Night City Personalized – Cyberpunk 2020 Names 'n Places

Night City Personalized

Author: Various
This is a collection of names and ideas to personalize your Night City and might not be compatible with the Cyberpunk 2020 Night City Sourcebook. On the other hand, if you need a new club to spring up or a random Datafortress, this might be helpful.

Leave the name of your favorite hangout / shop / hole in the ground in a comment, if you like. I would appreciate it!


City Center
City Hall
City Justice Hall – CompuJudge
City Museum
City Library
City Bank
World Bank
Tactical Police HQ
Net Watch
ComNet (TelefonDienste)
Stock Exchange
Network 54 TV
Channel 43 TV
Trauma Team Office
City College
Bank of Zürich BoZ
Corp Zone
Fuji Electrics (Elektronic)
Hitache Biotech
Maas Biolabs
Ono Sendei Computer
Sense/Net (Skill Chips)

Commercial Sector

Department Stores: West Tower: Grandmill’s
Computer Hersteller: Yamamitsu, Vobis, Moriyama, Ninja, Apple, IBM
Software Techsoft: Inc.
Hotels: Hilton, Plaza
Computer retailers: Vobis, McMillers Hardware, CompuTek, Softlink, Linkhunter, Link to Perfection (Skillchips)
Rama 1000 – This store got everything from guns to wire, some larger stores even sell cars. Well as they say: “it aint quality its quantity”1



Club Matrix (net) Membership required. there is a test you have to pass first. Elite-Netrunner
Gentleman Loser (Net) Netrunner
DepthCharge (Net) Netrunner
Short Circuit Netrunner/Tech
The Beat – DanceClub
Rock Caf�© 50er Style Rocker
Illusion – Disco
Erotica – Night club – expensive
Phantasia – Night Club
Neon Cocktail Bar – Fixer & thieves
Autofire – Solo Club
Hot Whells – Normads
BodyCount – food and fight
The Slammer – Boosergangs
Killroys – Boostergangs
Anarchy -in the territory of the Anachy Gang
Braindance – Mafia Club
HitSquad – Cop Hang Out
Hard Time – Guardian Gangs: “Law and Order” “The Veterans”
Phantasy – Free Sex Union
Hara Kiri Sushi Bar
Harry’s Bistro – always open, secure
TechNoir – 80th Disko
Wing Chang – business treff. corps eat and get rich here
Dark Town – A Club for Hackers, Dealers, Solos and other edgerunners.1
The Blue Light – Set up in an old police station in Little Ireland. Cops only. Weapons are to be checked in. Every midnight a hugh ship bell is rung once for every Cop who died day followed by a minute of silence… DonÃ?´t even try to go there without a badge, Chombata.2


McDonalds, Burger King, La Baguette, Peppino’s Pizza, Acropolis


Cheapo – Coffin 20eb/night
Rickys – small rooms 60eb
Sky Hotel’s – Very fine rooms from 1200-9000 eb for each night.1


Patch up boys PUB
Hilton Memorial Hospital – A general but large PUB. Hospital1

Computer retailer

HotStuff (net)
Dan’s Warez (Net)
ICEcrack (Net)

Gun Shops

Military Shop
20th Weapons


Fast Cash
Nick’s Pawn Shop – Pawn Shop
Rock Channel – Pirate Radio

Thanks to:

1) Lumin for some new locations!
2) Mohammed Hadschibulla production of a RATMAN infiltrating mission

4 thoughts on “Night City Personalized – Cyberpunk 2020 Names 'n Places”

  1. >>Gentleman Loser (Net) Netrunner<<
    “C’mon geek, I’ve got something for ya!”

    Hehe… Fond memories from the Neuromancer computer-game. (Can’t recall if Gentlemans Loser has existed in the actual Sprawl trilogy…)

  2. No intersting names in my games… Unless you’re interested in lame running gag names as Jack the Kipper to crap the list ;)

    But to add a bit of value to this comment: “BepthCharge” seems to include a typo – at least, _I_ don’t know what a “Bepth” is supposed to be. _D_epthCharge would make more sense and was also the name of a IC-breaker in the Neuromancer computer game (where many of the names in this article seem to come from, so I’d consider this as correct).

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