Culture vulture? LMAO

In the early days of the internet (then called world wide web), the first cyberpunk sites popped up. Most of them didn’t have any new stuff, but some featured slang guides or glossaries. Cyberpunk 2021 has one of those, and its great reading. Maybe this isn’t funny if you are from the US and have heard them all, but I did LMAO.

Clothing by DuPont : Euphemism referring to human suicide bombers (usually religious fanatics or terrorists) who strap high explosives to their own body and them detonate them manually once they arrive at a specific target location. FYI, from 1802 until the end of the 20th Century, the DuPont Corporation was one of the largest manufacturers of commercial and military explosives in the North America.

Culture Vulture : A member of the media.

(Source: Cyberpunk 2021)

Bad Japanese Words

Bad Japanese Words

Author: Logan Graves

[digg=]Taken with permission from: The
Big Knobi Klub, a great Shadowrun site

Okay, here’s the long promised Japanese slanguage file.

First, some notes:

  1. I copied this off a Japanese Language-soft, so any errors in fact, tact, or syntax are now your problem.
  2. The words & phrases contained in this file are anglicized into an approximation of speech & are not standardized Japanese translations, however, they will correctly convey your meaning when spoken.
  3. My display-link didn’t support all the lang-soft’s fonts, so treat “ä ë ï ö ü & ÿ” as long vowels.
  4. This text is a bit revealing about the Japanese and their views on the rest of the (non-Japanese) world. If it offends your delicate sensibilities, don’t read it, clavie!
  5. When the slang expression has multiple Japanese translations, the phrases are listed from most polite to least polite! Continue reading “Bad Japanese Words”