Euro-Trash – A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure


a short adventure for Cyberpunk by Christian Conkle
Referee’s Introduction:

A few nights ago Gunther Hausmann, an EBM executive and R&D manager, was in town for a convention. While at the Night City Convention Center downtown, he got a little drunk and was persuaded to hire a prostitute named Misty. Misty caught on that the package Hausmann was carrying was very important and very expensive. After passing away into unconsciousness, Misty slipped out with the money and the package: an experimental EBM bioware chip. Her plan is to fence the goods to Queen Bee, a local fixer, take the money and flee with her daughter, Kelly.
Hausmann’s immediate subordinate, Edgar Jaymes, discovered this slip and immediately pounced upon the chance at corporate advancement. He plans on hiring a team of operatives to find the chip and get it to him so that he can humiliate his boss and be the hero. Hausmann has hired his own team of elite solos, however, to retrieve the chip. The two teams will be competing against each other while working for the same company.
The French Mafia, the Union Corse, however, has also been notified of this debacle through Queen Bee, hoping to make a sale. They have no intention of bargaining, however, when Euro politics are at stake. They plan on taking the chip by force and wedging their own spike into European corporate politics.
This adventure will give the Player Characters several moral choices and will test their ability to put all of the elements of the puzzle together. If all goes well they should get Misty to the hospital and help Kelly get her money from greedy lowlife corporates. If they take the moral low road, a little girl gets killed and they get a few euro-dollars for their troubles. If they fail, either the Union Corse gets a foothold in European technological development or things go back to normal at EBM and the PC’s get a bad rap from Edgar Jaymes.
Recomended for this run are 3-5 player characters of diverse ability. Solos, fixers, nomads, techies, and netrunners are preferred with few skills above level 3. In my own campaign, I refereed a solo, a techie, and a nomad without the above restrictions and they tended to be on the powerful side. I implemented the restrictions on the next adventures and they turned out to greatly enhance the game. So by all means, either beef up the NPC’s or downplay the PC’s.

Part 1: The Meet

The PC’s fixer arranges a meet at a local nightclub (the Night Owl) with a contact named “Mister Y” from a “local corporation” (Edgar Jaymes of EBM) for a new job. It’s a simple job:
“Retrieve a stolen item labled ‘EBMBIOPROC971X.A’ from a woman named ‘Misty.’ Return said item to your contact, me (Mr.Y) in 24 hours to receive a non-declarable gift of 2000 E$ each.”
“Mister Y” is one of the new breed of younger corporates. His style is flamboyant and outlandish. His suit constantly shifts colors and his facial blue facial tattoos, vampire fangs, and pointed ears scream “look at me!” His smugly sarcastic attitude chip can barely hide his nervousness (Human Behavior vs. 15).
“Misty is an exotic joygirl in the form of a cheetah. Her address is unkown. There are no photos of her. she was last seen working at the convention center on the night of Nov. 4th. Her fate is inconsequential to the operation but it is preferred that she not be harmed. I have to go now, but I will be here tomorrow at this time for the pickup, at which point the money, in whatever denomination you wish, will be delivered in whatever method you wish. Please do not try to contact me, follow me, or double-cross me.” Mister Y gets up to leave, “Good Luck.”

Edgar Jaymes

Stats: Int: 7, Ref: 8, Tech: 5, Cool: 4, Attr: 5, Luck: 5, MA: 5, BT: 4, Emp: 5.
Skills: Resources +5, Human Perception +12, Persuasion +14, Education +12, Wardrobe & Style +11, Social +11, Stock Market +9, Streetwise +12, Intimidate +7.
Cyberware: Sandevestian Reflex boost, Vampires, Right Bionic Arm, Interface Plugs in forehead, left and right Bionic Eyes with anti-dazzle, low-lite, and times-square.
Gear: Cane, Suit (15 SP), Corporate Credit Card, EBM I.D., Portable Cell-phone.
Edgar Jaymes is a mid-level corporate working under Gunther Hausmann. He sees Hausmann’s mistake as his opportunity for advancement. He could be a very good friend or a bitch of an enemy. He wears a suit that provides 15 SP protection to all areas except his head. He is unarmed as this is simply a meeting. He has a bionic right arm and two bionic eyes with anti-dazzle and low-lite. He always carries a cane and wears loud print suits.

Part 2: The Hotel

A Streetwise check vs. 13 will reveal the the pimp for joygirls at the convention center is an ex-New Yorker named Wilson. Otherwise, a brief observation of the area will quickly reveal the same information.


Stats: Int: 8, Ref: 10, Tech: 6, Cool: 3, Attr: 3, Luck: 6, MA: 6, BT: 8, Emp: 4.
Skills: Streetdeal: +7, Wardrobe +7, SMG +12, Persuasion +13.
Cyberware: Right Optic, Right Audio with wearman and phone splice, Left Cyberarm.
Gear: Blue, Speakeasy, Dorph, Hype.
Wilson will at first try to get one of the PCs to “borrow” one of his Joygirls with a Persuasion +10. When they don’t oblige, he gets really pissed off. Then he injects a hit of ‘Dorph and relaxes. He will resist any interrogation at +5. If successful he will reveal, “Damn, you slotheads are worse than that Eurotrash that came by an hour ago! Yeah, I know that bitch Misty! She still hasn’t paid me for that Speakeasy she bought from me two days ago. She isn’t returning my calls, and I haven’t scanned her since she logged out! I’m losing Euro, dig? If you find her ass, tell her I’m, like, gettin’ rezzed, oka?” “Where she livin? Hell, I don’t kn- Wait! I think I remember goin’ there once. Little place on the East Side, near the stadium, I think. Big apartment job, but, like, low rent, dig?” A successful Streetwise check vs. 11 will know the building as Meadow Creek Pines on A street and Mall Center.

Part 3: Followed by the French

A successful Awareness check vs. Jean Paul Croix’s Shadow/Track of +10 will alert the PC’s that they are being followed. If discovered, a Blue 4-door will follow about 3 cars back if in vehicles, or a short gentleman in a trenchcoat and spiked hair will follow about 300 feet behind. If the PC’s take any action, Croix must make an Awareness check +17 vs. 20. If successful, he will duck into a nearby building or shop if on foot, or will turn into a side street and get out, ducking into a building, if in the car, and hides at +10 vs. the PC’s Search or Awareness. Hopefully, he will hide, but if he is successfully confronted…

Jean Paul Croix

Init: +12, Save: 5, BTM: +0. SP: head 15, torso 20/15, arms 20/15, legs 20/15.
Stats: Int: 9, Ref: 8, Tech: 4, Cool: 7, Attr: 7, Luck: 8, MA: 6, BT: 5, Emp: 6.
Skills: Streetdeal +9, Awareness +17, Athletics +11, Forgery +11, Handgun +14, Persuasion +11, Accounting +13, Hide +11, Dance +11, Endurance +7.
Cyberware: Right Optic with Targeting Scope, Infrared, and Digital Camera. Chipware socket, Interface Plugs, Smartgun Link, and Biomonitor.
Gear: X-9mm Autopistol (+17 to shoot, 2d6+1, ROF=2, 12 shots). Mono-knife (+9 to hit, 2d6).
He will shoot a few time and escape out the back. The car’s autodrive will activate and circle around 2 blocks to pick him up.

Part 4: Home Sweet Home

The PC’s get to the apartment building. A successful Interrogation check of any kids playing in the street or any neighbors vs. 22 will reveal her apartment number.
The apartment door is open, the lock blown off by small explosives. The inside is trashed. A successful Awareness vs. 15 will reveal someone lying under a pile of furniture and trash. It is Mickey, blasted out of his skull on th drug Blue Glass. Any Interrogation check is vs. 25.
“Angels, man! Wow.. heh heh. Like, glowing, man! And they spoke to me, man! But they, like sounded like fraggin’ Colonel Klink, man! And like, she wasn’t alone, man! Three lovely Seraphim, y’know?
“And they wanted Misty, right? She must be, like, chosen by God or something! Wow, man, like, God! I heard God was in the Net, man! So, like, I logged in once. Booted right up and everything, man. And, like, there he was! At least I think it was a he… It kept saying it’s name was Rache Bartmoss or something. I asked it the meaning of, like, everthing. Then he zapped me with electricicty! Wow! Man!
“What a Rush! You got any ‘Glass, man? I’m low on cash, but I’ll blow, man. I’m real good at, like, Same-Platform Networking, if you dig, man. C’mon! Hey, How bout a blow for some ‘Glass! I’m coming down, man!
“Oh yeah, Misty, right! She said she was goin’ out, right? Said somethin’ major was goin’ down. Then Whoosh! She’s gone! Man! Then the Angels came! Wow! What a RIDE, man! The angels came and asked me where Misty was, then BANG-ZOOM! They trash the place and FLY man! They’re gone! ZOOM!”
At that moment, Misty’s answering machine beeps. A husky female voice is on the phone.
“Misty, this is Bee. Where the Hell are you? You’re freakin’ brat is here with the groceries. I need you if this program is going to run. You’re 10 minutes late. If you’re not here in another 10 minutes, I’ll consider you de-rezzed and continue with the option play. Call Cheung with any change of plan.”
A Streetwise check vs. 17 will realize that was Queen Bee, the fixer who operates in the Medical Supply Warehouse right across the street.
As they leave, the PC’s notice the elevator isn’t working. They must take the stairs. On the way down, they find Engel and her solos with Misty. Misty is being interrogated. A fight should ensue.

Part 5: Stairway to Heaven

Engel, German Eurosolo.

Init: +22, Save: 9, BTM: -3. SP: head 16, torso 20/16, right arm 20/20/16, left arm 20/16, legs 20/16.
Stats: Int: 7, Ref: 9(12), Tech: 7, Cool: 3, Attr: 7, Luck: 6, MA: 7, BT: 9, Emp: 3.
Skills: Combat Sense +10, Awareness +14, Handgun +18/+21, Rifle +13/+16, SMG +19/+22, Stealth +12/+15, Aikido +12/+15, Stock Market +12, Zero-Gee Combat +19/+22, Zero-Gee Maneuver +18/+21, Fast Talk +9, Human Perception +11, English +15, French +16.
Cyberware: Two Chromed Optics wth Telescopic, Infrared, Anti-Dazzle. Two Audio with level dambers, amplification, and radio. Right Armored Cyberarm with Flashbulb. Gang Jazzler in left hand. Adrenal Booster, Light Tattoo skin, and Tech Hair with Bio-Glow.
Gear Bio-Glow armored Kevlar, padded. Sternmeyer Type 35 (+21 to hit, 4d6+1 AP, ROF:1, 8 shots).


Init: +15, Save: 3, BTM: -1. Sternmeyer Type 35 (+14 to hit, 4d6+1, ROF:1, 8 shots). SP: torso 14, right arm 14.
Stats: Int: 9, Ref: 5, Tech: 4, Cool: 7, Attr: 5, Luck: 5, MA: 4, BT: 3, Emp: 5.
Skills: Combat Sense +10, Handgun +14, Rifle +13, Heavy Weapons +10.
Cyber: Right cyberarm with heavy pistol and big knucks. Vamps, and audio with amplification.
Slash Init +8, Save: 5, BTM: -2. Frag Grenades (+9 to hit, 7d6, 4 grenades). SP: torso 18, arms 18, legs 4.
Stats: Int: 3, Ref: 2 (4), Tech: 5, Cool: 2, Attr: 4, Luck: 9, MA: 8, BT: 5, Emp: 6.
Skills: Combat Sense +4, Melee +7, Handgun +8, Demolitions +10.
Cyber: Twin optics with lowlite, thermograph, infrared. Rippers and Kerenzekov boosterware.
Gear: Grenades, Explosive strip, claymores


Init: +8, Save: 5, BTM: -2. Stundart Pistol. Taser (+7 to hit). Paintgun (+7 to hit). SP: head 15, torso 18/15, arms 18/15, legs 18/15.
Stats: Int: 7, Ref: 6, Tech: 9, Cool: 9, Attr: 4, Luck: 7, MA: 7, BT: 5, Emp: 4.
Skills: Combat Sense +2, Hide +10, Savate +10, Theif +15.
Cyber: Right Cyberhand with minilight, scissors, lockpick and scratchers.
Gear: IR Combat Cloak, Taser, Stundart Pistol, Paintgun.
Note: -5 vs. Infrared.


Init: +4, Save: 4, BTM: -1. SP: none. Stats:
Int: 8, Ref: 4, Tech: 3, Cool: 6, Attr: 8, Luck: 4, MA: 5, BT: 4, Emp: 7.
Note: Misty is a non-combatant in this scenario. After being beaten up by Engel’s solos, she is at wound level -8. Any further damage may kill her. Engel’s team’s tactics:
1. Blind everyone with her Flash Bulb.
2. Slash drops a smoke grenade.
3. Maria takes 1 shot.
4. Nightbird tasers Misty.
5. Everyone takes off, getting to the next floor and splitting up. Maria gets down the hall, behind some cover, and lays down supressive fire unitl out of ammo, then splits as well.

They’ve already gotten what they want to know. Misty’s daughter has the biochip and is probably already on her way to Tokyo on an HST with all the money that was fenced for it.
Misty, however, is done for. She has been scratched with scratchers, tasered, knocked around a little, gang jazzled, and punched in the belly. She is hurt really bad and will die in 1 to 10 hours without prompt medical attention.
The PC’s are given a choice, go get the Biochip across the street or save Misty (+4 IP for saving Misty).

Part 6: Sweeter than Honey

Engel and her solos will regroup near her car in the stadium parking lot.

They know:

1. Misty handed the Biochip to her daughter.
2. Her daughter must go to a fixer to fence the goods.
3. The closest fixer capable of fencing international loot is Queen Bee.

Their new plan:

1. Go to Queen Bee, find out if she still has the biochip. If so, buy it back for as cheap as possible. If not, call their employers and have the petty cash raised to be able to purchase it.
2. If the Biochip is not in Queen Bee’s possession, find either the girl or the new owner and take it back, killing the owner if necessary.
They go to Queen Bee’s, hoping to find it, only to find the PC’s there already. The PC’s should go to Queen Bee. All weapons are checked at the door. Mr. Cheung monitors all electronic functions in the warehouse.

The PC’s must pass through a scanman to get in. The guards will stop any PC’s concealing any weapons, otherwise, they just want to know what they’re up against cybernetically.

Queen Bee

Init: +10, Save: 10, BTM: -3. SP: 25 all areas.
Stats: Int: 7, Ref: 10, Tech: 8, Cool: 5, Attr: 4, Luck: 6, MA: 4, BT: 8(10), Emp: 4.
Skills: Streetdeal +9, Trade +8, Pilot +13, Persuasion +7, Spanish +8.
Cyberware: Twin optics with Infrared, Targeting Scope, and Dodgeball. Skinweave, grafted muscle.
Gear: Light armor jacket.
Notes: Queen Bee is not a fighter and has a team of solos called the Drones who devotedly fight to the death for her.

Mr. Cheung

Init: +10, Save: 4, BTM: -2. SP: 10 all areas except for head.
Stats: Int: 10, Ref: 10, Tech: 10, Cool: 7, Attr: 3, Luck: 3, MA: 10, BT: 4, Emp: 2.
Notes: Interface +8. Mr. Cheung serves mainly as a plot device in this scenario. He is constantly plugged into a computer contolling every aspect of the environment around Queen Bee. He never opens his eyes, preferring instead to view the world through the eyes of the many security cams he’s set up or the visual sensors of whatever vehicle he’s controlling.

Kelly Brock

Init: +10, Save: 3, BTM: -1. SP: torso 15, arms 15.
Stats: Int: 8, Ref: 10, Tech: 3, Cool: 3, Attr: 5, Luck: 8, MA: 10, BT: 3, Emp: 9.
Gear: Squirtgun (+10 to hit, no damage)
Notes: Suburban Ninja +15, Dodge +16. Kelly is just an innocent little girl, but she’s not stupid. She knows that what she’s carrying is valuable and knows how to exploit the situation for a profit, or at least for survival. Queen Bee will try to bargain for the Biochip. She wants 750,000 E$. The PC’s, of course, can’t pay. If they try to take it by force the drones will stop them. Mr. Cheung will immediately activate the sprinklers so that Kelly and Queen Bee can get away. Otherwise, after a few moments of bickering and dealing, Engel comes in, what a cozy suprise!

Drone #1, Tyson Init: +14, Save: 8, BTM: -3.
Stats: Int: 3, Ref: 6 (8), Tech: 3, Cool: 10, Attr: 5, Luck: 5, MA: 5, BT: 8, Emp: 3.
Mac 14 (+15 to hit, 4d6, ROF:10, 20 rounds). SP: head 10, torso 20/18, arms 20/18, legs 20/18.

Drone #2, Felix Init: +11, Save: 8, BTM: -3.
Stats: Int: 4, Ref: 6 (8), Tech: 3, Cool: 9, Attr: 5, Luck: 5, MA: 7, BT: 8, Emp: 3.
Minami 10 (+15 to hit, 2d6+3 AP, ROF: 20, 40 rounds). SP: head 10, torso 20/18, arms 20/18, legs 20/18.

Drone #3, Edina Init: +14, Save: 6, BTM: -2.
Stats: Int: 3, Ref: 7 (9), Tech: 3, Cool: 10, Attr: 4, Luck: 5, MA: 5, BT: 6, Emp: 3.
Colt AMT 2000 (+22 to hit, 4d6+1 AP, ROF: 1, 8 rounds.)
SP: head 10, torso 20/18, arms 20/18, legs 20/18.

Note: The Drones will fight to the death defending Bee’s escape.

Engel and her solos are confident. There is really no need for fighting at this scene.
If they PC’s describe their employer at any point, Engel laughs. “Mister Y” works for EBM. In fact, “Mister Y” works for Engel’s employer! Unfortunately, She is getting paid much more by someone higher up on the EBM corporate food chain, so the PC’s have lost. She buys the biochip, game over… until the French attack!

Part 7: Party Crashers

Jean Paul Croix Init: +12, Save: 5, BTM: +0.
Stats: Int: 9, Ref: 8, Tech: 4, Cool: 7, Attr: 7, Luck: 8, MA: 6, BT: 5, Emp: 6.
X-9mm Autopistol (+17 to hit, 2d6+1, ROF: 2, 11 rounds). SP: Torso 20, arms 20, legs 20. Francois Init: +10, Save: 9, BTM: -3
Stats: Int: 4, Ref: 5, Tech: 4, Cool: 8 (10), Attr: 4, Luck: 4, MA: 4, BT: 9, Emp: 3.
Sternmeyer Type 35 (+12 to hit, 3d6 AP, ROF: 2, 8 rounds).
SP: torso 20/10, arms 20/10, legs 20/10.
Notes: Combat Sense +5.

Pepe Init: +13, Save: 4, BTM: -1.
Stats: Int: 6, Ref: 7, Tech: 4, Cool: 7 (9), Attr: 5, Luck: 4, MA: 8, BT: 4, Emp: 6.
MPK9 (+15 to hit, 2d6+1 AP, ROF: 1/3/25, 35 rounds).
SP: torso 20/10, arms 20/10, legs 20/10.
Notes: Combat Sense +6.

A Frag grenade goes off at the stairway. The Union Corse are attacking. They don’t see why they have to pay for anything they can just take. Damn Europeans.
Kelly takes her Biochip back from Bee and disappears into the shadows. She slips out the cargo door and onto the loading dock in the parking garage. The goons battle each other. Engel, Jean Paul, Queen Bee, and Mr. Cheung all flee the battle to find Kelly. Mr. Cheung, before unplugging himself from the computer, activates the sprinkler system, turns off all the lights, and brings Bee’s car around in the parking garage.

Kelly heads down the ramp, around the corner, over the short wall, and runs for the stairs back up to the street.Bee and Mr. Cheung get in the waiting car and go up the ramp into the street. If Kelly isn’t captured, she will head to the docks across the now crowded Stadium parking lots. If she makes it, she will threaten to drop the Biochip into the water unless she is paid 500,000 Euro and allowed to leave.
If the PC’s are smart, they’ll get rid of everyone else and deal with Kelly. Secretly, Edgar is reluctantly willing to pay an addtional 250,000 Euro for the chip, though his job would be placed in jeapordy. He will do it, if he has to, but only if the PC’s know it’s a Biochip, only if everyone else has been dealt with, that a little girl has it, and if the PC’s know Edgar’s own boss wants it far worse than he does. If the PC’s don’t know all that, or if they don’t have possession of the Biochip, he will hire others to kill the PC’s, find the girl, kill her, and take the Biochip. If anything happens to him, EBM will be after anyone responsible.
Once he gets the chip, minus 250,000 Euro or otherwise, he’ll be happy and leave. He has the goods on his boss, Gunther Hausmann, who lost the Biochip to Misty when he hired her as a prostitute. He’ll remember the PC’s and their attitudes next time he needs a job done.
If the PC’s deal with Kelly, give her at least 100,000 Euro, and help her any other way, they each receive +10 IP. If they just kill the girl and hand over the Biochip, they’ll get paid their 2000 each and receive no extra IP. Game Over.

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