Not the Anti-Christ….Honest! – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Not the Anti-Christ….Honest!

Author: Mexal <>

One of the players suddenly finds himself under attack – a group of religious fanatics have decided that he is the Anti-Christ and so want to get rid of him. Fanatic group – Servants of the Twilight, one of these apocalyptic bunches. Very determined, but given to getting carried away – i.e. adequate plans tend to go awry in the execution. Hard core of dedicated types and a substantial number of woolly adherents.

The identification of the player as the Anti-Christ is based on a 17th century manuscript about the Last Times which is illustrated with a picture that looks very much like the player in question.

The first event will be a chance meeting in the street with a cultist who has a photographic memory. This individual stops, stares momentarily in horror and then legs it. It will be very obvious who has upset her. If she’s chased and caught, she will be incoherent with terror, babbling “It’s him”. If just followed, she goes straight to the cult’s compound.

The second event will be an attempt by senior cultists to get a good photo of the player for comparison purposes. Unfortunately, they’ll have all kinds of problems, the least of which is the camera failing. Cultists may suffer accidents &c. They will put this down to the evil aura surrounding the Anti-Christ, but everything has an innocent explanation.

They will then attempt a bombing, which will fail due to an incorrectly set timing device. A half-burned religious text will be found in the wreckage. Others may be injured but the target will escape unscathed.

Some rather hysterical press releases have appeared in papers/on TV but the cult is being treated as a joke.

The cult has a compound, Koresh-style. Visiting members of the public are not admitted but are directed into an auditorium which is separate. Here a video of the cult’s leader Vladimir Armstrong spouting his apocalyptic spiel will be shown, literature and lemonade handed out and a senior cult member Janine Goodman will answer questions. On the topic of the Anti-Christ all she will say is that he will be apparent to true believers and when he is identified it will be necessary to destroy him to ensure the continuance of God’s plan.

Other attempts will be made on the player’s life – sniper/letter bomb/hit & run – as appropriate. Let at least a couple more attempts fail – or until the player realises that there is a concerted campaign on his life, then up the stakes a bit.