The Corsicans – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang

The Corsicans

Author: Ghostlord <> of “The Cyberpunk Revolution” (no link, site long gone).

The first (and hopefully) only Dueling Gang in existence. These Gatos are unique in their structure, once a month the lieutenants break out the Bogardin SportsMan Pistols and Duel with them to decide who will lead. Every Member of the gang carries these unusual weapons, and they use them in an attempt to “Duel” with other gangs, or as a way to assassinate enemies. This gangs appearance on the streets of NightCity is a bit odd, as they were exclusively an Italian gang until recently. They have already begun a quest to fight as many members of the Warrior Heart as they can, rumor suggests that they see the WH as “Uncivilized Warriors, and they will be Tamed”.

Threat Level:C Threat Code:C2C
Tag: En Garde spray painted in Blue
Colors: Bogardin SportsMan Pistols
Average Member: Int 8, Ref 7, Tech 5, Attr 6, Cool 8, Bod 6, MA 6, Emp 5.
Skills: Intimidate 5, Brawl 3, Melee 4, Handgun 8, Fence 4, Stealth 5, Athletics 4.
Cyberware: None, it is forbidden.

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