The Gaslamp District

The Gaslamp District

a new section of Night City by Gary Astleford (


The Gaslamp District was pieced together before the collapse by residents searching for the quaint history of other nearby cities. Older, decaying buildings were renovated and streetlights were replaced with working gaslamps (hence the name). After the collapse, the buildings fell into decay again. The area’s proximity to the Combat Zone lead to several turf wars between rival gangs.

In 2017, the City Planner’s Office, with funding from Militech and Raven Microcybernetics, endeavoured a clean-up operation which was to scour the blocks south of Night City proper so that all criminal activity could be washed away. While several police officers were killed and injured, and the human rights of countless homeless and dispossessed people were violated, the operation met with little success. That is, with the possible exception of the Gaslamp District.

The City Planners decided to use the District as a foothold upon the Combat Zone. The buildings in and around it were renovated and rented out at good rates to local business owners. The gaslamps were reinstalled, and the look of “old-fashioned” (circa 1920’s & 1930’s) architecture was stressed. Since the planners believed that having more police in the area would be a deterrent to crime, they convinced local businesses to offer officers discounts on products and services, including apartment rentals.

Three years later, the area is one of the safest in the city, regardless of the encroaching Combat Zone to the south. Several of the businesses are tailored specifically to off duty police officers and their needs. Other businesses of note include a popular nightclub (Plaza Whiskeyhausen), a bar & grill (Murphy’s), and a private security company (Schubert Security Co.).


1.) Plaza Whiskeyhausen –
The “Plaza,” as it is popularly known, is a combination bar, restaraunt, dance club, and concert hall. Many new acts find their start here, and several talent scouts frequent the Plaza looking for new blood. While prices in the restaraunt are high, the bar is usually packed and drink specials abound (ie, half price drafts known as “Beer For Beggars” on Teusdays, and half-price shots on nights of the full moon). Beers are brewed on the premises, and brewmeister Erik Claussen can sometimes be seen mingling with patrons. Security Level: 1

2.) Dr. K’s Euthanasia Clinic #45 –
When euthanasia was made legal in the latter part of 2007, a group of medical doctors who supported doctor assisted suicides started a chain of clinics in upstate Michigan. Since then, they’ve opened numerous clinics in over 37 states, including three free states (NorCal, SoCal, and Texas). The fees are standardized, and depend on the method used. Methods range from lethal injection and poison gas, to the painless and popular cyanide capsule and asphyxiation under anesthesia. Each clinic has an on-site crematorium, and cremation is offered at no extra charge. Any “patient” wishing to undergo euthanasia is given a full medical and psychological evaluation, to make sure that they are, in fact, of sound mind and body or not. Once all formalities are taken care of, the patient (or next of kin) signs a release form allowing the doctors to do their ghoulish work. Low cost procedures are availiable by allowing Dr. K’s to sell your body, in whole or in part, to an organ bank. Healthy individuals may be able to obtain “treatment” without spending a dime. Sample Costs: Consultation – Free, Basic Psychological and Physical Exam – 250eb, Lethal Injection – 250eb, Poison Gas – 400eb, Cyanide Capsule – 500eb, Asphyxiation Under Anesthesia – 750eb, Fancy Urn (for cremated remains) – 50eb to 250eb, House Call – 100eb + 2eb per mile travelled in addition to normal fees. Security Level: 2

3.) Store Your Score (two buildings) –
This warehouse complex has been modified and subdivided into several hundred little rooms. Each room is rented out on a monthly basis for storage of goods and personal items. Clients are not permitted to sleep in their storage cubes. Rent is based on the size of the room, usually 10eb per cubic foot per month. Options, including shelves and extra security (upgraded locks) are availiable for an additional fee of 25% of the base cost. Refridgerated cubes are also popular, for 20eb per cubic foot per month. Security Level: 1

4.) Warehouses (two buildings) –
Empty Warehouses, up for sale. Security Level: 0

5.) NOT the Marriott’s Parking Structure –
This is a tri-level parking structure attached to the NOT the Marriott Hotel. Secure parking costs 5eb per day, payable upon departure. Security Level: 1

6.) Survival Games, Inc. –
This is a regional office of Survival Games, Inc., a corporation specializing in less-than-lethal wargames and survival equipment. SGI makes a fine line of air pistols, paint guns, and sporting goods, in addition to planned hunting expeditions. The northern building contains the regional offices and product warehouse, while the southern building is a retail outlet which includes a paint ball arena. Security Level: 2

7.) NOT the Marriott –
While being less than fancy, this spartan and least ritzy of hotels gets the job done. The hotel’s quality is rated at three stars, yet room prices are equal to most two-star establishments. The basement, playfully referred to as “the morgue” by hotel patrons and employees, is filled with over one hundred cramped sleep cubicles (ie, coffins) at bargain basement rates. Security Level: 1

8.) Stitch-It Embroidery –
Stitch-It offers affordable embroidery and tailoring. While most business comes from local police officers, once in a while someone will ask for custom work to be done for them (a shoulder patch design or embroidery for a shirt or jacket). Security Level: 0

9.) Gallant Games & Hobbies –
A popular game and hobby store with the locals. Gallant’s main competition is Dem Bones Games, located in the New Harbor Mallplex. While smaller than Dem Bones, Gallant’s deals in hard to find and out of print books and games, as well as model kits, R/C cars, and historical miniatures used for wargaming. The store has several loyal customers, and most of them can be found there on any given day playing games and shooting the breeze. Security Level: 0

10.) A Cop’s Best Friend –
This is a gun shop and paramilitary supply store operated by a group of three ex-NCPD officers. There is a wide selection of legal firearms and hand weapons, as well as new and used military surplus clothing. The store offers the usual selection of ultra-right wing bumper stickers and T-shirts (ie, “Better Dead Than Red,” “Don’t Tread On Me,” and “They Can Have My Gun When They Pry It From My Cold, Dead Fingers”) as well as army technical manuals. Special discounts and incentives are offered to police officers. Security Level: 2

11.) U.B. Uniforms –
Ultimate Blue Uniforms is a small shop which sells standard uniforms to civil servants (police, paramedics, firefighters, etc). Prices are low, and Melissa “Mel” Tyler is more than willing to perform small alterations free of charge. For extensive sewing, she advises that “you go over to Stich-It.” Security Level: 0

12.) Davis Industrial Building –
This eight story building houses a number of small businesses, with a food court on the lowest floor. Most of the businesses are small, including the Law Offices of Jimmy “J.J.” Jenkins, Gabe’s Paper Printing, and Original T-Shirt Designs. Security Level: 0

13.) In ‘N Out Clinic –
In ‘N Out is billed as “Fast and Affordable Surgery and Medical Care”. Fast is correct, but if the place was a restaraunt, it’d have a B classification. There have been several formal inquiries by the city into the practices of the In ‘N Out clinic, but so far no lawsuits have been filed. It is rumored that they accept cash under the table for shady surgeries and treatment of questionable gunshot wounds. Security Level: 0

14.) Murphy’s –
This is the penultimate in law enforcement hang-outs. The decor is that of a 20’s police station turned speakeasy, complete with vintage black and white photos and an orignal Thompson submachinegun hanging above the bar. The bar serves just about any kind of drink, and the kitchen (open from 11:00am to 6:00pm) serves deli sandwiches. Security Level: 1

15.) McCleod Apartments (four buildings) –
These apartments are largely inhabited by police officers from local precincts. Rates are reasonable, but the quality isn’t the highest. Despite its failings, the complex is one of the most secure in the area due to most of the tenants being police officers. Security Level: 1

16.) Night City’s Finest Apartments (two buildings) –
Night City’s Finest was designed to house clients within the law enforcement and security fields, but the prices are too prohibitive for most police to afford, even with the standard discount. The security is tight, supplied by Schubert Security, supposedly allowing clients to relax while off duty. Most clients are paranoid upper-mid-level corporates worried about black ops teams and street punks. There is a parking garage in the basement. Security Level: 2

17.) Jordan Investigations & Paranormal Research –
This business was opened in 2019 by a well-respected parapsychologist and ghost-hunter named Robert Jordan. Jordan hired three out of work P.I.’s and went to work. Though most of the company’s contracts are mundane, Jordan is constantly looking for proof that ghosts exist. He can often be seen driving from place to place in a black herse, which the locals have jokingly dubbed the “ectomobile”. Security Level: 1

18.) Schubert Security Company (two buildings) –
Schubert Security is one of the smaller companies in the field. They hire out to private parties and fill small contracts hither and yon. Schubert’s uniforms are black, sharp, and stylish (unlike Arasaka’s, which are merely black and sharp), with black jackboots being a registered trademark of the company. Local juvegangers commonly refer to Schubert personnel as the “S.S.” Security Level: 3

19a.) Schubert Security School –
This is where Schubert instructs students in the particulars of the security industry. Graduates receive a diploma, weapon permit, and a security contractor’s license. Particularly talented graduates are asked to join the security company itself. The facilities here include several small classrooms, a handgun range, and a gymnasium. Security Level: 3

19b.) Schubert Paintball Course –
Schubert also maintains one of the best indoor/outdoor paintball courses in the city. While used for training cadets on weekdays, it is open to the public on weekends. Such trips cannot be made on the spur of the moment, as there is a long waiting list, and prices are expensive. The SGI indoor course, while small, gets far more business. Security Level: 3

20.) Trinity Church & Worship Center
This large complex is the North American HQ of Trinity, an evangelical Christian church organization. From the property, which is heavily secured, Trinity runs a television network and a local radio station. Services are held daily, and people come from very far away to attend them. Security Level: 3

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