Wie konnte mir die nie auffallen?

Alex Henkel hat unter http://cyberpunk.alex-henkel.de/ eine wirklich gelungene Cyberpunkseite im Netz stehen. Okay, klar, seit Anfang 2005 nicht mehr aktualisiert, aber es gibt einige einfallsreiche Cyberwareentwicklungen, eine Gang (okay, wer braucht noch einmal eine rein weibliche Gang mit Knarren? Aber das Zeug stammt aus 2004, als das noch cool war. Very retro.) und brauchbare NPCs. Spannend sind die Netrunning-Optionen, inklusiver zusätzlicher Modifikatoren für Eigenprogrammierungen (hier und hier) sowie einer ganzen Menge neuer Software. Alex spielt offenbar ganz klassisch mit Netzplan und allem.

Zu den Programmieroptionen lohnt sich vielleicht auch ein Blick auf diesen Beitrag auf meiner Seite, sie sind kompatibel.



In “Mona Lisa Overdrive”, William Gibson’s second novel, Kumiko has a AI travel guide that simply rocks. Here are rules to create one for your cyberpunk 2020 game. But beware – it doesn’t really fit the average tech level of the cyberpunk 2020 universe.

Author: Syberman
Taken from Datafortress 2020.

“The ghost awoke to Kumiko’s touch as they began their descent into Heathrow. The fifty-first generation of Maas-Neotek biochips conjured up an indistinct figure on the seat beside her, a boy out of some faded hunting print, legs crossed casually in tan breeches and riding boots. ‘Hullo,’ the ghost said.”

[ Mona Lisa Overdrive ]


The origins of the first artificial intelligence guide is unclear, the event was never recorded in the history books. In an unknown lab, in an unknown country, the first biosoft was developed, a device capable of storing hundreds of memory units. The technology was in its embryonic stage when the designer Janice Grubb first became interested in its applications. Since the creation of the I.G Algorithm in 2014 she had become increasingly worried about cyberspace and transcendental sentience. If her theories were correct she had not only created life, but trapped that same life in the endless bounds of cyberspace. The biosoft technology was the answer to her conundrum, how to free, that which could not be freed. It’s unclear how her Internet paymasters reacted to her idea’s on the future of cyberspace, what is clear, is that Grubb allowed herself to be extracted to the Maas Corporation. Continue reading “MAAS-NEOTEK GUIDES”

Chipware Loosely Based on GURPS Cyberpunk

Chipware Loosely Based on GURPS Cyberpunk

This article contains chipware (can be used with Interface plugs or a chiprack).

Author: unknown.
Presented for your approval, some variant chipware inspired by the chipware in GURPS Cyberpunk, with a dash of Ocelot’s Discount Cyber Shop thrown in for spice.

Zap Chips (Discount Chips, price varies)

A “zap” chip is an APTR or MRAM chip with a defect, usually containing one key error which causes failures during certain circumstances. Sometimes a chip with a known problem can be found at a discount (“It’s Drive +3, red-hot, but it’s got a little bug. Stay off the freeway and you’ll be fine.”). Zap chips are priced between 1/2 and 1/4 of normal chip costs. Disadvantages of a zap chip are up to the GM, but here are some suggestions: the chip fails to work in combat (“Some kind of adrenaline interference,” mutters the tech), every 1d10th skill check is automatically a fumble, the chip can never provide critical successes, the chip causes seizures on a roll of 1 on a d10 every time it is inserted, the chip causes other neuralware to fail, etc. Continue reading “Chipware Loosely Based on GURPS Cyberpunk”

Advertising Chipware in Cyberpunk 2020



“Promises, large promises, is the soul of advertising… I cannot but propose it as a moral question to these masters of the public ear, whether they do not sometimes play too wantonly with our passions.”
– Samuel Johnson

All advertising, whether it lies in the field of business or politics, will carry success by continuity and regular uniformity of application.”
– Adolf Hitler



We all love it. We all use it. It’s a way of life, neh? Learn Japanese without taking a single class. Shoot that IMI like a real pro. Understand a simple topic such as, say, quantum physics by just chipping some MRAM into your chipware port.

Simple. Clean. Readily available. But not cheap. Oh, no, not cheap at all.

For lazy cyberpunks with few skill points to spare, chipware sockets and MRAM and APTR chips are a godsend. They allow someone to know the rudimentary knowledge of a topic or technique in a matter of days (for APTR), or in the case of MRAM, microseconds.

However, the costs of high level skill chips can be prohibitive to your average ‘punker off the street. The typical cyberpunk has to worry about rudimentary things, such as weapons, cyberware, fashionable clothes (armored or non-armored), cyberdecks and software, vehicles, and sleeping space. If he’s got a few euro left over, he’s buying a bag of nacho-flavored kibble and a beer in some seedy bar down town. Who’s got the cash for chipware? Continue reading “Advertising Chipware in Cyberpunk 2020”

Cyberpunk Tech 4

Cybereye with Telescope implant? Here you go! But of course its even more important to look good. Some fashion statement for your eyes (its the window to your soul, after all)? A Cosmetic Eye Implant from the Netherlands is rather weird shit. Less intrusive, but sure something to look at: Eye Juwelry you can hang from your contact lens.

Via BoingBoing

US Police gets combat bots

The german news magazine Der Spiegel reports that the combat robots used by the US Forces in Iraq are also being sold to US Police. The have been aquired by the Massachusetts State Police as well as by forces from Houston, San Francisco and Texas. The bots are not yet armed with machine guns, but with Tasers… outfitted with laser targeting ! They might also be used to communicate with kidnappers. Even if you can’t read german, the post offers some good pics of the bots.

Cyberpunk Tech 3

Screenshot: Courtesy of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Via Wired: This Is The World’s Most Advanced Bionic Arm – this shiny little piece of tech. Its much like the cyberarm I envisioned in the games. The linked article gives more info about state of the art prosthetic tech, even nerve splicing to connect the limb to the body. Well worth reading.