Not the Anti-Christ….Honest! – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Not the Anti-Christ….Honest!

Author: Mexal <>

One of the players suddenly finds himself under attack – a group of religious fanatics have decided that he is the Anti-Christ and so want to get rid of him. Fanatic group – Servants of the Twilight, one of these apocalyptic bunches. Very determined, but given to getting carried away – i.e. adequate plans tend to go awry in the execution. Hard core of dedicated types and a substantial number of woolly adherents.

The identification of the player as the Anti-Christ is based on a 17th century manuscript about the Last Times which is illustrated with a picture that looks very much like the player in question.

The first event will be a chance meeting in the street with a cultist who has a photographic memory. This individual stops, stares momentarily in horror and then legs it. It will be very obvious who has upset her. If she’s chased and caught, she will be incoherent with terror, babbling “It’s him”. If just followed, she goes straight to the cult’s compound. Continue reading “Not the Anti-Christ….Honest! – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Adventure Ideas for Cyberpunk 2020

Adventure Ideas

Author: various

Short ideas: Over time I’ve collected various little adventuring ideas and hooks, but I’ve lost their authors’ names and addresses. All this stuff is copied without permission. Those with an asterisk are my own.

  1. City tour: good for a new city. the chars are given a guided tour of the city, hitting all the low spots of course. Whoever is sponsoring the tour can lead to branch-off adventures, and may even set situations up to test the characters during the tour.
  2. Gang cleanup: Orders are out to completely take out a boostergang, but semi-discretely (i.e. either legally or non-tracable). Of course the gang is funded by a corperation, either a rival corp wants/needs them iced or the funding corp has decided to terminate business. Continue reading “Adventure Ideas for Cyberpunk 2020”

Jericho Jones – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Jericho Jones

(c)1992 Colin “Atilla” Steele (colin@Cayman.COM)

This document is free. Permission is given to redistribute it and/or modify it under 2 conditions:
1. My name stays on it.
2. No profit is made from redistribution or modification.

This is not meant to be a fully fleshed-out adventure. There are many gaping holes, that you, the GM, are gonna have to fill. My intention was to create a framework which was sufficiently fleshed out to be useful, but flexible enough to be adapted to your campaign.

If you find this adventure useful, please let me know. It would really make me psyched. Also, if you have additions, corrections, side-plots, other characters, etc., that you use in running “Jericho Jones”, or that you think would fit nicely in the story, please send ’em this way. I’ll incorporate them and publish them in the second edition.

Thanks, and enjoy. Continue reading “Jericho Jones – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Ikarus – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure


Author: Karsten Voigt <>
Based on a “Tatort” (german telly series)


The Adventure starts
Who are the girls
What happens now?
The Cast
Linda Morry
Lady Cyber
Maria Hunter


2 or more cops, homicide detectives
1 or 2 netrunners
other chars who might have an interest in catching a robber.


We have a big deal running, several billion Euros big – mayor redo of the telecommunication networks in Malaysia. Contenders are Digitel (USA), SMS (Germany/the country your players are from) and Arnot (France). SMS made the best offer to the Malaysians, we are only days till the contract will be signed. What is unknown to most, SMS made the deal because they knew exactly what the other companies were offering at a given time. To reach that goal, the SMS espionage office used freelance netrunners. The netrunner who penetrated the datafortress of Digitel is called Ikarus. In the past he hacked the passwords of their datafortess and sold them to Ariadne. Ariadne is a spy, controlled by Holzmacher, who directs SMS espionage agency. Continue reading “Ikarus – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Datahaven – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure


by Christian Conkle

Referee’s Introduction:

Edgar Jaymes, see Euro-Trash, is the Vice President of Research and Development of Night City EBM, but he wants more. He has his eyes set on being the head-honcho of his division. Unfortunately, Freidrich Schumann, the current Divisional Vice President, shows no sign of quitting in the near future. And even if he did, chances are Schumann would not appoint Jaymes his successor. Therefore Jaymes has taken matters into his own hands. He didn’t get to where he is by waiting for a promotion and he’s not going to stop now. Continue reading “Datahaven – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Euro-Trash – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure


a short adventure for Cyberpunk by Christian Conkle
Referee’s Introduction:

A few nights ago Gunther Hausmann, an EBM executive and R&D manager, was in town for a convention. While at the Night City Convention Center downtown, he got a little drunk and was persuaded to hire a prostitute named Misty. Misty caught on that the package Hausmann was carrying was very important and very expensive. After passing away into unconsciousness, Misty slipped out with the money and the package: an experimental EBM bioware chip. Her plan is to fence the goods to Queen Bee, a local fixer, take the money and flee with her daughter, Kelly.
Hausmann’s immediate subordinate, Edgar Jaymes, discovered this slip and immediately pounced upon the chance at corporate advancement. He plans on hiring a team of operatives to find the chip and get it to him so that he can humiliate his boss and be the hero. Hausmann has hired his own team of elite solos, however, to retrieve the chip. The two teams will be competing against each other while working for the same company. Continue reading “Euro-Trash – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Coke Madness – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure

Coke Madness

Records of a Game Set in Panama City

compiled by Lucifer (’s a game Ocelot ran a while back, set in Panama City. Players were Joseph Kilcoyne (Galen O’Gara), Adam Luther (Ryan Gross), Amy Luther (Jody Morris), and Brant Clabaugh, as [deleted for security reasons]. See Virtue’s character file for an idea of just how poor everybody was in this game. Millenial Girl Productions contains the programs she wrote during and after the game. Please note that this narrative is entirely from Virtue’s point of view, and as such, some facts may be distorted and/or incorrectly remembered. Continue reading “Coke Madness – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure”

Amnesia! – Cyberpunk2020 Adventure


a Cyberpunk 2020 game run by Gary Astleford ( in November 1994
This was a small game, run with only two players. Neither player knew his/her character’s full stats, just their base attributes. They did not know what skills they had, what they could and couldn’t do, nothing. A few things were obvious – some cyberware, certain disadvantages, and equipment. The following is a summary of my idea for the game, the characters and their full statistics, and a summary of what happened in the end. The idea for this game originally sprang from the movie Surviving The Game, which starred (I believe) Ice-T, Gary Busy, and Rutger Hauer. The John Woo film Hard Target also contributed a little bit, but as I despise the movie a LOT, I have a hard time admitting the fact.THE HUNT IS ON! Continue reading “Amnesia! – Cyberpunk2020 Adventure”