New Cyberware for Cyberpunk 2020

New Cyberware for Cyberpunk 2020

[The following article contains 4 new pieces of cyberware.]

Author: unknown.

Gastric Pouch (400eb)

This is a small reinforced pouch placed above the stomach. It is not connected to the stomach, however; the pouch opening is through an artificial sphincter connected to the esophagus just below the epiglottis. Characters with this implant can swallow small items, like chips, bullets, gems, drugs, etc. and direct them to the gastric pouch rather than to the stomach, spitting them up later for use. The pouch is reinforced (SP 2), but it is unwise to swallow anything which your mouth cannot handle (like razor blades, batteries, etc.); if such items are swallowed, GMs should force some kind of check (BOD or REF) to see whether the item gets in and out without damaging anything on the way. The pouch can hold items up to the size of a tennis ball, but it is extremely difficult to swallow items that large (GMs, be brutal) and the size is intended more as an indicator of the number of smaller items which can be crammed inside. It is impossible to detect a gastric pouch without an X-ray or similar scanning procedure, so it is popular with smugglers and is therefore considered to be black market cyberware. SC=MA, HC=2D6.

IR Baffle Weave (1500eb)

This is a variety of skinweave which modifies the body’s thermal signature so that an IR or thermographic scan will not reveal human-shaped heat patterns. A character with this bioware is very difficult to spot; IR Weave confers a -4 to Awareness rolls to locate the character using IR or thermographic vision, and a -2 to hit the character with either type of vision once his location has been determined. The modification has no effect on body temperature regulation, and is tough to detect in normal lighting (V.Diff Awareness to notice). HC=1D6+3, SC = N.

Climbing Claws (500eb)

These are curved claws which add +2 to Athletic rolls for the purposes of climbing. They are non-retractable, and if implanted in the hands they subtract -2 to REF or TECH when performing actions which require fine motor control (electronic repairs, picking locks, etc.). Hard-core climbers occasionally use these, and they are not considered to be black market cyberware as long as they are not used in the pursuit of illegal activities. They may be implanted in either hands or feet (same cost and HC for foot implant as for hand implant), and can be added to cyberlimbs; if a character possesses both hand and foot implants, his Athletics increases by +3 for the purposes of climbing. With a Melee skill, they may be used like Rippers or a Talon Foot in hand-to-hand combat to do 1D6+1 edged damage. HC = 2D6+3, SC=M.

Blade Hand (500eb)

Simple and brutal, the Blade Hand is a normal cyberhand replaced with a large, machete-like blade. It is non-retractable, and since it is essentially a machete attached to the wrist, the affected arm cannot be used to perform any sort of normal manual activity. A Quick-Change mount is standard, but if you really want to attach it permamently, go ahead! It’s about as obvious and unwieldy as you can get, but for sheer damage capability, nothing beats it. Damage is 4D6 AP, plus Strength bonuses where applicable. It is black market cyberware. HC = 3D6+3, SC = N (if a cyberarm is already in place)/MA (if attached to a meat arm).