SMART COSMETICS for Cyberpunk 2020

SMART COSMETICS for Cyberpunk 2020

[The following article details some cosmetic products with a high tech factor. A good moodsetting device for a game set in the future. I just corrected some typos.]

Author: unknown.

Smart cosmetics are a hot new item in the beauty salons of the world. At the moment Cybercosmetica dominates this market but smaller competitors are starting to emerge with high-tech products.

Cybercosmetica PerfectTone Cream

This product utilises glass bead technology to bend the light as it hits the face, allowing those with damaged or discoloured skin to create the illusion of perfect skin tone in 3D. 100EB a pot (10 uses). This product allows characters whose attractiveness has been reduced by damage to the face to restore their previous attractiveness rating on a simple Disguise roll.

Eden Cosmetics DeepSleep Cleanser

This product is a night cream that deeply penetrates the pores of the face and bonds to the dirt and smog left there by the modern world. In the morning it leaves a grayish residue which can be easily washed off with water. Also included is a very mild soporific and aromatherapy extracts to promote a deep restful sleep. This product is prized among clubbers as an easy way down from an stimulant high as well as an easy way to remove make up. Eden Cosmetics is a subsidiary of Cybercosmetica.

Activ Corp Mood MakeUp

This is a range of cosmetics including foundation and lipstick that respond to the emotional state of the wearer. The basic line changes colour when the user exhibits high levels of emotion such as anger or excitment. The power line appears to glow when the user exhibits high levels of emotion. A favourite among Arcology clubbers. Activ is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Cybercosmetica.

Cybercosmetica Stealth Foundation

This foundation is based on NASA technology for reducing glare from reflected light on it’s spaceships. The foundation diffuses the light away from the face giving the illusion of less lines. 300EB for 10 uses. This can allow very old non-player characters to pass for a younger age. Vanity or misdirection ?

Activ Corp AtaGlance Eyeliner

This is a popular seller in the arcology beauty salons. It contains a non-toxic synthetic derivative of Bella Donna which causes the pupils of the eye to dilate. Dilated pupils are one of the indicators of heightened sexual excitement and make a person more attractive to prospective sexual partners. A +1 increase in attractiveness when dealing with characters who would find the character attractive naturally.

Eden Cosmetics UvBlocking Foundation

Already incorporated into many of their lines this cosmetic technology increases the uv blocking factor of the foundation in relation to the intensity of uv radiation on the skin. Basically it reduces the chance of skin cancer. It does get darker as more uv blocking is required.

Cybercosmetica Fountain of Youth Cream

This cream is based on an amino acid derivative that stimulate skin regeneration from within the cells. 300EB for 10 uses.

Activ Corp Smiley Lip Gloss

This product actually encourages the user to smile by stimulating the associated muscle groups. The user feels an irrepressible urge to smile. The level of inanity of the grin is controlled by the amount of lip gloss applied. Useful when you want to keep the boss happy despite his dull jokes, also useful for hiding your true emotional responses. Acts as a negative modifier (GM’s call) against human perception rolls made against the wearer.