Fashion: Drugs

This drug is the future of coffee. Take it, and even not having slept for 36 hours won’t lessen your ability to function. The DARPA has funded scientists who discovered a drug that will eliminate sleepiness and keeps the drugs user alert.

orexin A is a hormone that is naturally occuring in the brain. Monkeys treated with the drug after 36 hours without sleep were as able to do awareness tests as well as monkeys who had been allowed to sleep. More about the study can be found here.

I figured that everybody would be addicted as soon as this drug hits the steets: Soldiers (for whom it has been developed), corporates, freelancers… so here are the stats (based on Ocelots Drug Lab 101)

orexin A

Drug Effects:
No need to sleepUntimed Side Effects:
Mildly Psychologically Addictive
Drug Features:
Longer DurationTimed Side Effects:
Strength: +3
Difficulty: 30
Duration: Medium
(1d6x10 minutes)
Legality: Legal/Common
Drug Form: Nasal Spray Time to Effect: 10+2d10 sec
Purchase Price: 10

Designed using Night Flyer’s Drug Lab Java Calculator for Ocelot’s Drug Lab v3.0 @

I had to edit some stuff. The drug is based on the effect “Increased Duration”, so please look there for overdosing rules. Purchase Price would be 0eb, but there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, so its 10eb.