Glossar für Cyberpunk 2020

Glossar für Cyberpunk 2020

Autor: Karsten Voigt <>

mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Rene Wilhelm <>

Nicht jeder hat das englische Sourcebook, und einige der Abkürzungen auf dieser Seite sind nur dort erläutert. Rene Wilhelm war so freundlich, alle Begriffe zusammenzutragen, die der Erläuterung bedürfen. Wenn du noch andere Begriffe findest, die übersetzt oder erläutert werden sollten, hinterlasse doch einen Kommentar. Continue reading “Glossar für Cyberpunk 2020”

The Gaslamp District

The Gaslamp District

a new section of Night City by Gary Astleford (


The Gaslamp District was pieced together before the collapse by residents searching for the quaint history of other nearby cities. Older, decaying buildings were renovated and streetlights were replaced with working gaslamps (hence the name). After the collapse, the buildings fell into decay again. The area’s proximity to the Combat Zone lead to several turf wars between rival gangs. Continue reading “The Gaslamp District”



Name: LA METROPLEX (a.k.a.: San-Angeles Metroplex)Population: 750,000,000

Businesses: Moderate to Heavy Industry, Entertainment, Trade, Computers, Electronics, Tourism, Chemical Production

Background: The San-Angeles Metroplex (LA Metroplex. called the Plex’ by ones who live in it) is a large city located on the west coast of what remains of the U.S. This Mega-City sprawls from the Santa Barbara area (which now is a suburb of the Metroplex) to the border of Mexico and as far east as what remains of San Bernardino. What is left of Old Orange County is now the site of the Happy Kingdom which features the largest amusement park in the world. The only section of the Metroplex that is near uninhabited is a length of land between the Happy Kingdom and San Diego known as the San Onofre stretch. San Diego is the current capital of the SoCal free state. Continue reading “THE LA METROPLEX”

Ocelot's Gang Creation Chart


by Gary Astleford (

The article is a set of tables that allows you to create quickly some cool and individual gangs for the use in Cyberpunk 2020. Its tells you how big the gang is, what the focus, equipment and power of the gang is going to be.

You may roll the same gang type twice. This means that the gang in question is very narrow in its goals and its means of achieving them. This isn’t a bad thing at all, and it does nothing to make the gang more or less exciting, depending on how the GM interprets his results.

There is, however, a special case. If “Puppet Gang” is rolled, make a note of the result and roll on the chart twice more. The following two rolls indicate the Puppet Gang’s front – the type of gang people perceive them to be. If either of the two rolls result in “Puppet Gang” again, then it is common knowledge that the gang is, in fact, corporate owned and operated.

Note that not all gangs are evil, nasty, antisocial, and violent. Some are merely driven to such a course by outside influence and the pressure of the street. In addition, not all gangs are brought together because of poverty and lack of parental attentions. Imagine a gang made up of spoiled rich kids who douse vagrants with lighter fluid and set them on fire. Sound familiar? Continue reading “Ocelot's Gang Creation Chart”