Muscle and bone lace

Everybody has it, it gives you +2 on BODY, next to no humanity cost and probably works well against back pain, too. Almost to good to be true, right?

No: Via Trigram I found a report on nanotech. The researchers are close to finding a very similar stuff, usable for Muscle&Bone Lace as well as the much more cyborg-style hardness-improved bones.

Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020

Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Hound

Taken with permission from The Blackhammer CyberPunk Project

These weapon modifications have been compiled from various sourcebooks as well as a collection of items we’ve thrown in from our own games and experiences. Also I’ve dug up a few items from other games and converted them for use in CyberPunk. Acht! Gun Nuts We Are!

For Polymer One Shots (your game master will decide what exact weapons fit this description), most of these modifications are impossible, or if they can be done assume the weapon’s base cost is 500eb instead of the list price (for such things as reliability improvement, autofire, etc) because of the amount of extra work required to re-tool a polymer. In any case, any weapon modification that costs a multiple of the base cost of a gun must assume a base price of 300eb if the actual gun is cheaper than 300eb. This is to prevent people from turning their Astra Style 6 into a BEAST OF WARTM

Beast Of War . PST . +0 . P . E . 10mm . 6 . 2/20 . VR . 50m . 226.95eb

Custom Grips (30%), Electrothermic (150%), Folding Stock (20%), Gas Vent (30%), Heat-Resistant Barrel (50%), Heavy Bolt (15%), +2 WA (200%), Printless Finish (200%), VR (150%), 10mm, -1 WA, -1 REL (40%), Selective Fire (200%) = +1085% of base cost = 226.95eb

25mm Grenade Attachment

This pistol attachment goes on the end of the barrel and allows the pistol to fire special 25mm pistol grenades from Chrome Book 1 using a bullet-trap mechanism. $200. Continue reading “Accessorizing Your Toy in Cyberpunk 2020”

Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

compiled and edited by Dan Bailey
[and then Karsten deleted all the stuff now found in Chromebook 4. The full version used to be at Dan Baileys Webpage. It seems to be down, so I am rather happy to be able to provide you with a copy. Dan’s a hero!
Please check Credits section of this page.]


Information Overload — A psychological condition, characterized by a dazed sort of catatonia, that occurs when the human brain attempts to assimilate too much information at one time.


Net Stuff
Powered Armor
Powered Armour Gear
‘Punkers Guide to the MSP Metroplex
New Skills
Credits Continue reading “Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book”

Cyberpunk Tech 1

Heise berichtet hier über einen Roboter der uns nicht unbekannten Firma Taser, der völlig ohne menschliches Einwirken auf Menschen schießt.

Noch sind die Projektile nicht-tödlich, aber die Schwelle, dass Maschinen auf Menschen schießen ist gefallen. Sobald sich die Systeme als zuverlässig erweisen, wird es auch Roboter geben, die tödliche Waffen einsetzen.

Taser sind übrigens nur im technischen Sinn nicht-tödlich. Ähnlich wie bügelfreie Hemden nicht wirklich bügelfrei sind (sondern nur leichter zu bügeln), ist ein Taser für ein Opfer mit Herzschrittmacher oder schwacher Konstitution durchaus tödlich. Und für alle anderen extrem schmerzhaft, bei bleibenden Verletzungen und Verbrennungen.