Lairs for Ocelots Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generation System


Author: unknown.

This article is an add-on to Ocelot’s Alternate Charater Generation System and offers you the additional advantage of a secure lair.

Everyone needs a good hiding place. Even edgerunners. This system is designed to work with Ocelots alternate character creation supplement. So you had better be using it, if you plan on using this in your campaign. The cost is calculated by taking the base cost security and then multiple it by the other factors. This is the base cost in SP for this particular lair. Multiple lairs can be purchased just like the first one, costing the same amount of SP as before. The minimum cost is 1 SP point.


This level determines how much security your lair has. If you place has little or no security you may find it broken into a lot and your equipment stolen. Important and powerful enemies can still defeat the security around your place and get at you directly, if the need should ever come up. However builds with a security rating of 4 will be next to impossible for your rivals to get at you. Instead they’ll wait for you someplace else. The security levels are the same as those used in “The Night City Source Book”

0: Personal Security 1: Private Security 2: Corporate Standard Security
Locks: Mechanical locks (10 to pick) Locks: Simple Electronic Passkey (20 to pick) Locks: Complex Electronic Locks (25 to pick)
Traps: Alarms (15 to avoid) Traps: Alarms (20 to avoid) Traps: Alarms (25 to avoid)
Monitors/Sensors: None Monitors/Sensors: Recording Cameras Monitors/Sensors: Monitor Cameras checked every five minutes
Guards: None Guards: Lightly Armed Guards: Armed Guards and Dogs
Patrol Size: None Patrol Size: 1-2 Patrol Size: 2-6
Vehicles: None Vehicles: None Vehicles: Patrol Cars, Autogyros
3: Corporate High Security 4: Corporate Maximum Security  
Locks: Highly Sophisticated Locks (30 to pick) Locks: Top Security (35 to pick)  
Traps: Incapacitating (25 to avoid) Traps: Fatal (30 to avoid)  
Monitors/Sensors: Monitor Cameras checked constantly Monitors/Sensors: Monitor Cameras + IR sensors checked constantly  
NET Security: Black ICE Programs NET Security: Black ICE Programs, Netrunner Guards  
Guards: Heavily Armed Guards Guards: Elite Armed Guards  
Patrol Size: 5-10 Patrol Size: 7-15  
Vehicles: Vehicles up to AV-4 level Vehicles: Vehicles up to AV-6 level  


Hey good houses cost a lot of money. You don’t have to actually own the place where you live. You can break in and use it for your own. This of course isn’t too smart if the security level is 3 or higher (there is a chance you can get caught). Instead of breaking in, you can shack up with one of your buddies. These buddies may or may not be edgerunners themselves, but they will definitely kick you out if you cause them a lot of trouble (like someone blowing holes in the wall for example). Owning your pad outright is probably the most trouble free solution, but also the most costly.


Who wants to live in the combat zone? Not many people. Living in such an area can make your life difficult, because of gangs of rippers can make going outside a real pain in the ass. A corporate zone location, can also mean an army base, a cave or underground in some other ‘special’ or ideal location.


Who knows about where you live? Is your secret hiding hole really a secret? If it’s common knowledge where you live, you had better not be hiding out there when the cops/corps/boosters come looking for you. Netrunners and important rivals can still track you down if you have records of ownership. The highest level of secrecy takes away all records of ownership, therefore making it very hard for someone to track you down. Please note, that if you don’t own the building getting this option is rather pointless. Example if you break in to sleep there, then there won’t be any record of ownership (duh).

Security: lvl.   Ownership: lvl.
Security Level 0 0.5 pts.      
Security Level 1 1.0 pts.   Someone else (breakin eh?) 0.5 pts.
Security Level 2 1.5 pts.   Allowed to use (renting) 1.0 pts.
Security Level 3 2.0 pts.   Partnership 1.5 pts.
Security Level 4 2.5 pts.   Owned outright 2.0 pts.
Location: lvl.   Knowledge: lvl.
Combat Zone 0.5 pts.   Everyone, including your worst rivals know 0.5 pts.
Industrial Zone 1.0 pts.   Most connected / streetwise people know 1.0 pts.
Beavervile or a good residential area 1.5 pts.   Your close buddies know 1.5 pts.
Corporate Zone or some special location 2.0 pts.   No one knows, no records exist 2.0 pts.

Examples: I want a high security apartment, that I own outright, in the corporate zone, purchased with a fake bank account that no one else knows about but myself. The cost would be (2.5 x 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0) = 20 SP. Or I could break into a rat-hole in the middle of the combat zone then invite everyone I know over to play cards. (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5) = 1 SP minimum cost.