Two New Full Body Conversions for Cyberpunk 2020

Unified Cybernetic Systems – Full Body Conversions for Cyberpunk 2020

[The following article details 2 new full conversion borgs, the ultimate in cyberware. Basically you just keep your brain and part of the spine. Everything else is replaced by metal. The rules governing full borgs are to be found in the Chromebooks]

Author: unknown

The Mentat (225,400 eb)

The Mentat is not so much a piece of cyberware, as it is a complete suite of coordinated cybernetic implants designed with the express purpose of boosting the user’s ability to gather, assimilate and analyze information.First, the user has a double size chipware socket grafted onto the back of their heads. This socket also has six interface plugs on it. Then they are given an injection of nanites, which immediately set about rewiring the user’s brain and nervous system. Paralysis results almost immediatey as a safety measure and the user is kept on life support for the next two weeks while the nanites construct a pair of high-density memory cores and a processor unit inside the user’s cranial cavity all the while re-constructing the user’s brain to both increase efficiency and make space. Most of the hindbrain’s autonomous systems replaced with a walnut sized chunk of processor. As a side effect, most mentats are of optimal weight and of good muscle tone due to the reconstruction of these centers. After completion, the Mentat system is wired to almost every part of the brain including the user’s optical and aural centers.

Then the therapy begins, training the user to enable them to fully control their new abilities. This is ICT and takes 3 weeks. If this period is combined with humanity-loss reduction therapy (at extra cost and time of course) then one gains an additional 10% reduction.

If this system is implanted without the attendant therapy then the character cannot utilize any of the subsystems requiring mental command, such as the math co-processor, the recording facilities, the dataterm link, or the cell phone and suffers an additional 50% humanity loss.


  • The user can use any peice of cyberware that requires a Neuralware Processor.
  • The user can jack in twice the normal number of skill chips.
  • The user’s INT is boosted by +2.
  • A Motorola 98012 Math Co-Processor is implanted giving an instant math skill of +8 and a negating any need for a calculator.
  • User is equipped with a Dataterm and Computer link.
  • User has 50 MU of RAM implanted, capable of pulling input from eyes or ears, or merely storing read text using the brains own OCR abilities.
  • User has a cellular Dataterm link that allows them mental access to all the databases and search engines available.
  • User can also place cellular phone calls solely by mental command. This phone is equipped with a standard modem allowing mentats to communicate and share data with other computers that they can’t direct link to. This does not allow netrunning, but I’m sure that if you asked them nicely and offered them 50 or 60 thousand dollars I’m sure they’d implant a top of the line cybermodem too. If the purchasing agent is anticipating using more than one mentat equipped personnel then they can be equipped with a short range, high bandwidth, encrypted radio link basically allowing any two mentats within 10m of each other seemingly telepathic communication. This costs an extra 2300 eb, but has no extra humanity cost.
  • User can also call up a full suite of database, spreadsheet and wordprocessing programs, and use them solely through mental command.

HC for the Mentat is 6d6; Surgery Code is CR!!!!

The Hecatonchires System (340,700 eb)

The Hecatonchires (hundred hands) system is another coordinated cybernetics suite from UCS, this time designed to optimize the user for the control of remote vehicles and systems. Once again the user gets to spend a couple of weeks flat on their back while nanites rebuild their nervous system. The Hecatonchires System is incompatible with the Mentat System and vice versa and the systems will refuse to ‘take’ if implanted in a person who already has the other system. Implants for the Hecatonchires system include a standard size chipware socket, a pair of LiveWire type interface cables in each arm, a Universal Link, and no less then 10 further interface ports, implanted where the user desires. The Hecatonchires System replaces and removes any existing neuralware and is incompatible with reflex boosts due to the nature of the rebuilding of the nervous system (which gives you a boost to your REF anyway, so stop whining).The Hecatonchires system requires the user to undergo about 6 months of therapy. If the user doesn’t do this, then the first time they plug into a device, they’ll probably go schizophrenic as the new data vies for their attention without any practice at controlling and assimilating. If further Humanity-Loss Therapy is included at this time then the user gets an additional 10% recovery. Due to the strong sense of self built by this therapy and the ability to more easily assimilate additional data extra limbs or cyberoptics implanted on the user have only 50% their normal humanity loss, but ‘hands’ must be dedicated to controlling these extra systems. If a user tries to control more ‘hands’ at once than their intelligence allows, they must make a COOL check of 15 + the number of hands over to avoid losing conciousness for 1d6 turns. This check must be made every turn until the character is unplugged from the devices. If this is done repeatedly then the character has an increased chance of developing schitzophrenia or MPD (GM’s disctretion). Some extremely complex systems designed to be used by Hecatonchires equipped indivduals have a link driven switcher box to switch between subsystems to keep the user sane.


  • The user gets a +2 bonus to their REF.
  • The user can control up to their INTx5 ‘hands’ (don’t panic, read below first).
  • The user is totally ambidextrous.
  • The user can link to any even vaguely compatible machine.
  • Hecatonchires equipped individuals get a +1 bonus to all rolls involving systems they are linked to. An individual could wear a suit of powered armour, but could also link and control the suit, getting a +1 to all rolls involving it.

HC for the Hecatonchires System is 6d6; Surgery Code is CR!!!Explanation of ‘hands’. The Hecatonchires system allows the user to control a huge number of remote systems. However, each remote may count as more than one set of hands. A little thing with treads and a single cyberoptic is going to require a lot less concentration than trying to control a full borg body by remote.


  • Pair of Cyberoptics 1 ‘hand’
  • Pair of Cyberaudio. 1 ‘hand’
  • Steering (land unit) 1 ‘hand’
  • Brakes/Accelerator 1 ‘hand’ (2 if a stick shift).
  • Steering (fixed wing air unit) 2 ‘hands’
  • Steering (vectored thrust vehicle) 4 ‘hands’ (no acc/decc req.ed)
  • Weapon System 1-2 ‘hands’
  • Manipulator (arm or simpler) 1 ‘hand’
  • Complex Manipulator 2 ‘hands’
  • Legs 2 ‘hands’
  • Steering (zero-G) 3 ‘hands’
  • Simple Manufacturing Machine 1 ‘hand’
  • Complex Manufacturing Machine 2-10 ‘hands’
  • Simple Subsystem 1 ‘hand’
  • Complex Subsystem 2-10 ‘hands’

From here one should be able to figure out how many ‘hands’ it would require to control any unit. A Hecatonchires equipped individual trying to control an AV-4 with 5.56 minigun in chin turret would require:Steering (Vector Thrust) 4 ‘hands’

  • Weapon System 1 ‘hands’
  • 5 ‘hands’ total

If the user wanted to fly the AV remotely (provided it had the cameras) it would require a further ‘hand’ to assimilate the data from the cameras. If the cameras covered more than one arc, more ‘hands’ would be required to assimilate the data.To control an M-20 tank (Max. Metal) would require:

  • Steering (Land) 1 ‘hand’
  • Acc/Dec. (stick) 2 ‘hands’
  • Simple Subsys. (turret) 1 ‘hand’
  • Weapon (3cm rail gun) 1 ‘hand’
  • Weapon (30mm autocannon)x2 2 ‘hands’
  • Weapon (ATGM launcher) 1 ‘hand’
  • Weapon (AGAMS) 2 ‘hands’
  • Simple Subsys. (enviro control) 1 ‘hand’
  • Complex Subsys. (damage control) 3 ‘hands’
  • Optics (forward) 1 ‘hand’
  • Optics (side) 1 ‘hand’
  • Optics (other side) 1 ‘hand’
  • Optics (rear) 1 ‘hand’
  • Complex Subsystem (ECM) 3 ‘hands’
  • Complex Subsystem (ECCM) 4 ‘hands’
  • Complex Subsystem (communications) 3 ‘hands’
  • Complex Subsystem (rangefinders) 2 ‘hands’

30 ‘hands’Basically a single person could control the tank with more efficiency than the normal crew of three but if they had an intelligence of less than 6, they’d go insane trying to assimilate all the data.

Author’s Note: Yeah, they’re damn powerful, which is why they’re damn expensive too. Don’t forget the cost of surgery, and most importantly, the cost of therapy, that’ll jack the prices even higher…