substitute it with another one. This list is by no means exhaustive, though it tries to be! Continue reading “d100 List of random Cyberpunk 2020 Corporations”

Despair, The Inspiring of – in the dark world of Cyberpunk 2020

Despair, The Inspiring of – in the dark world of Cyberpunk 2020

by Jonathan Bastow (roland@keyway.net)

A lot of you out there may be trying to exert an attitude of vague helplessness over your players and are wondering how to do it. I can’t give you anything perfect, but I have found a few things that help.

  1. Kill people. It doesn’t have to be PC’s either. In my cybergen. campaign there are a number of NPCs that serve as backup PCs and as local color. In one particularly unlucky episode I had two of them killed by bad rolls. The players all realised that had they rolled a ‘1’ on their dodge, they too would be hamburger. Kill people who help the PCs. Have them deliver their helpful tip, and then be found floating face gone in the local canal-equivalent. Then have the news report they died in an aerodyne accident. A good way to handle player death is to keep a small group of NPCs interacting with the characters. When some-one’s PC is killed have them immediately drop into one of the NPCs bodies. This allows you to keep continuity, but make sure they don’t try to turn their new character into their old. Continue reading “Despair, The Inspiring of – in the dark world of Cyberpunk 2020”

The Effects of Availability in Cyberpunk 2020

The Effects of Availability in Cyberpunk 2020

Author: David KNIGHTHAWK Simpson <knighthawk00@hotmail.com>

Cost as Modified by Availability

Simple economics, supply and demand. When the supply is low, and the demand is high, the price goes up. When the supply is high, and the demand is low, the price drops. The closer these get to each other, the closer the price gets to “normal” (book price for gaming purposes). Ever found it weird, maybe even irritating, how players can buy 5 grenades for the price of one good handgun? Anything about that seem wrong to you? It should. Sure they are one shot weapons of destruction, but one grenade can cause more damage than a bullet, and sometimes more than a fully loaded gun. But at only 30 eb a pop, even teeny-boppers could afford these destructive little explosives (taking into account, of course, they can get a hold of a dealer in the first place), and you thought that school shootings were bad. Continue reading “The Effects of Availability in Cyberpunk 2020”

Some Screamsheet Articles

Night City Dataterm System

1) Body Lotto results for the Greater Night City Metro Area
The numbers of the Body Lotto are taken from six random districts within the Night City Greater Metro Area. Numbers are derived from the locations that cadavers are found, not neccessarily form where they were murdered. All numbers are accumulated by the Night City Police Department and verified by the investment firm of Merrill, Asukaga, and Finch. Tonight’s top prize is for 225,000EB. And tonight’s numbers are … 2, 13, 17, 1, 24, 10.
Those people holding a winning ticket are to contact the downtown offices of M.A.&F. If no one claims a winning ticket, tomorrow’s winnings will go up to 250,000EB! Continue reading “Some Screamsheet Articles”

Thirty Questions to define a Cyberpunk 2020 Char

Thirty Questions to define a Cyberpunk 2020 Char

Author: Logan Graves (Logan1@Shore.Intercom.net)
Taken with permission from The Big Knobi Klub.

Player Character Development Sheet

 1. PC's True Name? _____________________ and Street Name? ____________________
 2. PC's present occupation/role? _____________________________________________
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