Brothers Of Metal – A Cyberpunk 2020 Gang

Brothers Of Metal

Author: Ghostlord <> of “The Cyberpunk Revolution” (no link, site long gone).

The Brothers Of Metal wear Leather, jeans and not Cracker Jack clothes… They fight for the Metal and for Heavy Metal. “GODS OF WAR, I CALL YOU, MY SWORD IS BY MY SIDE. I SEEK A LIFE OF HONOR, FREE FROM ALL FALSE PRIDE. I WILL CRACK THE WHIP WITH A BOLD MIGHTY HAIL. COVER ME WITH DEATH IF I SHOULD EVER FAIL. GLORY, MAJESTY, UNITY… HAIL, HAIL, HAIL” says the leader of The Brothers Of Metal. So they are here only for that and they’ll always be fighting the world for all those who believe! Don’t forget that when you talk to the leader to call him….The King Of Metal. (game note: This gang is a cross between a Chromer and a combat gang)

Threat Level:B Threat Code:B1C
Tag: tag_bom.gif
Colors: Leather Clothes with Manowar Patch on Them.
Average Member: Int 9, Ref 7, Tech 5, Attr 7, Cool 6, Bod 8, MA 8, Emp 6 Luck 9.
Skills: Awareness 10, Brawl 8, Melee 8, Handgun 6, SMG 7, Locate Party 7, Streetwise 7, Willpower 4.
Cyberware: Varies, They all have minimum of 3 cyberware…+ a VibroSword.

Submitted by Trevor