Aussie BioExotics for Cyberpunk 2020

Aussie BioExotics for Cyberpunk 2020

Author: Daniel Radford who published this first Total System Technologies. Published with permission.

[The following article deals with the possibility to alter an human body so far it has animal characteristics. The Chromebooks include several examples. Here are the rules for some Australian animals to convert into. Have fun.]

With most exotics being based upon american style animals designed by american biotechnicians the so called ‘standard’ BioexoticsTM are becoming predictable and the range becoming stagnant.
To counter this a BiotechnicaTM approved Biomedtech, with the help of a few of his friends from other countries, has released the first of an ongoing line of BioexoticsTM. Based on Australian animals the first is called Aussie Exotics.

With fur in colors from pure white, to cream, to tan, to red-brown the Cuscus is a tree dwelling marsupial with a long naked tail that easily coils up like a spring. The face is dominated by large round eyes (with cat-like vertical slit), and a wrinkled, fleshy nose. No visible ears. Body is sleek and smooth.Major Facial Modification, Short Muzzle, Retractable Claws, Fur Skinchange, Digitigrade legs, Tail (muscled, prehensile), Prehensile Feet, Olifactory Boost, Nightvision

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