Computer Aids to Roleplaying

I found some rather nice stuff:

  • If you use a point buy system with D&D 3.5, this calculator is really helpful.
  • Still D&D, my Wizard loves the Item Creation Cost Calculator. Gives you Base, Material and XP Cost
  • Creating Maps
  • Traveller Classic Subsystem Generator (If you don’t know what this is, you don’t need it. Trust me) All via hack/)
  • The Slack’n’Hash Random Thingy Generators. There are generators for virtually everything there, including reasons for you to be resurrected.

This post takes a break for some commercials (hopefully your adblocker won’t delete this post):

I’m not into WoW, but I do wish that Pen&Paper had such a good advertising. Mr. T would probably be able to make me buy V3.

[youtube bqJE5TH5jhc]

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