Update: Extremely Cool Pistol Here

[Update: Detlev thinks, its a souped up Scorpion, like the on on the right had picture. That would mean, it fires Modell 61: 7,65 x 17 mm HR Browning,
Modell 64: 9 x 17 mm Browning, Modell 65: 9,2 x 18 mm Makarow, Modell 68: 9 mm Parabellum. Is he right?]

Who wants to write up some stats and a description for this gun? Can it be cyberlinked?

(Click on the picture for the full sized image)

2 thoughts on “Update: Extremely Cool Pistol Here”

  1. To me it looks like a souped up Scorpion MP. You can take the stats from the “2020” and give them a work over with Blackhand’s Handbook. Checking out Wikipedia on the Scorpion can give you ideas for alternative amunition.

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