Using CyberEvolution in CP2020

Using CyberEvolution in CP2020

Author: Dan Bailey
Author’s Note: This is a way to adapt the Carbon Plague (from CyberGeneration) for use in a normal CP2020 campaign. Just in case you don’t like the idea of a 13-year old edgerunner.In 2020, three AIs that had gone rogue, banded together to create Aitech Incorporated, the first corporation headed by AIs and not humans. Their goal was to create nanotech that would bring humanity to a higher level, and hopefully, in the process make them realize the potential of Artificial Intelligences, and thereby grant them the rights they felt they deserved. After nearly two years, they introduced their CyberEvolution line of nanotechnology, which is very difficult to find, and very costly.
To acquire a Major Evolution involves making contact with an Aitech representative, which is a Near Impossible task. To get a Minor Evolution is easier, requiring the individual to download the list of AItech dealers from his nearest BBS.
AItech is proud to introduce the future of humanity! The next step in evolution! CyberEvolution! You can have powers beyond your wildest imagination! From the more costly Major Evolutions to our less radical and more economic Minor Evolutions, all will bring you to a higher level of existence without any loss of Empathy, thanks to revolutionary techniques developed by free AIs.

Major Evolution

These are the five major types initially listed in CyberGeneration, which you will need to use this article. They work as described in the section in CyberGeneration, and have a HC=0. Granted, the recipient will still experience the symptoms of the Carbon Plague before all the evolution is complete. Costs are as follows:
Tinman: 9,000,000eb Alchemist: 15,000,000eb Scanner: 12,000,000eb Bolter: 9,000,000eb Wizard: 10,000,000eb
No character may have more than one major evolution.

Minor Evolutions

This is the conglomeration of lesser evolutions, which are more readily available and cheaper than the ones listed above. They, too, have a HC=0. The evolution takes 1-2 days, and during this time, the character will experience the symptoms of the “Carbon Plague.” A character may have two minor evolutions, even if he already has one major evolution, barring any incompatibilities.

  • Visionary 5000eb Gives the person perfect vision with low-light, anti-dazzle, and a V-link (if using Virtuality), equivelent to having cybereyes.
  • Brainiac 25000eb Gives the user the equivelent of Hyper-Intelligence Syndrome (INT 15).
  • Listener 7000eb Improves the recipient’s hearing, giving them quality equivalent to the best cyberoptics, with enhanced hearing range, sound editor, subsonic, and level dampener.
  • Brute 4000eb Gives the recipient a +1 or +2 BT modification. 50/50 chance.
  • Speedfreak 3000eb Recipient gets a +1 MA bonus.
  • Vampire 8000eb The nanotechs build a set of retractable vampires in the user’s mouth equivelent to Ex-tended Canines (see ChromeBook 2) and a nanofactory that creates a sleep-toxin from the body’s supply of nutrients, which can be injected when the “vamp” bites someone.
  • Feline 9000eb Gives the user low-light vision and anti-dazzle (like the cyberoptic), enhanced hearing (like the cyberaudio), improved balance (+1 to any acrobatics skill), and a +1 MA.
  • Hardskin 3000eb Creates undetectable SP8 skinweave.
  • Alter 15000eb At will, the recipient can change their ATTR by +1 or -1 and change hair/eye color at will.
  • Shadow 15000eb Using a thermograph to spot a Shadow character is a Difficult (20) task. Although it breaks up their thermal outline, it does not trap heat. So, an indistinct blob is visible – if compared to an-other form of visual input (low-light for example) the difference will be readily apparent. Shadows also have low-light vision.
  • Chameleon 20000eb Gives the character the ability to change their skin attributes as if they were a cha-meleon. The CyberEvolution functions identically to the Militech M96 Ghostsuit found in ChromeBook 2 (pg. 27).
  • Untouchable 16000eb Creates a charged field around the body that basically works like a taser. It func-tions identically to the SecSystems Protection Field in ChromeBook2 (pg. 12).
  • Healer 100,000eb A Healer can excrete Nanosurgeons through their palms which affect the wounded person for 24 hours after contact is made, and work as listed in CP2020 (pg. 75).
  • Wraith 100,000eb A Wraith has a “death-touch” from his palms, which causes the victim to take 4 points of damage per hour until dead. The death-touch will not work on other CyberEvolved (major or minor) or any “normal” human with Toxin Binder Nanotechs.
  • Eternal 1,000,000eb An Eternal gets the equivelent of an FBRs Longevity Module built in their body by nanotechs. It gives the person a lifespan of 200-250 years. See ChromeBook2, page 85.
  • Visionary II 5000eb A slightly different version of the Visionary, this one has infrared, image enhance-ment, anti-dazzle, and a V-link (if your campaign uses Virtuality).
  • Bloodhound 2000eb Gives the character the equivelent of an Olifactory Boost (CP2020).
  • Stalker 250,000eb The character becomes the ultimate killer. Vision is enhanced with the addition of low-light. Enhanced hearing range and an olifactory boost help track prey. Hard-to-detect SP10 skin-weave is laced in, and the recipient gets a +1 bonus to MA and REF. Their fingers become like Tinman limbs, but can only become Rippers.
  • MindJammer 200,000eb The character gives off electromagnetic fields that cause blinding headaches in others, resulting in a -2 to REF, -2 to COOL, and a -1 to INT until the field is shut off. This field will not affect other CyberEvolved, but Scanners will have difficulty reading others in the area.
  • Doc 100,000eb Basically the same thing as a Healer, but excretes Anti-Plague nanotechs and Toxin Binders (ChromeBook 1 and CP2020, respectively).
  • Zap 75,000eb It’s “Bolter, Jr.”! Gives the recipient a Tazer Grip (like the cyberware option), palms only.

Including Minor CyberEvolution in CyberGeneration

Assume that of all individuals in the target age range of the Carbon Plague that are “unaffected,” 1 in 10 of them develop a Minor CyberEvolution. These are usually not as easily detected by outsiders.
Also, 1 in 100 Major CyberEvolution-“stricken” people get a Minor Evolution along with their Major.

CyberEvolution Incompatibilities

Major CyberEvolution Type May not combine with:
Tinman Hardskin, Shadow, Chameleon, Untouchable, Healer, Wraith, Stalker
Alchemist Healer, Wraith, Havok, Doc, Zap
Scanner Brainiac, MindJammer, Zap
Bolter Zap
Wizard Brainiac, MindJammer, Enchanter
Minor CyberEvolution Type May not combine with:
Visionary Visionary II
Brainiac Scanner, Wizard
Hardskin Stalker, Tinman
Shadow Tinman, Chameleon, Untouchable
Chameleon Tinman, Shadow, Untouchable
Untouchable Tinman, Shadow, Chameleon
Healer Tinman, Alchemist, Wraith, Stalker, Zap
Wraith Tinman, Alchemist, Healer, Stalker, Doc, Zap
Visionary II Visionary
Stalker Tinman, Hardskin, Healer, Wraith, Doc, Zap
MindJammer Scanner, Wizard, Brainiac
Doc Alchemist, Tinman, Wraith, Stalker
Zap Alchemist, Scanner, Bolter, Tinman, Healer, Wraith, Stalker, Doc