You probably didn’t know it, but I am a huge fan of the SINFEST webcomic (available at, 1 new episode per day and 1 full-color page every sunday). The webcomic addresses many current issues and has a very “modern”, up-to-date viewpoint (with a little asian spritual spin on things thrown in, which is a rarity), making it a real gem and an good laugh.

When I read the following strip a little while ago, I had to think of Cyberpunk (CyberGeneration!) immediately (that happens quite often to me while reading sinfest). Enjoy.

P.S.: When you browse the strips, keep looking out for the Percy-and-Pooch episodes (the Cat and Dog). They’re the best.

Cyberpunkish flash comic/graphic novel

Very nicely done: City of Thamesis

From their website:

Once the seat of power for an ancient, all-powerful monarchy, much of Thamesis is now run by the influential Britomart Corporation who use their seductive psychic technology to exert control.

It has become a city of torn loyalties as it’s inhabitants choose between life as a subject of the Crown or a Citizen of the Britomart.

Meanwhile down in the inner city streets, beyond the reach of either power, dangerous outlaws have successfully hacked Britomart’s technology for their own gain, boosting its power exponentially. Some use it only to escape their daily grind while others maliciously spread terror on the streets.

As the city plunges towards civil war, can anyone bring order to the streets of Thamesis?

Discover how an ambitious young king (Jonathan of the Rose), a scarred ex-war hero (The Lion), a beautiful psychic (The Unicorn), and a teenage scoundrel (The K.I.D.) find themselves caught up in the struggle for control of the city.