Some Screamsheet Articles

Night City Dataterm System

1) Body Lotto results for the Greater Night City Metro Area
The numbers of the Body Lotto are taken from six random districts within the Night City Greater Metro Area. Numbers are derived from the locations that cadavers are found, not neccessarily form where they were murdered. All numbers are accumulated by the Night City Police Department and verified by the investment firm of Merrill, Asukaga, and Finch. Tonight’s top prize is for 225,000EB. And tonight’s numbers are … 2, 13, 17, 1, 24, 10.
Those people holding a winning ticket are to contact the downtown offices of M.A.&F. If no one claims a winning ticket, tomorrow’s winnings will go up to 250,000EB!

2) Top Stories
DMS signs top Euro Brain-Dance star in exclusive contract!
In a stunning revelation, DMS announced today that they signed top Euro brain-dance sensation Johnny Ludmiller to an exclusive contract for 6 brain-dances! DMS spokesperson, Howard Horace stated that Ludmiller’s first brain-dance will be a remake of the 1970’s cult hit “The Rocky Horror Movie Massacre.” Horace also flatly denied Network 54’s claim that they blackmailed Ludmiller into accepting this contract stating, “We have never put potential stars under surveillance and we certainly have no tapes of Ludmiller and his mistress in Monaco.”
In a press statement, Ludmiller said that he was “looking forward to his new relationship with DMS producers.”

3) Gangs and Gang Activites
Sandorf Hotel leveled in mysterious explosion!
Today, the Sandorf Hotel was mysteriously demolished in an explosion that damaged several nearby buildings. The realtor listed as the possessor of the property, William Joesph Roberts III, stated in an interview that his company had recently sold the property to an “unidentified party for an undisclosed amount of money.” The district surrounding the Sandorf Hotel is a nexus of gang violence, with the feared Slaughterhouse residing in an adjacent building. Reporter Bes Isis, in her award-winning documentary of the 2nd Street Massacre, commented that “the civic authorities don’t care … this district isn’t a source of heavy income for the city … and that leaves the citizens and shopkeepers” to fight the gangs.
In an related story, Midnite Arms spokesperson Morgan Walker announced earlier today that the Midnite Arms company was looking at making several large real estate purchases in the Northside District with the stated intention of contributing to the ongoing effort of urban gentification.

4) Sports!
NCHL announces Night City expansion hockey team!
The National Combat Hockey League (NCHL) in a surprise press conference that Night City will be home to one of four new expansion teams! Pat Becktell, the NCHL commissioner, was quoted as saying “that combat hockey is on the constant search for new blood … er … talent.”
In a joint conference, Night City billionarie William Holdecastle, said that the expansion team, the Night City Chromers, was his gift to Night City. Holdecastle, a self-made billionarie, recently relocated from his home in England to the Westbrook district of Night City. Holdecastle also stated that the arena that the Chromers will play home games at is also his gift to the city.
More on this ground-breaking story as it develops!

5) Public Interest
Mix-up at the Plastic Surgeons!
An unindentifed 80 year-old woman in Seattle discovered to her horror that the routine plastic surgery she was scheduled for was mixed up with a 25 year-old woman’s request to become a Playbeing. Biotechnica refused to comment about the mistake, stating that they were not responsible for clerical errors in hospitals. When the press contacted the elderly woman’s HMO, Golden Ages Health, they stated that since the Playbeing surgery isn’t covered under their HMO policy, neither is removal of the Playbeing package.
The 25 year-old female is reported to have been disappointed that she received the wrong procedure, but was “happy with the reconstructive work.” The 80 year-old female could not been contacted for a statement.