The Mafia Job Starter Kit – A Cyberpunk 2020 Campain

The Mafia Job Starter Kit

Author: Kristian de Valle (

Situation: The Italian Mafia is looking at expanding their operations across to the City Center and the North, and down through the Arts District and the University. They seek to re-establish the old stranglehold that the Italian families held on much of N.C. They hire the characters on as a specialized ‘strike team’. This is deliberately ambiguous as the mob will use the edgers as anonymous hitters and errand boys and everything in between.

Much of the expansion will be light at first, such as protection rackets, drug dealings, black market gear of all sorts. Recruiting both manpower and prostitutes; they will also be into pimping and meat puppet rackets. They already have their fingers in a number of small Corp pies and have OS interests. They have a lot of goods tied up at the docks and marina warehouses. This ranges from luxury items to black market gear.

Gangs will be a problem; such as the Bozos, and especially the Voodoo boys, who will employ the black arts and ugly drugs to fuck around with anyone who threatens their turf. The Uni will be a no-go zone, and this will make it especially hard to catch any of the V-boys. Continue reading “The Mafia Job Starter Kit – A Cyberpunk 2020 Campain”

The Hunt – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

The Hunt

Author: Nick Moseley

The adventure centres around the Corp character. Someone has begun to kill members of the Corporation dealing with a certain deal. At the beginning of the adventure, the Head of Department has just been assassinated by unknown means. The Corporate Police are on the case, obviously, but the Corp PC will also be asked to investigate, due to the sensitive business aspects. As the investigation proceeds, other Corps will die until the PC Corp becomes the next obvious target. At this point the team face a race against time to find the killer and deal with him on their terms, before he finds them. (Nb. When I ran this adventure, the Corp was working for Biotechnica, and the Corporations involved reflect this; however, feel free to change them to suit your players.)
Ideally, the team will consist of three or more members, one of whom must be a Corp. The others can be a mixture, but it is recommended that there is a Solo and a streetwise character for information gathering (Fixer, Nomad or Netrunner) and a Techie would also be useful due to the nature of the killings. Continue reading “The Hunt – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

The four Horsemen – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure


Author: unknown

Note: This adventure works best if one of the PCs has made friends with a nomad pack or there is a nomad in the group.
As the group is licking their wounds from the last job, they will be approached By what appears to be a humanoid dragon (exotic). The Nomad, or friend of nomads, will recognize this person as Dragon, a member of the Totem Warriors and currently helping the player’s nomad friends. After introductions, Dragon will get down to business.
Apparently, about two weeks ago, a group from the pack had disappeared from the camp. For these four, leaving unanounced was not uncommon, but the length of time they’ve been gone is. The leader of the pack wants to hire the PC to help Dragon find their missing companions. They do not have much money, but they are willing to pay 200eb per day and help with any minor medical problems.
If the PCs agree (Any nomads from that pack will automatically agree to help), Dragon will take them to the nomad camp immediatly. Continue reading “The four Horsemen – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Son of Man – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Son of Man

Author: David Gilbert
“Son of man, thou dwelst in a rebellious house that has eyes to see, but sees not. They have ears to hear but hear not.”

You GM’s should be able to run this adventure with your players rather easily and without many changes. It isn’t too hard to add more enemies for your trigger happy psychos to blow away and to beef up the existing bad guys. Although it takes place in the Oceanpunk environment it is mainly intended for dryland teams venturing out to sea. The oceanpunk rules are not vital to the adventure but they do help. Everything you may need can be downloaded from Morninmans page which is in the links list but don’t feel obliged to do so, just improvise the other stuff needed. For more idea about freeholds read “Snowcrash”.Finally it must be said that the scenes are rather sequential and do force the players down a rather narrow plotline but the complexity of the story requires this. I have tried to make it as free as possible but there is only so much I can do…the rest is up to you. I hope you enjoy playing it and remember… have fun, that’s why we’re here!

Continue reading “Son of Man – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

A Sample Screamsheet for Cyberpunk 2020

Night City Dataterm System

1)Body Lotto results for the Greater Night City Metro Area
The numbers of the Body Lotto are taken from six random districts within the Night City Greater Metro Area. Numbers are derived from the locations that cadavers are found, not neccessarily form where they were murdered. All numbers are accumulated by the Night City Police Department and verified by the investment firm of Merrill, Asukaga, and Finch. Tonight’s top prize is for 225,000EB. And tonight’s numbers are … 2, 13, 17, 1, 24, 10.
Those people holding a winning ticket are to contact the downtown offices of M.A.&F. If no one claims a winning ticket, tomorrow’s winnings will go up to 250,000EB! Continue reading “A Sample Screamsheet for Cyberpunk 2020”

Rabid Robots – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Rabid Robots.

Author: {MeXaL} <>

Players are approached by a distraught woman called Donna Haines. She is a cyberneticist who works for a corporation called Inteltrax, which specialises in cyborg and android technology. Her twin brother, Paul, also works there. He has been arrested by the CorpCops, on suspicion of “whistle-blowing”, he was concerned by aberrent behaviour in the latest generation of androids, the D7s. Continue reading “Rabid Robots – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Playback Time. – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Playback Time.

Author: Mexal <>
The players are approached by a man who says that he runs a small pharmaceutical business, but his chief chemist has absconded and is selling the company’s drugs on a freelance basis. Could they please find and return him, plus any formulae and drugs in his possession. The man is an Amerind, dressed in a respectable business suit, and gives the name Rising Moon.Assuming the players accept the job – Rising Moon is offering 1000 euro plus expenses per head, with a bonus (unspecified) for success – he tells them that the rogue chemist is known as ‘Retort’ although his real name is Rick Hammond. He is mid-30s, with spiky blond hair. The main drug he has stolen is normally marketed as a psychiatric drug which gives the patient a feeling of relaxation and cessation of their worries; it is also sometimes used in post-operative recovery when the patient is anxious about his condition. It is called Relaxon. However, Moon believes Retort is selling it as a ‘recreational drug’ and is calling it ‘Foretaste’. Continue reading “Playback Time. – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

A Matter of Trust – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

A Matter of Trust

Author: Mexal <>
The players are ostensibly hired to make a series of ‘hits’ in a Mafiosi dispute – or so their fixer tells them. Apparently, the leading ‘Godfather’ in [whatever city the game is set in] – one Guiseppe “Pistachio Nut” Castiglione, is having trouble with some of the young bloods in his Family and thinks that eliminating a few will keep the rest in line. Unsure of the loyalty of all his soldiers, he’s turned to outside help – he thinks it will ensure no lingering resentments within Family ranks. Well, that’s the story, and the money is good.
In actuality, the players are being sucked into an internal corporate struggle. The corporation in question, Alfatek, has many divisions world-wide, and is controlled by three people – Salvatore Scarlatti, Greg Gibson and Anthony Gillham. The corporate HQ is in Rome, Italy, where Scarlatti – the oldest of the three – lives; but the major commercial and R&D facility is based in [the city the game is run in]. This ‘flagship’ operation is Alfatek Small Arms, run by Gibson; and this is both the best known and probably the most profitable part of the entire corporation. Continue reading “A Matter of Trust – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Not the Anti-Christ….Honest! – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Not the Anti-Christ….Honest!

Author: Mexal <>

One of the players suddenly finds himself under attack – a group of religious fanatics have decided that he is the Anti-Christ and so want to get rid of him. Fanatic group – Servants of the Twilight, one of these apocalyptic bunches. Very determined, but given to getting carried away – i.e. adequate plans tend to go awry in the execution. Hard core of dedicated types and a substantial number of woolly adherents.

The identification of the player as the Anti-Christ is based on a 17th century manuscript about the Last Times which is illustrated with a picture that looks very much like the player in question.

The first event will be a chance meeting in the street with a cultist who has a photographic memory. This individual stops, stares momentarily in horror and then legs it. It will be very obvious who has upset her. If she’s chased and caught, she will be incoherent with terror, babbling “It’s him”. If just followed, she goes straight to the cult’s compound. Continue reading “Not the Anti-Christ….Honest! – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Adventure Ideas for Cyberpunk 2020

Adventure Ideas

Author: various

Short ideas: Over time I’ve collected various little adventuring ideas and hooks, but I’ve lost their authors’ names and addresses. All this stuff is copied without permission. Those with an asterisk are my own.

  1. City tour: good for a new city. the chars are given a guided tour of the city, hitting all the low spots of course. Whoever is sponsoring the tour can lead to branch-off adventures, and may even set situations up to test the characters during the tour.
  2. Gang cleanup: Orders are out to completely take out a boostergang, but semi-discretely (i.e. either legally or non-tracable). Of course the gang is funded by a corperation, either a rival corp wants/needs them iced or the funding corp has decided to terminate business. Continue reading “Adventure Ideas for Cyberpunk 2020”