People who say I'm dystopian are middle class pussies!

Says William Gibson in this Interview

On the seamless net being woven

“There’s some enormous number, millions and millions, of Iranians who are about to get their first cell phones. The infrastructure has been built. That’s an interesting side of Iran we don’t hear so much about. And you know, they’re not just getting cell phones, they’re getting Internet. What is that going to do to that country? The government is not going to be able to control what those people are watching. I just find that amazing, really.

“We’ve grown up thinking: ‘Over here is the Internet, over there is cellular telephony, and here are iPods.’ It’s not going to be like that. That stuff is all just one cloud of stuff and it works together and you can’t just get a little piece of it. The kids being born today will grow up finding the quaintest thing about the past was that people had these different devices that had discrete functions.”

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2 thoughts on “People who say I'm dystopian are middle class pussies!”

  1. I mean, William Gibson in all honour but hasn’t he got the slightest clue whatsoever? All development tells us that internet censorship, or a more Western term: “filtering”, is going to be the #1 application of governments today.

    <– this link says that more than half of countries in a certain study filtered internet content as of spring 2007, and Iran was one of them. In China they’ve had mass convictions for the using of TOR, an internet anonymity servers which allows you to bypass the state censorship. However, the research is skewed even so, because above mentioned study does not even cover countries in the Western world on the initial presumption that “they would not filter”.

    This is wrong, and far-stretching plans to filter have already begun. Filtering copyrighted content is a big thing in Belgium. The German government filter to get at extremists, and so does the US and the UK. That excluded, the US maintains registers of all online communication and the EU has a direction implemented just recently in Denmark but soon all over which would also give the state registers over all communications online and by cellphones.
    This hopefully functioning link tells that EU safety commissioner Franco Frattini would like to push censorship even further in the European Union by filtering “dangerous words” from web searches and web sites.

    If the above link doesn’t work, this should:

    William Gibson is a dreamer when it comes to Iran. Blissful dreamer. They’re not turning into us, we’re turning into them.

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