Ospreys – VTOL Aircraft for Cyberpunk 2020

Ospreys – Aircraft for Cyberpunk 2020

This article contains two new osprey-style aircrafts for Cyberpunk 2020. Ospreys are VTOL-capable, which means they can land and start like a helicopter. In flight they are more like a propeller-driven plane. In real time there is only the V-22 Osprey, the aircraft in this articles are fictional. I added the pictures to Colins article.

Author: Colin Smith

Lear Tiltjet

The Lear Tiltjet is the most common, high-speed, tilt-wing turbojet aircraft in the world. Built to meet the needs of the corporate executive on the go, the Tiltjet provides a level of comfort essential for entertaining prospective clients while on the move, or just relaxing while returning from a sales trip. Continue reading “Ospreys – VTOL Aircraft for Cyberpunk 2020”