C.O.'s – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang


Author: Ghostlord <The_Ghost_Lord@hotmail.com> of “The Cyberpunk Revolution” (no link, site long gone).

This Gang is only interested in a little of the old Ultra Violence, some of the ever popular In and Out, and of course some B&E to pay the bills. These guys are a group of verifiable psychos. They live for their work and hang in many odd locations around the city (preferring Milk Bars) their turf lies all over the city and they have a nasty tendency to speak in flowing (and somewhat confusing) old English, complete with accent.

Threat Level:C Threat Code:C4C
Tag: tag_co.gif
Colors: all white suits and canes
Average Member: Int 6, Ref 6, Tech 4, CL 7, Attr 5, MA 6, Body 5, Luck 5, Emp 3
Skills: Brawl 5, melee 6,handgun 6, Awareness 5, rifle 4,intimidate 5. find drug 7.
Cyberware: usually optics and the occasional cyberlimb.

Please have a look at Ocelot’s Gang Creation Chart on how to create even more gangs.