Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

Information Overload: The Cyberpunk 2020 Net.Book

compiled and edited by Dan Bailey
[and then Karsten deleted all the stuff now found in Chromebook 4. The full version used to be at Dan Baileys Webpage. It seems to be down, so I am rather happy to be able to provide you with a copy. Dan’s a hero!
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Information Overload — A psychological condition, characterized by a dazed sort of catatonia, that occurs when the human brain attempts to assimilate too much information at one time.


Net Stuff
Powered Armor
Powered Armour Gear
‘Punkers Guide to the MSP Metroplex
New Skills
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A Cyberpunk 2020 Corporation Guide

C’s Corporation Guide Database

From Neon Twilight, modified by me in way not to violate modern day corps namerights.

Welcome to C’s Corporation Guide Database. In this download you will find our 2019 Year in Review, with notes on which Corporations are to watch, and which are to watch out for! 2019 was an interesting year in the Corp Sector, with IBM director Kurt Muller indicted in the tissue resampling scandal in May of 2019, and Tokyo bad boy Tokei accused of murdering his father, the head of Sentai Cybernetics. But 2019 also showed great developments as House Act 21300 passed through EEC Congress January 4th, and Tax Exemption Disclaimer 81/4 was passed unaminously on the Crystal Palace Lunar Province just this November. We are looking forward to another wonderfully unpredictable new year.
– Carlton Hedgeworth & Yukiko Tanaka, C Magazine Finacial Editors (4/08/20)

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Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Zaibatsu List Version 1.1

Author: Colin Smith (no link, his site is gone)

The following is an alphabetical list of all of the zaibatsu, governmental, and religious organizations, as well as smaller companies and brand names, mentioned in William Gibson’s “Sprawl Stories.” Hope this is useful to all :) Continue reading “Zaibatsu List Version 1.1”

Despair, The Inspiring of – in the dark world of Cyberpunk 2020

Despair, The Inspiring of – in the dark world of Cyberpunk 2020

by Jonathan Bastow (

A lot of you out there may be trying to exert an attitude of vague helplessness over your players and are wondering how to do it. I can’t give you anything perfect, but I have found a few things that help.

  1. Kill people. It doesn’t have to be PC’s either. In my cybergen. campaign there are a number of NPCs that serve as backup PCs and as local color. In one particularly unlucky episode I had two of them killed by bad rolls. The players all realised that had they rolled a ‘1’ on their dodge, they too would be hamburger. Kill people who help the PCs. Have them deliver their helpful tip, and then be found floating face gone in the local canal-equivalent. Then have the news report they died in an aerodyne accident. A good way to handle player death is to keep a small group of NPCs interacting with the characters. When some-one’s PC is killed have them immediately drop into one of the NPCs bodies. This allows you to keep continuity, but make sure they don’t try to turn their new character into their old. Continue reading “Despair, The Inspiring of – in the dark world of Cyberpunk 2020”

Some Screamsheet Articles

Night City Dataterm System

1) Body Lotto results for the Greater Night City Metro Area
The numbers of the Body Lotto are taken from six random districts within the Night City Greater Metro Area. Numbers are derived from the locations that cadavers are found, not neccessarily form where they were murdered. All numbers are accumulated by the Night City Police Department and verified by the investment firm of Merrill, Asukaga, and Finch. Tonight’s top prize is for 225,000EB. And tonight’s numbers are … 2, 13, 17, 1, 24, 10.
Those people holding a winning ticket are to contact the downtown offices of M.A.&F. If no one claims a winning ticket, tomorrow’s winnings will go up to 250,000EB! Continue reading “Some Screamsheet Articles”

Thirty Questions to define a Cyberpunk 2020 Char

Thirty Questions to define a Cyberpunk 2020 Char

Author: Logan Graves (
Taken with permission from The Big Knobi Klub.

Player Character Development Sheet

 1. PC's True Name? _____________________ and Street Name? ____________________
 2. PC's present occupation/role? _____________________________________________
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Social Consequences of Technology in a Cyberpunk World

Social Consequences of Technology in a Cyberpunk World

These were developed somewhere as possible themes for use in cyberpunk writing. I post them here, because I think them useful for writing an adventure.

  • Obsolescence. Job replacement. No accountants, secretaries, computer programmers. Everything replaced by hardware and software. Some discussion about who and what and to which degree. What is overall impact? Everyone find new jobs or does the software replacement overrun everything, leaving socialism the only option? Worth a lot of discussion. What does the general population do if not work? There is a big area here for explanation. Player Piano. Continue reading “Social Consequences of Technology in a Cyberpunk World”

Interview with Constance Penley and Andrew Ross, Editors of Technoculture


Constance Penley and Andrew Ross
Editors of Technoculture

I talked with Constance Penley and Andrew Ross separately, in the virtual space of the telephone. It was decidedly low-tech, recorded with a $3 suction-cup microphone from Radio Shack; transcribed longhand; Macintoshed; edited via transcontinental fax.

Penley was charming and soft-spoken. Read her with a southern accent. Widely known for her many books on film and feminism, including Close Encounters: Film, Feminism and Science Fiction, she is an editor of Camera Obscura, the nation’s snappiest film/feminism journal. Her favorite TV shows are Roseanne, and Northern Lights, and she dreams of one day having a show about university cultural critics, to be titled Ivory Towers. She currently teaches at UC Santa Barbara. Continue reading “Interview with Constance Penley and Andrew Ross, Editors of Technoculture”

DYSTOPIA – Life in the dark future


Author: Ellie Bulin <>
Used with permission.


The year is 2026. The city is Portland. The country is the Incorporated States of America or the ISA. The United States of America no longer exists it was taken over by the corporations earlier in the century. The corporations became the fourth branch of government. There is still a president, and Congress, but they are more figurative than they are powerful.
The once mighty American dollar has been replaced with a multinational currency called the eurodollar. It can be used throughout North America and Europe. You can not travel as easily as you once did. The ISA has put heavy restrictions on travel to foreign countries, making it almost impossible to leave the country. Continue reading “DYSTOPIA – Life in the dark future”