Adventure Ideas for Cyberpunk 2020

Adventure Ideas

Author: various

Short ideas: Over time I’ve collected various little adventuring ideas and hooks, but I’ve lost their authors’ names and addresses. All this stuff is copied without permission. Those with an asterisk are my own.

  1. City tour: good for a new city. the chars are given a guided tour of the city, hitting all the low spots of course. Whoever is sponsoring the tour can lead to branch-off adventures, and may even set situations up to test the characters during the tour.
  2. Gang cleanup: Orders are out to completely take out a boostergang, but semi-discretely (i.e. either legally or non-tracable). Of course the gang is funded by a corperation, either a rival corp wants/needs them iced or the funding corp has decided to terminate business.
  3. Distraction: Characters are payed to do a job that in the end is going to take up some attention so that the hirer’s can do something of their own discretely. (of course the chars are not told this)
  4. Game show: Devise a quick game show for one or more team members to compete on for “Biig Money! Biiig Prizes!” A nice simple filler, or something more important(corrupt games, corperate testing ground, etc)
  5. R&D: Some rejects from the Paranoia RPG need victi…testers for one or more pieces of equipment. Good for the group thats been screwing up on corperate time.
  6. Drug run/raid: Chars are either the deliverers or the interrupters.
  7. Gang War: start or stop a gang war. can be simple or complex.
  8. Assasination: Someone wants someone else dead, or is it a setup to get the characters to walk into a deathtrap?
  9. Physical: A filler for a Corp group, run them through an obstacle course designed to test them in their natural adventure environment.
  10. Practice mission: Run characters through a mock-up of their next mission. Most likely no one will die(paint and other non-lethal devices are used). Run them though a few times, making some changes to the layout each time. And the last time its actually for real (without the chars being told). Works best if its a highly dangerous job and the characters are told its a test to see how good they are (which it might actually be, with benificial by-products for the corp if the group succeeds/fails)
  11. As a start-up to create a major foe: Chars are hired to guard a old and unused chicken farm. The farm contains a illegal drug/biotech/cybertech/whatever lab. It is owned by a major crime org like the Mafia or Triads. The police is going to raid while chars are on guard. To complicate everything, police can be plainclothes…. whatever they do, one side will be angry and chase them.
  12. [Karsten’s Note: I ran this 4 times on CONS in Germany – only once it they made it:] A young (14-17) very pretty and sexy girl is on the same party as the Chars. (GM: she is rich, totally self-centered and to a fan of the Cyberpunk movement…). She wants the Chars to make it possible to have a rave like birthday party on a illegal place. [Karsten’s Note: The nicely done japanese garden in front of the Arasaka Night City tower is a perfect place] Money does not matter. Or do it the other way round and have the chars prevent a sudden rave on the territory.
  13. A rich old lady is in distress. She is backmailed by a PI who works for a major retailer. She says he lies… put the stuff in her bag and then accused her. Did he?
  14. chars won Guns&Killing adventure. They are to survive 3 days in a cold forest in canada. NO LETHAL WEAPONS They have to accept a camera in a cybereye. They will be dropped from a chopper and have to find some stuff. But they find a wrecked plane with 2 stiffs, a camera. The dead have sins and pics of their family with them. The camera is analog, so chars have to do something to see whats on the film. On it: pics that prove slaving, a freighter on the ocean, a water-plane on a lake, a camp next to the lake with the slaves, a IR guided missile fired at the plane. There is only one lake nearby. There is the water-plane the chars saw on the pic. Guide the chars in a tunnel. A bad guy notices them, throws a grenade. They are stuck… only way out is climbing up a wall – try to get rid of their baggage J
  15. a fanatic has the code to something important – maybe a bomb. She is resistant to torture because of her believes… what will they do to get the code?
  16. biohazard dump… the stuff is found in a garden. The owner of the house nearby is really angry. He wants to know who did that…. it was a eco-group. They found it in the ocean where it was dumped by the guy who owned the garden
  17. a char nearly dies. He remembers seeing god / whatever he believes in. He get religious….

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