The Gambler – A new Role for Cyberpunk 2020

The Gambler

Author: Karsten

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The Gambler

I once saw a film with Robert Redford playing a professional gambler. The setting was Havanna, Cuba, just before Castro overthrew the Batista dictatorship. I don’t know the name of the film in english… Ford smuggled, played poker, fell in love, was engaged in combat – and he solved all the problems he faced in the way of a gambler. Bluffing, threatening, raising the ante till the others dropped the cards. I realised that no character class of the CP 2020 system mirrored that way of dealing with life. Even throu I am almost violently against adding new character classes to the system, I felt the need to create this one. Because its new (and features a new way of looking at problems). Solos shoot problems. Cops arrest them. Dealers deal with them. Techies build a device to overcome them. Gamblers gamble against them. Thats new, and requires a new character class. That is, unless you use Ocelots Classless Charactergeneration System

The Gambler is a character class that requires a lot of roleplaying skill. To bluff someone into doing something is basically the art to manipulate people, their interlect and emotions. To do that, more then some rolls are required…

Special Ability Level 1-5 6 7 8 9 10
Income 1,500 3,000 5,000 7,000 8,000 10,000

Skill Pack

  1. Lucky Sense
  2. Awareness
  3. Gamble
  4. Sleight-of-hand
  5. Human Perception
  6. Intimidate
  7. Persuasion & Fast Talk
  8. Streetwise
  9. Forgery
  10. Handgun

Recommended Pickup Skills:

  1. Resist Torture/Drugs
  2. Personal Grooming
  3. Seduce
  4. Brawling
  5. Expert(Games)
  6. Melee

The Special Ability: Lucky Sense

Like Combat Sense, the special ability of Solos, Lucky Sense is used as a modifier to increase some skills in certain situations. Lucky Sense is always added to Gamble OR Sleight-of-hand. (This depends on the way the Character ‘plays’. If he plays by the rules, its added to the gamble skill. If he wins by cheating, the Lucky Sense is added to Sleight-of-hand). In gambling (of both kinds) situations it is added to Awareness and Human Perception, too. Clever players would define ‘gambling situations’ not only as classic poker games but also every situation in which the character tries to bluff somebody else to do something or to make somebody to raise his stake in a ‘game’. By now I did have players take this package. Unless you are to lax in defining ‘game’ situations, its a good one. It forces players to roleplay – and thats what we all want!

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