Night City Map

Night City is the hometown of Cyberpunk. Most use it as a campaign-setting. Since the Night City Sourcebook is no longer available, most don’t have a map. But you need one – I can tell by the amount of people asking google for a “night city map” and then being send here.

RTG hasn’t allowed to republish the original map, so I can’t help you there. BUT on the web there is one map that shows greater Night City, which might help you. It can be found here. Another Map reminds me very closely of the city center, but might be just the one from the main sourcebook, which you probably already have.

But there are a lot of sites out there with other, less fictional cities, making them useable for a cyberpunk campaign. I’m going to list some and would ask you to add any other you know in the comments.

Or you play on Mars.

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  2. @will,

    I can’t publish the works of other people here without their consent. So please try to click on the links I provided – and you will find a couple of maps.

  3. Der Link zur New York Site stimmt nicht mehr ganz.
    Neuer Link:

    BTW Der zweite Link im Artikel zu Sanction4 f├╝hrt ins Leere.

  4. @yennico: Danke. Aber der Link zur New York Seite ist doch der von dir genannte!?!

    Und das nicht mehr aktualisiert wird, ist Absicht. Die sollen schon herkommen…

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