Clothing, Armor and Style for Cyberpunk 2020

Clothing, Armor and Style for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Hound, taken with permission from: The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Memory Plastic Combat Suit (by SlamHound!)

When a specific electrical current is flowing it, this Combat Suit looks like a flight suit due to it’s composition of a memory ceramic/plastic polymer held together by cotton and kevlar-elastic. (SP 5 EV 0) When the power (supplied through several strip batteries in the lower back region) is turned off, the polymer reverts to its natural solid state (SP 27 EV 1). When the suit is first purchased it has to be “trained” or fitted by wearing the suit and putting your body though any possible movement you can think of. The suit learns your movements and shape and keeps the EV down. This means that if you try an unfitted suit or someone else’s suit you suffer an EV +3 and lose one off your MA.
It takes one combat round for the suit to be turned on or off. This can be done by voice command or hitting a switch imbedded in the power supply that is very difficult to accidentally hit. This can also be done via mental command if you are jacked into the suit. For this (and allowing you to fly or shoot while wearing the suit) the unit can have custom interface jacks clipped onto the collar, wrists, waist or ankles.
When any section of the suit (arm, torso etc) has its SP reduced by 5 or more then that part of the unit will not get enough power to revert back to a soft material. The strip batteries last four days of continuous use but can be replaced or recharged in eight hours. And by the way, this suit gets very hot in very warm weather.
Memory Plastic Combat Suits are available in Black, Navy Blue, a neutral Gray and in a variety of break-up camouflage patterns. The Suits are very limited in production and are rarely found on the street outside of Covert Ops. List Price for military and corporate clients is 8,000eb, with black market suits running twice to three times that.

PowerVein EMP Shielding (by SlamHound!)

PowerVein Shielding uses a very fine wire vein system imbedded in regular body armor to soak electrical bursts and electro-magnetic pulses into a grounding battery. The Battery must be discharged at least once each day because the PowerVeins are so sensitive that they store a charge from standard electro-magnetic fields.
The Shielding is installed by cutting grooves inside the body armor in question for a basic thick vein system to be secured. Then nanite engines are set to work extending the PowerVein system down to conductive microveins that get progressively smaller and smaller as they branch out. These microveins prevent almost all EMP throughput, but also get damaged when conducting heavier electrical pulses to the major veins.
PowerVein is usually installed in full body armor, including a helmet. If PowerVein is only installed in one piece of armor it will only protect that body part from surges (such as static and seizure weapons) and it’s EMP shielding is reduced by 10% for every opening in the shielding system. (For example: an armored jacket would be at 90% effectiveness for each arm and 80% for the torse, while an armored T-shirt would provide 50% EMP protection for the torso only.)
Armor sections take 10 seconds to wire into the central section with the power sink, plus the time to put it on. The System can only be installed in Medium or Heavy armor that has the strength and heat resistance to hold the PowerVein system. Armor Sections with PowerVein can absorb up to 30 damage from electrical arcs (BlitzKrieg Arc-Thrower, Static Pistols, EMP guns, etc) before burning out the PowerVeins, eliminating the suits ability to absorb EMP. After 50 damage the battery must be discharged immediately or will shut down.
Powervein basic system stops electrical arcs only as it hasn’t had the nanotech to grow the super fine veins. It takes approx 2 days for the nanotech to grow or re-grow the micro veins. Without the armoured trousers undergoing the Powervein system you’ve got to dangle an insulated wire down the back of your pants to be clipped onto your shoes.

Full body 1,500 3,000 1,500
T-shirt 500 1,500 1,000
Jacket 800 1,800 1,000
Pants 800 1,800 1,000
Helmet 200 700 500

Acid / Alkali Resistant ArmorCoat

These special ruberized clothings cost significantly more than normal (and look a lot like wet-look rubber/PVC – kinky!) but provide protection against chemical and acidic spills by providing an acid resistant front to stop the chemicals from coming in contact with clothing or personel beneath the rubber.

    SP4 vs Acid 1.5x cost of clothing / armor
    SP6 vs Acid 3x cost of clothing / armor

PolyChromate Shields

PolyChromate Shields are hard armor attachments that can be added to any properly modified ($100) Armor Jacket or Pants. PolyChromate is a trademarked armor-plastic that was originally added to police Field Armor and has since been added to the civilian market under the trademarked name. Polychromate shields are available with any number of coating colours, as well as most sneaksuit coverings (double cost for sneaksuit styles). PolyChromate shields also allow Parrying without a weapon in Hand to Hand combat and increase damage from forearm and leg blows by +2. Wearing more than two pieces of PolyCrhomate shielding provides an EV of 1.

Type Cost Protection
Polychomate Arm Shields $300.00 [SP:6]
PolyChromate Leg Shields $250.00 [SP:6]